What I’m Reading: Gary Shteyngart (author of LAKE SUCCESS)

Hi. I’m Gary Shteyngart, author
of the novel Lake Success, and this is what I’m reading. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m reading Volker
Kutscher’s Babylon Berlin. It’s a novel set in Berlin
during the Weimar period, and it’s also, I believe,
a Netflix series. So you can read the book
and look at the series. It’s got everything, Communists,
Nazis, Berlin, murder. Oh, god, I love that book. I know that you’re writing
a memoir or at least a blog, and you probably
want instructions on how to do it well. Mary Karr’s The Art of Memoir
is the best book for you. Oh, my god. It’s so awesome,
and it’s so small. You can read it like, in a year. Philip Roth, the great
American writer, just died. So I’m rereading a lot of Roth. And of course, that always takes
me back to Portnoy’s Complaint. That book made a man out of me. Well, maybe not a man. But it made a boy out of me. That was good
enough for the time. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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