Weekly Picks for New Comic Books Releasing May 29, 2019

22 thoughts on “Weekly Picks for New Comic Books Releasing May 29, 2019

  1. I like that you are trying new stuff, but can you put the names of the cover artist like you did previously as well as if it’s a regular cover or variant. I find that it’s helpful when I take a snapshot and show my LCS which issues I’m looking for

  2. Current favorite artist would have to be Frison. Her covers are always good. Of all time would be Infantino.

  3. Thanks for the video, I have to say I prefer the old format … not to say I don't like the new format, I just prefer the old one. Keep up the good work.

  4. Great video Brian, good to see you presenting the comics 'live' totally agree with the lick of the week (saga is my favourite comic so no brainer there) but will consider picking up Angel and Wailing Blade, thanks for the tips. Favourite comic book artist?!….shut the front door that's impossible to just pick one: Sienkiewicz, Ross, Miller, Horn, Kirby, the many Lee's, Hans, Frison, Bartel, Staples, the Romitas, Parillo, Putri, Oliver, Middleton…I mean damn dude!!!

  5. Fave comic artist at the moment? Mmm, good question. Acuna is wowing me, constantly, DelMundo is a modern gem, and all the artists doing art duties on King's Batman run are top of the class. Dueterman has made Thor sparkle, and Bennet has bought horrific glory to Immortal Hulk, but, for me, Jesus Saiz has been criminally underrated, and his work on the current run of Doctor Strange is simply the stuff of legend. Reminds me so much of Bernie Wrightson that it almost hurts. So, yeah, Saiz for the win! Seriously, how on earth is this guy NOT being swamped for more work? It really puzzles me. His work is stupendous, and his characters seem to breath off the page. Come on, fandom, show Mr Saiz more love. He should be hitting superstar status, he so blatantly deserves it.

  6. Gotta say my favorite artist right now is Jamal Campbell cause he is just killing it on Naomi but also love what Jen Bartel, Kev Walker and Daniel Acuna all have done on Black Panther as well. When the story is good and the artist make the art complement it as well you just gotta love it!

  7. I bought all the daredevils to catch up and holy smokies it's so good. This is what comics should be!

  8. Hello Brian of the books you listed I am picking up Batman Last Knight regular cover, Spawn both colored covers, Amber Blake 3 Regular cover and Dark Red. I don't have a favorite artist there are so many great ones they all bring something a little different I can't pick one. My favorite writer is Greg Rucka. How many books do you get each month, how do you remember what is going on in each one and how do you find the time to read so many.

  9. Sienkiewicz = SIN-KEV-ITCH
    I know a lot of people say it wrong, but he's a legend and the least we can do is try to pronounce it correctly.

  10. There are a good load of Star Wars comics, so I can't blame you for not being able to keep up, especially with all the other comics around.

  11. Enjoying the Daredevil and Hulk Story……….And WHAT?…..Doomsday Clock is coming out?……..Be still my beating heart!

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