WebNewType's Interview With The Rising Of The Shield Hero's Author | A Movie & Season 2??

anyone this is Austin and I told you I was coming out with spicy video and information and I wanted before you know it be given this entire video I want to think the actual shield hero ready and discord along with the translator that translated the interview and I know the interview will be in Japanese if you want to translate it yourself and there it will be the English translation which is on the shield bro read it so those will be in the pink on that along with the shield hero good ol discord along with mine so before the video begins if you want more information if you want to read it for yourself because I'm not going to say everything because I think certain things you're gonna want to read to yourself but nonetheless I'm very fortunate enough to have some of the discord people actually tell me hey you should make a video about it and I want people to like share this video because the article is quite important and crucial for the future of the rise in the shield hero and it's a bit scary that no one's talking about it so far so hey I'm here to do that job in let's kick off things but you know the first actual like question in the interview did you make any requests to the anime answer which is the author you know Akeno I asked them not to depict the heroes as pure villains and if you don't understand what that is it's probably cuz your anime only the other heroes there at the light novel or kind of a really bad people and how to put it nicely um they aren't very as you saw from the anime trustworthy heroes to rely on and they kind of do look like villains innocence or bad I guess that's probably where it was going around but they are a lot more light especially you know Anna Foom because no fool me from the web novel I'm going from the web novel to the light up so don't worry well novel in the Fumi he's really rotten and light novel in the phoom he's kind of a kind of put it mean guy but he means well and we have an imino foo me which I don't mind at all actually he's kind of a good balance to kind of arrest faster a bit more in certain aspects but I'm very happy that this change was actually a thing and along with the other heroes I know people are like the other heroes are useless yes because it supposed to be there for the contrast to show you know no Foom he's been through a lot while the others just had everything handed to them that's kind of what I got out of it I know what you guys thought about it but hey tell them to comments down below but anyways guys let's get on to the next one what sort of meaning did you have with the director or script person we talked about a lot of things I was mostly answering questions I remember a lot of energetic questions he brought up a lot of similar games and anime as examples and we started building up from there and which is amazing honestly because you can tell there's a lot of references to like Zelda some mmo's I mean we had spider-man in it too but it's just it's pretty cool if you ask me and I know a lot of people kind of bash on the director especially some of the light novel purist and as I said you have the right to complain regardless of how ever someone else tells you how to think you're entitled to your own opinion I just want to get that across because a lot of people keep forgetting that and I have to remind people to say at least it I've been seeing it going around a lot but nonetheless the director did some good calls in my opinion especially with the ending I do know a few well the purists are very upset with them and as I said in my video for the review for the final episode I didn't expect it it can hurt them in the long run but I'm pretty sure the director knows what's going to happen you know has to handle it in it proves to be pretty good I mean I was talking to Edison with the shield hero like this court about this and we all agree that it falls not all of us but most that I talk to you usually agree with that they're probably setting this up so no Fumi has in the next arc with by the way spoilers is the spirit turtle arc so it kind of has found more of a reason to you know fight for the world versus previously he was just doing just to do it because he's a hero and it could start adding on to things and yes we later on have the question of what is Rewards going to be for the spirit turtle but it's one of those things when we get there we'll figure it out kind of thing in I have faith in the author and the director and I know a lot of people are going to say director doesn't know what's they're doing win or anything and if they're answering the author's answered a lot of questions and kind of helping out with it it starts to spin you know maybe the author wants it who knows but far be it for me to say that to you guys because some people just listening as I said you're entitled to your own opinion you can hate what happened you can love what happened just please let people go the way they want to but going to like back to the whole thing uh you know similar games and anime I really loved one other animes kind of use other animes to build upon for their own anime and kind of just has this memorable moments and I know a lot of people use the CG as a memorable point of this anime and we do have that but I think the most that's going to stick with me is a meteorite Sheldon I always loved me to write shield especially in the you know light novel and um seeing the manga just it really reminded me of you know playing The Legend of Zelda Ocarina at a time just wanted to share that because that's kind of a cool reference and I kind of got that from that vibe but nonetheless I thought you know the director did pretty good but how did you think the director did and please don't kill each other in the comments but um getting on to the next question and the next question is how do you feel actually watching the anime answer the food me seems far more composed than in the book and it's true because in the light novel as I said the Fumi is a bit more how-to trying to really put it nicely we'll find a nice way he's kind of a more of a stern person than he is in you know the anime and I know some of actually people that close to me that talked about oh I hope he gets better and he does and the enemy kind of speeds that a bit up and I can understand that this they're going for an anime that's for everyone and it's just not for the light novel people and I think people kind of forget that but skipping through the rat tallien filo thing no fool me often came off as an otaku and the source text but this is what he comes off of as a you know when he look you look at him objectively I guess it's like seeing the story from Raph Talia's point of view and that right there is pretty cool in my