We Don't Talk Anymore – Charlie Puth (Ft. Selena Gomez) (Lyrics)

50 thoughts on “We Don't Talk Anymore – Charlie Puth (Ft. Selena Gomez) (Lyrics)

  1. Assuming that it doesn't matter to him / her if we are not together… Maybe they haven't moved on.. So let them know it matters to you and that's why it's important to show your emotions

  2. Sadly this happened to me and my friend 😭
    So our best friend ever moved away in second grade, and she was basically the one who kept our friendship together, but because she left, me and my other friend just… stopped talking. We went our own paths and never even looked at each other. I don’t know what it was. I didn’t think it get worse, but it did. She suddenly started getting in trouble a lot, getting more friends, becoming popular. She left me with my friends and just yeah. Now were heading to 7th grade, and she still is popular. Whenever she came into our classroom to work, she wouldn’t even recognize me. I’m sorry, I’m not begging for likes.
    I just.. wanted to get something off my chest.

  3. BOY:we dont talk anymore
    girl: (on her phone) nice
    boy:we dont laugh anymore
    girl: cuz there is nothing to laugh about right now
    boy:(keeps on speaking)
    girl: can u stop am trying to talk to my friend
    boy: even after all this time i still wonder why i cant move on just the way did so easliy
    boy:cant u understand??
    girls:NOPE and bye bye

  4. I just saw MV and meaning of song. It is amazing. I love this song, real life. Someone passed this situation already ! Like me

  5. Currently, in a relationship… 💕
    But, used to listen this daily, 1 year ago…
    For the same person, that I dedicated my life to.
    This song was and is amazing…
    This was a daily motivation that I can try and try… She used to ignore me earlier but, now I am in a relationship with that same person… I went through a whole lot and when I think about all this, I feel blessed and the most satisfied person on the earth…

    I found many heartbroken people in here (the comments).
    Just wanted to say them, "Just don't give up, dedicate yourself to one person that you truly love and will never let down…
    I promise you, you will get accepted by him/her."

    💓Love and Peace✌

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