"What I Did for Sex" author reading #3: Different Dreams

day three of my reading from what I did for sex so we are leaving the house for vacation and we're driving home we got our coffee and our oldest son drove while we enjoyed the beautiful Arizona scenery the open road was a good place to relax and let my mind wander getting off pills was even better than I imagined I had a roaring sex drive I felt happy and laughed a lot and I was in love with my husband again I dreamed of relationship classes sharing our deepest secrets and the intimacy and vulnerability I had read about in books we would make love and I would let him open me to God because now I wanted it and I would let him there would be camping trips in the woods were he built a fire and I cooked our meals followed by lots of hot sex in the tent and romantic dinners at upscale restaurants followed by a rush home where we ripped off each others clothes we could try new sexual things we had not done before like slipping my panties in his pocket when we were out at dinner kissing passionately in public to demonstrate our lust to the world browsing sex toy catalogues in choosing fun toys and whispering sexy words to each other in the heat of the moment instead of having sex quietly because we were afraid to speak these things out loud maybe I could even have a vaginal orgasm or get over wanting it at all men like sex and Brad loved me so naturally he would be thrilled with all of this Brad sat in the backseat absorbed in his newspaper unbeknownst to me he was thinking about getting back to work his over 50 soccer league and the news at that time he wanted a wife who cooked more and contributed to the family income sex was not anywhere on the list sex was just something that gave him orgasms when he was horny the extra sex on the boat was just vacation sex he didn't know I woke up to life and would want a lot of sex sex that he probably didn't want because he had never complained all those years when it wasn't happening

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  1. ?… "Sex wasn't great with your husband" you said. I would like to know why a call girl? Did you have a female pimp? Your life style got me inquisitive to know more of you. Feel free to answer questions if you care to do so.👍😇

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