Wet Book Rescue

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  1. Youtube comments are full of amusements sometimes….

  2. Thanks! I brought my sketchbook in my backpack while I was swimming and my swimsuit got it slightly wet and now all the pages are warped

  3. Ya, its the "looking like this" that I needed to fix…you know, the one you show in the thumbnail, the CLICKBAIT thumbnail that makes it LOOK like THAT is the "Wet Book Rescue" when really, it's not at all! CLICKBAIT Sucks

  4. I don’t even have paper towel opeffuly my détective Conan book can dry by itself. My tea spill in my bag and of course it has to be the day when I bring my manga with me

  5. I have a book that is wet and smelly…

    Because of my brother who just put a tomato in my schoolbag without asking me.

  6. HELP! WET BOOK EMERGENCY! Our house flooded. I had a leather-bound, pocket New Testament that was printed in 1824 that was so saturated that by the time I found it, I squeezed it and a small puddle came out. I had previously seen your video, so while it was still wet, I put some paper towels between the pages and put it in the freezer. Now that the emergency is over, I have time to bring it back out of the freezer and rescue it…. But what do I do after I get it back out of the freezer!!?? I have found lots of sources that say to put it in the freezer until you can deal with it later, but none of them say what to do when you get it back out! Help!!

  7. thank you so much, this is great, well presented and lovely with the music!!! my librarian was very uptight and not smiling so all the smiles in this are wonderful : )

  8. I think my Manga books are beyond saving at this point, since I didn't notice the water damage until a few days after they got soaked.
    I tried putting heavy books on it for a day and a half, and they're still wrinkled.

  9. My mother got my favourite book War And Peace wet by accident and I was so upset but she dried the pages, it’s still readable but the presentation looked a bit messy.

  10. I have a slip cover for a large comic book, it has wrinkles on it, came from factory that way and was sealed.

    I tried to iron/lot of weight on it, does not seem to straighten it, its paper with like a like very light laminate (only way I can describe it) printed colour cover, perhaps thats reason why it will not de wrinkle.

    Anything possible to try?


  11. These "fix paper" videos always involve being wasteful of something. This one is wasting electricity, the last one i watched wasted water… And book presses are not common and thus the suggestion of one is stupid and unhelpful.

  12. How can i repair my book its now 5-6 months gone since its destroyed
    Book pages are too hard and are stick to other pages

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