Websites for Authors

hey hey good morning I hope that your days are to a good start and that you are ready to take on the world like a mouse so today we are going to talk about a branding tool that every author needs a hat and that is a website yes every author should have their own website and here's why one you will be able to sell your own books so many authors sin their readers to Amazon to purchase their book and I am a little bit against that and here's why if you tell people to go to Amazon to buy your book and you don't have a specific shortened link that takes them directly to your book that you can memorize without you having to go to Amazon copy/paste and do lost extra work people are going to get distracted I am people I get distracted so if you just tell me the title of your book and say I can get it from Amazon I'm probably gonna get something that has nothing to do with your book so you want to make sure that you get a website and you use your name Brandi right Debbie Debbie W dot just Glen calm and send them there so that they can get your book so when it'll be easier for them to access your book and to when they go to your website guess what you're gonna have an email capture box so you are gonna be able to get their email information so that you can stay connected to them to remind them if they have a purchase you look at about the book and also any other products or services that you create in the future for your author brand there will be a targeted group of people who are already interested in your content so they are more likely to continue to purchase from yourself that's the second reason because you'll be able to capture their email address and the third reason is you will also be able to stay connected with potential readers and also share as much information about your brand without any issues you know sometimes Facebook and Instagram be tripping and you can't access your target audience so when you have scenarios like that you can create your own communication with your tribe so you can create a blog you can have free courses you can do anything because that's what is your website so make sure that you get a website as an author now there are two types of websites that you can get as an author you can get a full website or you can get a one-page website which is commonly being feted as a landing page so if you're not in a position to get a full website which is usually a minimum of four pages so that's when you'll see the home about contacts and events or something like that so that's a full website where you'll click on each tab to get to a different section of the website or you can get a one page website which will have all of your information just at a glance either or is fine they're both effective they're both get the job done just whatever is in your budget as an author definitely make sure that you invest in it and also when you get your website make sure that you are using your name as your domain name that is all a part of your branding so make sure you get that WW jessica lee anne calm as your website so that it can be easily identified and you can also easily share it when you are telling people where to purchase your book so I hope that information was useful to you if you have a website let me know what it is so I can check it out and if you don't have a website make that your 90-day corolla yes yes yes make it your goal so that you can establish your arthur brand out there like a pro so that is literary tip for today I hope that is useful and until next time have a good day

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