What Are The Best Books On Real Estate Investing?

Today, I want to talk to you about the
best books that you can be reading for becoming more knowledgeable in real
estate investing. So I’ve got a question here. What are the best books on real
estate investing? Listen, I want to be really honest and upfront with you guys,
you got to understand something about this industry. It’s something people
probably don’t want you to know but there’s a lot of books out there on real
estate and a lot of them are based on one person. Either getting lucky telling
a half story or only doing a niche that may not even be legal today. And it’s
amazing that you can have one success on one deal and make 50 grand and all of a
sudden, you’re the expert. You write a book and then everyone wants to start
learning from you. My personal experience is that, there’s a lot of garbage out
there in real estate. So do I have a ton of real estate books to recommend to you?
I don’t. I will recommend a few to you today but I think the bigger thing that
I want you to understand is that, at the end of the day, there’s a lot of people
that are interested in real estate because you can make a lot of money with
very little effort. That’s very true. I retired at 26 because
of it and yet the other thing that I learned is that you’ve got to find a
niche and you’ve got to be super smart and intelligent about it and better than
a book is having a mentor. At any day of the week, I would rather have a person or
their system walking me through how to do it versus then reading hypotheticals
about how it goes. I mean I wrote a book out there. If you haven’t, you can
download it for free. You can go over the website and you can actually just pop in
your name and email. I’ll give you a weekly newsletter to kind of keep you
up-to-date on what’s happening in the real estate arena. I’ll even show you
some of my deals or invite you to do some with me. But at the end of the day,
my real estate book is going to share with you a very specific system and if
it weren’t me telling you this, would be like my advice might be, “hey go read that
book and then go out and do it yourself.” Some will. Most won’t. So make sure that
when you really look at knowledge being power, that it’s really the application
that’s power. Now a couple of books that really influenced me in a huge way,
Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki didn’t even really have
a rich dad. It’s really I think just it’s a novel. But it was a clever way to share
an idea. The book is totally worth reading because what it’ll do is, it’ll help you see
whether you get that financial itch scratch. It’ll help you understand if
real estate’s going to be your play. Because really, I think you got to catch the bug
and be willing to dive deep and put in some time and effort on it. I also really
loved Robert Allen. He’s written a couple of books. You know multiple streams of
income, books like that. But again, those books are really designed to get you
excited and get your mind thinking. And Robert Allen’s books were great for
planning ideas to really get me to think outside the box. I mean to become a
successful real estate investor, you’re going to be thinking and acting totally
different than what your parents taught you growing up more than likely. Than
what society or what school has taught you. Reverses what college has taught you.
I mean understand that entrepreneurs, take on enormous risk, but have enormous
possibilities that the system just can’t afford. They’re not going to promote and
they’re not going to give you. These books are really good for giving you
ideas to really find out whether you have an appetite to get outside the
system. Now aside from those books or even downloading my book, if you really
want to be successful, you’ve got to find a mentor. You got to find a system.
There’s a lot of systems out there. When I wrote my book, I’ll tell you the
premise of it. I basically said wait a second here I got my mentors and they’re
telling me there’s 30 different strategies and I’ve been reading up on
them, but they’re not all created equal. There’s good strategies and there’s dumb
strategies. And I wanted to know which was best. So my book was basically my
mathematical process of finding out which of all strategies was best and
that really served me. It was my hypothesis. I based my portfolio on it.
Retired at 26 after four and a half years. It was totally awesome. I loved it.
I’ve gone on to do so much real estate. Today at ten thirty in a couple hours,
I’m actually closing on a two and a half million dollar commercial project. I’m
thrilled about it. It’s one of the biggest cash cows of my life and I’m
excited about it and yeah it all started because a man recommended a book that
was dated. I won’t even tell you what it was because it was effect from the 80s
but I read that book. I caught fire and what it did is it really plant an idea
that I needed to get serious. So where do books belong in your real estate
endeavor? To get you excited, to open your eyes, to give you some ideas but your
next step from there is you’ve got to get a system and you’ve got to get a
mentor. By the way, I do offer a system and I do offer mentorship between me
Steven Miller and my entire team. Check out the website. Get the book for
free but beyond reading, when it’s time to actually take action, I got to a point
my life where I said you know what? I need things to be different. I need my
life to change and I need to see that money show up. No book was going to make
that happen. But a system and a team did. So when you finally get to that point
where you’re done learning about it and you really want to do it, then check out
that website where me and my team can step in and get you crushing it in your
world. If you haven’t picked up your free copy of “Straight path to Real estate”
wealth”, I’ve made it available in PDF and also in mp3. All you got to do is head
over to the website and then we’ll get that downloaded for you and then look
forward to seeing you on the next video. you

16 thoughts on “What Are The Best Books On Real Estate Investing?

  1. Mortgage rates in my country are around 9%..can i still use ur way of investing..(lease options etc.)

  2. Let me talk you about the greatest book ever that lit the fire and got me going. Nah just kidding it was written in the 80s so I'm not telling you what it is. What a joke.

  3. What is the first steps in beginning to invest , I’ve heard you speak about multiple strategies. I like the idea of buying a home & using the back garage/ convert into my own home similar to how you did with the basement.

  4. best book i've read is 44 secrets to property investing by rob/mark 💎amazing! next best is property magic by simon zutzhi . reading property development books now for future reference⚡️⚡️

  5. Read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" It was a awesome read. I'd highly recommend it even if its the only book you read this year!

  6. Kris i know you are really busy but please let me know how i could get in touch with you and also how can i start being a partner with you in real estate investing

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