We Found A Library Inside This ABANDONED 17th Century Poets House (EVERYTHING LEFT BEHIND)

[Applause] welcome back team we're out again and we're doing what we love which is exploring we've just come across it's absolutely beautiful manor house this manor house was the former residence of a famous person named John Milton he lived here from 1632 to 1638 the house seems to have been sold on to the rain a family who lived there until the houses demise and to be honest the place it looks a bit shabby but I know the resources there is absolutely gorgeous inside so what we're going to do we're going to get inside and we're going to explore it for you see you when we're in there guys it's gotta be a way in well dear oh they mean right see Louis going up there be careful right we're over the wall here's the guys we're in and the roofs gone in this but it looks like it could have been the kitchen guys Oh tea dry the clothes out whoa look at this place it's just taking it in an old an old whisk what you found ate it still got high the pantry yet no still got we got preserve peas pickles onions what do you put that in the fire put your taste in there on the fire massive argot that's the biggest target we've ever seen that's nice that's the big our ger yeah yeah yeah careful with a straw no no you got ya you got your Belfast sink here an older knives Wow books social proof it is a knifing in their briefcase with a knife in it okay of it they add through the years then they've got rid of their old appliances you know I mean I thought that was the original need another cooker because I mean that'd have been quite not metaphoric wouldn't it you need to cook got beans on toast yeah would have been a nightmare that means the this place is works bit abandoned since 1987 so yeah so it's been a bug for quite a while what time's it clock stopped cool a 6-quart past 6:00 no court court to 6-deuces look at the bells they're the bells that used to ring the servants with yeah that's amazing yeah God may no fear discoveries I do mater I sequoia nope I don't too bad thanks in it yes no I'm with my meat is easier some way I can danger so into this places but yeah yeah be careful in this room anyway just look at the door sight come here we just met some of the people in here are cones your fat self oh I know that look at boys it you know in 19th century the next I mean she's the past no there's actually an umbrella as well that's and what metal trains where the wall are collected any dripping water yeah picture you you want to check yourself on piano it's an organ is actually where that wall get smoked and prohibited there is some old stuff there ah that's awesome in it come out music box loser we'll go that pain it whoa look at the office that's awesome guys this office is absolutely amazing he probably did all of his art work in air in his illustrations and everything yeah it's the floor safe to get around yeah there's a heavy Bale just there yeah it's real big cause you got to look at this look for that fire or Landrover hand but look at that is that a right in Bureau again yeah yeah that's it there's some money made a night in there it is absolutely crazy oh yeah boiling coffee a service it's the fire probably upstairs yeah what's this down here that's the front door oh yeah yeah right we'll make our way over that way whoa guys come and have a look at this room it's huge could the old fireplace everyone this place is you that is a centerpiece for a living room massive mirror on it all the drawers special hidden drawer goes well hello dear nice little dears head been eating about a bit right well granted you have a section of her that's the way into the Senate area we'll go down there in a minute look at all the tools everyone all the tools yeah there's a way here to the cellar there's a proper way here especially because the jar house jars everywhere still got all I don't know what that is farmers friend chefs farmers friend chuff's farmers friend some sort of drink or something this would have been like a little back kitchen wouldn't it for the servants probably screwed the Lewis look open that open that freezer what was in it ah get out that is disgusting Oh God so basically we had it's a whole food the whole months worth of food in the fridge was that donated careful flaws boxes suitcase nobody's got ships yeah yeah what if it's covered usually it has a name on it doesn't it yeah that when I've got a name on it that's so interesting that's weird like it's adjusted to the rust yeah look at the wallpaper that is dry rot on a spider spider its royal on a dead space how much drywall is in this house well even if that's fired again down into the dingy cellar whoa all these bottles set up she seems like there's a hell of a lot of kitchens and stuff in this place fudge look at all this they're all like oh you're one medicine balls and what you found there cut the Ray on the floor look at the hooks that's these hooks that's why they would have him meet they would home meet Danny because it's quite cold isn't it so it would have kept their meat down here cotton will they're more lemonade bowls got there they are sought after they are right lemonade bowl milk Chad Oh guys if you can see that there's still milk in it there's so much shift straws in it no no I think iced tea oh yeah they are yeah lentils golden shred you know go with Freddy's day go to Trenton orange Jam he's a really marmalade marmalade golden trip so their marmalade tips some of our best mistake alright we just right into the next bit of this rabbit warren it is it does feel a bit Dalek succomb it looks like a bomb shower thanks Cass stoic they're fake in they know would have read God everybody likes a seller but it does creep you out especially in the series they're very good free private so there's two Peter yeah there would have been more another room here but it's collapsed that's the that's the front room I think come through this hole in the door and well just watch the floor cuz it's bad it is another desk writing desk ler yeah it stinks stinks whoa yeah there's like a safe door in here like a safe room God that door is heavy Kongo if every never something heavy-duty was kept in there don't know ever it might have been guns or cash or something like that but that is look at this just look at the thickness of the door that is crazy made by children sons as well which make the padlocks but I feel we better get back out because his floors I move it but look at the rooms it's just Louis that stairs is not safe stay there a bit I know the whole place is a bit bad in there that old clock stopped at quarter to four I wouldn't go any further don't go any further than that don't sound eerie from something it did you mean oh yeah there's a choice just wait for some noise don't do it variety get guys I'm in a library and it took a lot of climbing up the stairs the floors not safe in here at all but look at this library guys it is an explorer the best bit of the Explorer this is I'm so glad we've come here but the floor is doesn't it seem safe at all Lewis has gone for it he's in the library Paden stay up on there for a minute look at the fireplace and the mirror we go that's it is that like their chair it's like a corner chair fig it's a chair or a ladder it might be one of them ladders you just put oh look all these books look at the books man in five minutes the stewardess came to me if you'd like to see her she said in a whisper I can show her to you really I cried I'd like nothing better and followed her to the adjacent bathroom where through a Knothole one had a complete view of the bath and I'm pretty bathing oh that's he a little bit of story time in the video guys I could be folks he's just absolutely amazing and you got your little where you book table yeah you very carefully just don't go anywhere near River go around this house more books in the place and it wonder here I wonder Hiro Victoria for 30 more bookshelves this is why we couldn't get up here guys but we found a way look this is the stairs how it's collapsed it's gone just gotta be careful our bathroom TV well notice let me go first because we don't want to people look at that old TV yeah it's like a sixties TV well don't all come in it cuz look there's no the floor isn't attached yeah yeah is little metal bathroom cabinet that table that that would have been a news yeah they aided look at that table mate that would have been in a corner with all their like smelly's and all that stuff from big mirror I probably would have been a big mirror yeah this is the buff roommate right guys that's it the mazing Explorer library was absolutely awesome we actually wouldn't have gone up their interweb for Louis because the stairs would actually see the video to censor absolutely collapse Louis saw an entrance that going up so wet up made their home beautiful library tape in the middle of all the books out which is fantastic to be honest tear this whole place is fantastic so we've enjoyed it I hope you guys guys have enjoyed it as well if you really like my channel just basically press the subscribe button don't be shy on the comments we love reading your comments about stuff if we're doing anything that you can feed me to do badge right in their comments let us know so cheerful a few guys I will see you in that next video you

