What I’m Reading: Ben Macintyre (author of THE SPY AND THE TRAITOR)

Hi. I’m Ben Macintyre, and
this is what I’m reading. [MUSIC PLAYING] Nancy Mitford’s The
Pursuit of Love, it’s a novel about being
brought up in the countryside by a truly eccentric,
aristocratic English family. It’s fictional, but it’s closely
based on Mitford’s own life as one of the enormous
clan of Mitfords, and almost every page has a
seriously good joke on it. Christopher Andrew,
The Secret World, A History of Intelligence. This is Professor Christopher
Andrew’s compendious take on the entire
history of espionage, going back to classical
times, and right up to the present day. It contains every episode of
real importance in the spy history. And if it’s not there, it
probably wasn’t that important. I’m rereading Truman
Capote’s In Cold Blood. This was an inspirational
book for me, which I read probably about
once every three years. It was really the first
non-fiction novel. It showed that you
can take real events and weave them into a narrative
in a way that reads just like a novel. We’ve discovered that Truman
Capote used certain liberties while writing it, but
nonetheless, it’s always been an inspiration to me. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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