Web Content Management Explained

do you have a website do you want to have a website not sure how to add stuff to it do you know that there are applications that can turn you into a website guru these applications are called web content management systems or WCM for short there are hundreds of web content management applications but it's important to pick the right solution for your needs this is web content management made simple typically websites are set up on web servers by people who are familiar with coding languages like HTML PHP ColdFusion or net you can leverage people with this technical skill set to get your website up and running people can now come to your website learn about what you do interact it maybe even purchase a product or two but the information that they're consuming is quickly becoming at a date but what can you do meet Tom tom is the marketing guru at his company he knows all the ins and outs of marketing but he really isn't that technical Todd needs to fix a typo on his website he could call or email his web guy but he usually doesn't pick up the phone and tends to be busy doing other web stuff making a small spelling fix isn't at the top of his priority list and doesn't really pay his bills if Tom had a web content management system he could make the fix himself Tom could open a browser log in to his site browsing the page that has the typos edited and published it back to the site Tom doesn't know HTML but that's okay because his CMS includes a what-you-see-is-what-you-get or WYSIWYG editor the WYSIWYG editor makes editing a webpage as easy as creating a word document or writing an email tom can even add photos and links to the page as well now that Tom's website is updated his visitors are happy but more importantly Thomas happy web content management systems come in two different flavors online and offline offline systems require you to make changes to your static pages on your local machine and then FTP those files to your server this requires some technical knowledge it isn't scalable and it really change it down in online CMS like the one that Tom ones is completely browser-based and managed by a database that stores and displays information on your site an online CMS lets anyone from any where at any time make changes to their website a CMS typically you can do more than just help you manage your web content some have advanced management functionality like permissions workflows and approval chains what is web content anyway there are some that do more than just managing HTML content on your site there are some that lets you manage and create digital assets documents and even build pages quickly and easily right on the web some also have out of the box functionality to power and execute comprehensive and complete digital marketing strategies like SEO tools web to title functionality social networking and e-commerce are you a developer it's important that you pick a CMS with an open API to easily extend and customize your website what do you want your website to do odds are there's a CMS out there that can do everything you want to do on the web and more with just one application making sure your CMS can do everything with just one application instead of 20 different modules we'll make sure that your site is up quicker and much easier to maintain since tom was able to fix that typo on his website pretty easily he wants to announce the sale of his new product since Tom CMS has page building feature built in he can now create new pages by simply dragging and dropping page elements onto this page like multimedia 5-star ratings a message board and even a forum site visitors can now interact on Tom site and Tom didn't even need to know a line of code there are hundreds of wcm systems out there to pick from and choosing the right one is crucial a wcm can be provided as a software-as-a-service open source or as a standalone application if you don't have much money upfront an open-source can work but you'll pay the price down the road when you need support or help upgrading your site picking an enterprise or mid-market CMS from a reputable vendor is well worth the investment CMS vendors have engineers working around the clock providing high quality product and some provide phone support to help you with your site purchasing a CMS is like purchasing a car you want to make sure that you get all the bells and whistles you want but still keep it at a price you can afford let's recap web content management systems let non-technical people like Tom and manage content and pages for their website some let you make changes from anywhere at in time and some have everything you want to do on your website with just one application there are tons of WCM products available and choosing the right one for your needs is crucial answering the question what do you want your website to do is a good start

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  1. This explains a lot. I used www.dependablewebsitemanagement.com for my needs and was happy that they did much of what was in this video and more!

  2. Absolutely great! I am the exactly the marketing person he describes, great at web content, but sick at having to call my web guy to add two words, or a new link. Thanks for getting me started.

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