27 thoughts on “We Found A Library Inside This ABANDONED 17th Century Poets House (EVERYTHING LEFT BEHIND)

  1. An wonderful video as if I was exploring with you, thank you guys. Do you know why the place is abandoned? Are there any owner of this land?

  2. Very cool place. I do wish you would slow down just a bit in your videos. Dont get a lot of chance to see some of the things in your shots, and quite often can almost make me dizzy.

  3. Cant u take anything???? Thise antiques are amazing why leave them rotting over there?? Thats stuff is high quality handwork it’s something we will never see in future i wish someone restored these

  4. Is it Lewis that was reading? If so, can you have more story time? He's an awesome reader! He should do audio books. What a great find, that house is amazing.

  5. How could anyone allow such a wonderful 17th Century house to crumble? To find the library was and absolute gem, who knows how many rare and first editions have been left to ruin,such a shame, great explore though,it must have been a stunning house when first built

  6. I don't think that's the original building from from the 17th century. It looks more victorian. But I'm no expert lol

  7. Love this, am-a-zing. Could spend a week looking through all that. More reading please, why did you stop? 😂

  8. The library and all the BOOKS 😍 I would bring as much as I can with me I don't care if its considered stealing, those poor books would be ruined like this (If they aren't already in bad shape)

  9. What a bloody shame that beautiful house has gone to rot like that. Think about the age of it, you said 1600s right, that's 400 years. The land itself is worth a fortune, and the old books, shame you didn't check the copyright pages on some to give us a idea of age of them. Great explore guys.

  10. Amazing building, brilliant video some of the things you see exploring old buildings is crazy.i once fount an empty gun case and bullets,a BMW, and a swimming pool in one place 👍 good video

  11. There are a lot of valuable antiques in that house. Such a shame to let them go to waste. Also a shame to see the house in such horrid condition. People are so wasteful. If they don't want it anymore it should be sold or donated to the county for housing or offices or something. SAD, SAD, SAD!!!

  12. someone should contact a museum so they can rescue all those books
    would be a shame to let it deeteriate even more

  13. I loved the Library.. I wish there was a way some of the fireplace mantles and old furniture and books could have been saved. I can tell it was once a beautiful home. When you were in the cellar you said one of the rooms was a bomb shelter. Could explain why the old homes had bomb shelters? When the house was built and why there were bomb shelters. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful home.

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