Week 09 Lipreading practice: Murphy’s Law prose piece

Have you heard of Murphy’s Law?Murphy’s original law is: If there are 2 or more ways to do something, and any one of those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it. But who was Murphy? And where did his law come from? Edward Murphy was an engineer. He was born in 1918. Edward Murphy was the eldest of five children. Edward Murphy worked for the United States Air Force. Edward Murphy served in India, China and Burma. He achieved the rank of Major. In 1949, he was involved in an experiment. The experiment involved a rocket sled. The experiment went wrong because of a mistake. The mistake was made by someone else. Major Murphy was frustated. Murphy said, ‘If there is any way for him to do it wrong, he will.’ The next day there was a conference about the experiment. Major Murphy’s comment was quoted in the newspapers. And Murphy’s Law was born.

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