Weekly Wisdom with Jason Barnard: The Five P's of Ongoing Content

hi I'm Jason Barnard welcome to weekly wisdom on SEMRush today I'm gonna talk to you about the five piece for your ongoing content strategy to build an audience importantly a pertinent qualified audience what are the five PS platform public personality promotion and perseverance let's start with platform what one in bad platform you need to make sure that you choose a platform or a format that suits you and your users could be video it could be a webinar it could be a podcast series it could be a blog it could be a news feed or maybe even a gallery if you're a photographer what's important is that it appeals to your audience and that you are comfortable with it and it applies to your business you also need to find a platform on which to broadcast that can be YouTube it could be your website it could be a blogging platform such as blogger or medium or a podcasting websites such as blueberry the two go together the format you choose the platform you broadcast from make sure that you are comfortable with them make sure that you can maintain quality content on them and make sure your audience is able to access them easily next is the public that's the point about your public you need to make sure that the public corresponds to your product and that there is a public on the platform that you has chosen who will want to consume the media that you are producing that might sound very obvious but it isn't because if we come back to that idea of qualified pertinent people who are truly interested in the products or the services you are selling that isn't quite so easy as it might look but make sure that that audience is pertinent and qualified next you need a personality when I say personality I don't mean jokes in your face TV personality with big balloons flying off I mean a personality that corresponds to the order chance that you have chosen the public that corresponds to your product or your service so if it's an education website you need to have a personality that is teacher like if it's a sports website or sports product you need somebody who's got who's dynamic who looks like they do sport and doesn't eat McDonald's and drink Coca Cola in front of the camera if it's a medical site you need somebody reassuring if it's gamers website you need somebody who looks the part you don't want a 50 year old man such as myself you want a young person playing these games who knows about it and truly understands what it is they're talking about and then you need to make sure that that corresponds to your audience you need to make that match between the audience their expectations their needs their likes that their preferences and the person or the personality you're getting across when I talk about personality I don't necessarily mean just one person if that one person leaves your company you have a problem so if you have three people or four people sharing the burden of creating this content and using their personality to project onto your product or your service and push that over to the users then if somebody leaves the company you can replace them without there being a big gap in your content so look at it from a point of view of saying if it's your own product your own service perhaps you can do the whole thing but if it's not had you better make sure that you've got a variety of people or a variety of personalities so that you can replace them if needs be next is promotion very underestimated a lot of companies a lot of brands create content and then do not promote it properly which is a real pity make sure that you promote it properly and that you choose the correct channel for promotion it can be influencer marketing it could be email it could be a platform such as Pinterest for images if you're a photographer for example other social media platforms LinkedIn is much more towards the business side Twitter is more towards quick exchanges Facebook is more friendly you might want to use advertising that is a perfect legitimate way to build your audience get your content out there to people who are interested and that M is Meetup maybe you want to go offline and I think offline is very much underestimated if you're offline you can talk to people you can build real relationships and that's a great way to build up an audience but also an audience who will then vouch for you and amplify your signal because that personal relationship when you've actually met somebody is much stronger than an online relationship that you might have built up through email or through Twitter or through LinkedIn or whatever social platform it might be I'm a big fan today of offline marketing offline promotional perseverance that's the big one and it's what most brands forget you have a Content channel you create content you need perseverance it might take a year it might take two years but you're going to build your audience slowly if you build it too quickly it's not going to be a sunlit audience that trusts you you you want an audience that trusts you that believes in you a true real qualified pertinent audience and for that you need perseverance you need to be there week in week out for a long period of time to prove your worth so that those people then trust you then you can start to say now I can sell to them now I can present my products and services and expect them to buy it because I have brought them this great value and they believe in me they trust in me and will buy from me so the five piece of content marketing platform public personality promotion perseverance thank you very much if you have time please do listen to SEO is a year of the digital marketing podcast here are some of the guests they're absolutely brilliant I've got 60 episodes online at the moment I'll have a hundred by the end of 2019 well worth a listen it's the most fun you'll ever have learning about digital from the experts thanks a lot for listening and we'll see you next time on weekly wisdom

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