opinion we get to see you in a different point of view and it makes sense because I know some people were upset with you know episode 21 with the whole thing with good old and Fumi and the Queen and you know trash and female dogs good ol punishment but a lot of people were upset oh that's not how it happened the manga that's not how it happened in the light novel and it's as I said it makes sense when you start to hear it from that and I didn't think about it until I read this and like you know that is true cuz ratchet Elia always has this view and the Fumi that he's like a really good person in that he tries his best in it starts to piece together and I like it in my opinion what are you thinking as I said it's true that the Fumi does in the beginning seem like he's in the Taku and it slowly starts to simmer away as he gets thrown through you know how and it's interesting nonetheless but let's get on to the next question before I go on a whole rant about you know the point of view stuff the next question is if a sequel is announced what will you be looking forward to the kalimera arc is over so I think the spirit turtle arc would make a great movie a bit greedy if I do say myself if there's a second season then I'd love to see if we could get you know glasses world depicted and I want to see rat Talia and the Miko outfit or the shrine maiden outfit in that's an actual thing by the way spoilers obviously as I said before but now when I say that if we get another season it's possible with you know it making enough money but as I have to say and take it with a grain of salt not every time an author wants something for their series that it's an anime they get because they don't own it anymore a sense of the anime it's is his own thing so I just wanted to get that right there and then there too instead of having people like it's so really hyped up oh that's a confirmation this is not confirmation so please take it with a grain of salt but nonetheless it seems that she or he the author still hasn't is very secretive about their you know gender which I respect them because it doesn't matter who what person or gender is writing it it's a story nonetheless a movie for the spirit turtle Ark could actually really work in I usually like to take the objective standpoint of you know if we do get I hope it's in another well it's going to be in most theaters because every time I want to see an anime movie it's usually far away and it's very few theaters and I don't want you know Scheels here to suffer that and a lot of people brought up a point of you know it fails we don't get another season and that's very true and I really hope and I hope someone actually brought up in the shield hero discord that they could work on a movie and the season to at this you know the same time some other studio does the movie while they handle you know doing season two and that's kind of what I think might happen honestly that's my prediction what do you think is gonna happen but the spirit turtle ark movie would be good I really hope they don't butcher certain parts but I will say volumes 6 in volume some that's the arc it does get a little boring at certain points because you just kind of I know some people don't like watching the destruction of something and fair that's quite a fair you know argument but they could wrap this up in an hour and thirty minutes or two hours at most I just don't want a three hour movie please but yeah that could work honestly and I'm all for it especially it could lead off to hey here we're getting another season kind of thing and I do feel this is all going to be talked about at the crunch roller Expo which is in August so we got a good while until we actually get any confirmation but the second season to go into you know that one now this is volume eight to nine and this is classes world we saw a glimpse of it in episode 25 which was really cool and obviously you know the shrine Maiden outfit to give you a little background in that when the Fumi defeats you know kyo or he doesn't defeat him but he goes that kills a new villain by the way that's gonna be in the next arcs coming up while two arcs but he goes to his world and the Foom he gets the permission from you know the spirit turtle which is oast and goes to the other world because heroes are now allowed to by the way if you didn't see my video about what are the waves but most go gives them permission and he goes into the other world which is glasses world meets he's 'no and craft ally and him get separated for a little while and you know when the food meets up with her lark you know guy good ole RAF Talia a Miko outfitter assuring me an outfit and she looks quite adorable and I actually can't wait for that arc I really like it so we could have the meme up it's an ISA kind the ISA kind of thing but hey what do I know right it'd be pretty cool nonetheless and hey hopefully we get a movie in a second season I really hope if it doesn't come out as a movie that comes out in more theaters because I don't want it to suffer that's my only like gripe with it but go on to the final you know question and an answer get ready for it any messages for the fans thank you for watching the anime the risin of the shield hero I hope you continue to enjoy the adventures of nephews party and that right there I know everyone's like oh that's just nothing Austen but it kind of tugs at my heart because I'm like they know that we enjoy it and they enjoy too and we're on the same level and I can't stress enough that guys if you do want another season if you want to really confirm having another season my only thing to tell you is that this read the light novels and buy them and I understand some of you can't afford it in the discord server for that resin the shield hero they do actually have it you know a couple links if you want to read it see if you want to put your money into it so I suggest you know hey if you wanna do that go ahead I don't judge but nonetheless support the series by buying merch and everything I know I've done my part with light novels I'm probably gonna buy the blue rice I like shield here he's it was quite a treat to actually cover this and thank you you know who you are that gave me the piece to do this with and I can't wait to honestly hear more information about the rise in the shelter of course I will be covering the information but anyways guys do really share this video because I do want the news to come out about you know the article and I want more people to read about it such as the person they told me about this so yeah anyways guys thank you for watching and you know consider subscribing if you're new here and share this video and yeah I'll see you in the next video this has been Austin and I'm signing out peace you

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