"What I Did For Sex" author reading #2: Love and Lust with my Husband After 22 Years

good morning I'm reading from my book what I did for Saks this is part two this point I had been married we'd been married about 22 years at this time and we were in a sexless marriage I did not like having sex with him because it was always horrible he was horrible in bed and I was so bored and so we're in your 22 our marriage that summer Brad and I took her kids on a family reunion vacation with my side of the family our destination a houseboat on Lake Powell I was happy to be around my family and off North Coast for the first time in years I'm not going to go into the whole Norco story you'll have to read the book for that our houseboat moved slowly through the beautiful serene canyons I cooked and talked with my family where's Brad my dad often asked I went to look every time I found him sitting alone in a chair on the top deck kicked back his legs spread wide in his mouth and a half smile he always loved the outdoors the Sun and a solitude the stress of work had washed away his face had softened as he relaxed and he was handsome again like when we first met hey who are you doing I asked happy he smiled at me I smiled and went back downstairs and cooked his favorite dinner chilaquiles with mushrooms the next night when I was playing on the shore I looked up and saw him sitting on a chair on the front of the houseboat he looked sexy in his baseball cap I noticed his muscular body and strong shoulders I wanted him again for the first time in decades I walked over to him can I sit in your lap I flirted yeah sure he smiled I thought on his lap and he wrapped his arms around me I pressed into a strong chest and a moan escaped my lips I couldn't remember the last time I moaned just from the way a man held me I buried my face in his neck I liked his scent sweet with a hint of sweat I turned my face to kiss him and he kissed me back it had been years since we kissed we didn't even kiss during sex this kiss melted my heart and my panties felt moist my pussy throb and ache to be filled with his cock I longed for him to hold me tight his naked body pressed against mine I had not felt that much desire and lust in years I thought quickly of where we could be alone the boat had one bedroom and our kids were using it we could easily take it that's scorned the bedroom I invited him let's go he took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom kids mom and are using this room tonight we made love it was passionate lusty and filled with love and desire he was on top of me in the missionary position and I was lost in a cocoon of his strength and passion even though it lasted only three minutes I was emotionally completely fulfilled I woke up turned on and excited to have more sex I reached over and put my arms around Brad I rubbed up against him now I want to get my day going he said and got up I was surprised and disappointed didn't men want sex 24/7 wasn't he thrilled to be offered sex first thing in the morning he had sends my lack of interest all those years and left me alone but I was back wanting sex again maybe he would want sex later that day

9 thoughts on “"What I Did For Sex" author reading #2: Love and Lust with my Husband After 22 Years

  1. 0:15 are the cops or a vagrant trying to get access to your neighbors? Tabby is prowling. I guess everything is ok.

  2. I know your busy, don't expect an answer, but I want to give you food for thought and you can post something for me to hear your thoughts.

  3. I get it, you lived an unforfilled life. I'm just curious if you have stopped looking for the right man to enjoy life or you just want to go it alone. Question, do you have a best friend, confidant, concierge or who have you model yourself after, Marilyn Monroe, or are you a Virgina Hill type and just want to use men, since at times you complaint about being use.

  4. Re: your story, UGH! I hate it when spouses use sex as a game, withholding it to punish you. That is one thing I have never played with, a man (or a woman’s) desire. I know that whatever problems exist, sex is a step toward getting closer again, in a marriage. Unless I’m through with you, ill, or exhausted, I got u! I’ve been with the same man for 6 years and going strong. It’s so different with him, from my work, yet I bring the joy I get from him to my work. That’s why I wish more men understood that this type of work is really no threat to them when you have a woman in love with you. There’s a distinct bond in that which nothing can threaten. Some of my clients say the same and I believe that because if something happens with their wives I don’t see them again. I know that’s a different topic but since we’re on marriage…

  5. Trying to use your story as motivation to get ready for my first date before 5pm in years. I’m working on that flexibility thing you were talking about lately. And I remembered your suggestion that the day crowd may be a bit less rowdy (unless it’s in a good way). We can all learn & grow in our little SW community on here…I love it!

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