WHAT!!?? A MUMBLE RAPPER VS A REAL RAPPER?? Vin Jay – Mumble Rapper vs Lyricist – REACTION

Oh I'm back coming closer a little closer than that I appreciate that thank you shake my hand we had I was sitting at home minding my business scrolling through my timeline on Twitter even the comment section on YouTube minding my own business hey Jen you gotta check this out you gotta check this out some guy named Ben Jay Oh something Jay my name is Jay black huh Ben Jay my name is Jay black shake my hand nice to meet you you got a track called mumble rapper versus a lyricist there's a fat kid love cake there's a remote need batteries the concept of the song is may be redundant the lyricist should win automatically last time sugar mama rap was then invent an empathetic event a I don't know what I'm saying but I'm gonna keep it as chief imma would to be a then I'm gonna tell you like – hey the lyrics of spiritual males your feelings you've been as good as lost a lot school in a backward and impossible get him back I got those pretty stone stained nose come back in I rainbows not do this tonight that makes sense what are we doing I'm gonna let you get so messy i'ma see which what's your rendition of this going on is [Applause] then Jen chieh looking like Vin Diesel yeah sure that's your real school oh you win the gym are you writing rats which one man I need to see the shitty that he's doing it's doing exactly watches cop on a chain I'm shaking it yeah you got a fat ass yeah I like this hey y'all gonna like it so y'all be liking it it's actually talking he ain't just speed rappin it's a little bit substance in them you want that back he song that needs all wrong the mama rapper beat I do sound good dummy it's catchy Dom it's laying you know the sound you know when jail not you notice but that mumble rapper looks exactly like you or you I can sing it it looks like you the bubble wrap your spit Baxter this log yo the mumble rappers lose right now you down to Oh a little hottie little win is this not in your favor the substance alone is tearing you apart yes you stayed in some facts mumble rapper but the lyrics is ripping you apart right now you better go win like right now respecting you Finch day until my glasses on sucky hear what you actually saying cuz you talk right now [Applause] show no benefit of longer than with a pop on for the new internet age the people that's sleeping for the people that don't have dictionaries this is what you call hey hey hey hey hey hey you watching a video you watchin you watchin my face listen to the track right there you know it is where it is man honestly the mumble rap stuff is catchy but for the people with the woke minds and elevated thinking elevated thoughts we subscribe to the Kendrick we subscribe to the J Cole use I'm saying it's easier for the kids to grasp one you know you know what the my parameters are saying out there cuz he's either you know sing along with the a hey you know say the people are you people like me people that's in the conversation what some extra stuff we subscribe to these brothers like that so the lyrics they say never die the lyric says hey never go nowhere please believe that I've got a whole sport of battle rap that be going in how they supposed to so I'm just sayin ain't that it ain't dead you know I mean the flash is obviously you know and I'm gonna wrap it in you ain't going away shake my hand I appreciate that you like the shirt this is not sponsor this is not paid for I just really rocket people that make this material its ruin your day dot-com I'll put it in the description box below or yd or.com go ahead check it out you can cock up a little murse right there some sense my peoples with that being said where's y'all goin that video is not over yet hold on I didn't dismiss class yet people hold on I'll go ahead and follow me on IG and follow me on Twitter you feel me J black one six one five y'all know what it is and I'm here to tell y'all y'all y'all need them doing gifts where you call them gifs you type that button right there right you type in jayp86 you feel me you feel me huh would that being said black

40 thoughts on “WHAT!!?? A MUMBLE RAPPER VS A REAL RAPPER?? Vin Jay – Mumble Rapper vs Lyricist – REACTION

  1. My favorite part of this song, and the concept, is that he spits fire and conficence but at the same time he is humble to flat out say that he's not the best. Major Major props to this dude!

  2. Strictly business if you fonts do not matter letters do not matter. Persons matter for me. fuck with me delete the comment sorry Sir just busy for time!

  3. Now days it don't matter what you say in your rap song guess as long as your voice sounds good and it sounds like your staying on beat

    And you get people to dance radio will play it and labels will sign you that's so rediculous.

  4. He’s proven a point that’s all just trying to let the masses know because they have fell for mumble rapping not shit that makes sense and I feel it that’s my take

  5. The commentary wasn’t needed. Literally you didn’t need to comment and pause every 10 seconds. You should have just showed the whole video or just linked it and then blacks screen for 10 second long video. This was trash. (Vin Jay idk if you know this but that mumble rapper looks just like you) that’s the dumbest sh*t I’ve every heard.

  6. in case you were serious about being confused about who the mumble rapper was, Vin Jay played both parts, he fought himself and won

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