What do you want to learn next? …Google for Education

I think I want to learn next is really how to be a data scientist or at least how to make sure I can work with data scientists well it's so important today there's just so much data in the world and if we're able to really understand it and analyze it there's so much good that can be created as a result so I want to learn some of the skills and mindsets and how to talk with people about data so one specific thing is to learn sequel which I just signed up for some online courses to learn so what I want to learn next I'm constantly learning in my job I want to do something a little bit different I was traveling across the west of the United States recently and I fell in love with rug making so that's something I want to learn how to do you know start making my own rug oh there are a bunch of things I want to let I love languages so practicing languages that I am rusty in or actually even picking up a new on digital arts it's something I really wanna be good at and it's a bit of a cliche but actually getting really good at one instrument sort of I'd also like to be able to do what I want to learn next is um salsa dancing I did it for a few years when I was younger and I'm getting back to it this year you

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