What Do I Think of Audio Books? [Audible vs Reading Books]

Salam alaikum Sarah masters is Ameen here with Sarah masters developing Muslim I set for success so I got a question from one of the subscribers asking what my thoughts are on audio books the way I see you is like this the default for me is to read the physical book whether that's on Kindle or the physical book in your hand I really think that's really good in terms of retention in terms of understanding in terms of stopping kids screaming in the background and it helps with retention and also gives you that time to process it because it's slow because reading is slower than listening or watching yah-tchi gives you that background processing time for your brain to process what you're reading and think about it and so I really find that useful also because I'm quite a visual person so I remember stuff based or I see I love things that my memory come up visually like I see it in my mind if you like I'm not very good retaining audio stuff some people are but I really do think it's very rare compared to people who are good retaining on video or visual stuff right so not video visual yeah so what you're seeing on the page so I would say the default is to read a book physically read the text however if you can listen to books and that will actually increase your input or allow you to read in the first place then do that so for example you might be reading 10 minutes a day already but you feel it's not enough well then add some audio books here and there on your commute but don't replace physical reading with audiobooks that's what I would say but also if you're not finding any space to fit in reading at all but you could find space to fit in audiobooks then do that as well okay so just to summarize I recommend always reading the physical book always read with your eyes here look at it with your eyes and read it that's the default do that 10 minutes a day 20 minutes 30 minutes a day whatever you can fit in now if you want to read even more and consume more then you could use an audiobook and if you're not reading at all but you just want to get on that pathway to reading and you want some kind of useful information entering your mind then you could use audiobooks but always know that all book will not be as good as the actual reading of the physical text okay so that's why I think this has been I mean with Sarah masters said why they come up to Allah

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