"What I Did For Sex" author reading #1: Broken Marriage Dreams

good morning I'm gonna do a six-part video series on my book what I did for socks and I'll be reading just a few minutes of excerpts every day for six days dreams as a young woman I dreamed of college a loving husband a beautiful home and staying home to raise my children I got all that I didn't dream about sex I figured sex was something that would keep keep happening and if two people loved each other and liked sex the sex would be good at least for the first two years while it was new and exciting so when it became boring I thought that was normal I didn't dream about the kind of woman I would be for my husband and whether he would be pleased with me and look forward to coming home by the time he came home to the kids and not to me I no longer cared if he came home at all I didn't dream that when the kids were older I would find a renewed interest in my husband a surging sexual desire for him Anna readiness on my part for intimacy vulnerability and connection of which I was not capable before I thought husbands liked sex and closeness with their wives and that he would be happy with the new me I didn't dream about divorce thank you for listening this is the end of part 1

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