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hey guys guys nor you better nor here you heard me hey guys better nor here the best nor here we're talking about me right now we've never done a vlog before and we've always wanted to try to do one so we're trying to do one so this one's gonna be interesting because I've never seen something like this done before I mean maybe there has but I I've personally never seen something like that we're going to come up with a story in one hour one hour one story infinite possibility one couple and obviously as you're gonna see from the length of this video it's not gonna be just a flat hour of footage we're gonna cut it around to only keep the interesting bits for you guys so cuz we don't want to put random rambling it's true a few rambles a lot she doesn't stop I'm on my eighth hearing aid because of her yeah we get started yeah let's do a 15 chapter kind of shortish novel basically just what's gonna happen in each one general outline of everything let start with the genre I was thinking kind of like sci-fi I'll exactly sci-fi yeah let's do segue okay let's make it really like freaky sighs but like let's make it really freaky stuff I'm gonna reach hi what boy just your face you look like you're so done alright so we've decided sci-fi what's uh what's a cool hook oh it's cool Captain Hook let's let's start with a general premise more than the convoy like the what makes this sci-fi story special what's cool about it I wanted to do something with time with time time is cool linear time hey that's a callback go watch the skin or is it gonna be a future skin linear time what can it be a zambian on Mars what if people spend time like currency like isn't that already movie you know the movie in time with Justin Timberlake and uh always redeem is that movie movie I've seen it in time don't they like and they didn't call it just in time come on Hollywood I didn't name it so something cool premise from this Travis this is all of the hardest part about writing kill me take someone else's idea no okay Harry Potter in space you know Harry on Mars here you going to Mars warts do you want a time I really want I want it to be like time travel back no time travel is too overdone okay maybe the person doesn't have time travel but he receives letters from his future self Boyka and they're just like different from different times throughout the future but it's from himself in the future like but they're just letters okay like they're warning yeah okay and I feel like if he heats certain warnings or does certain things what if like he stops getting letters from like a certain part of himself because like they died or something oh so like like let's say one version of his future self since in the lugger and he's like wow okay you're not a cool guy you killed six children and I see that if I go left on my daily commute on like this day you'll live so I'm gonna go right and then he started he stops getting letters from that version of himself because that person died sure yeah all right so I wrote down for the premise a guy receiving letters from his future self and he can alter specific futures as all versions of himself branch off timelines due to his present actions he couldn't theory kill different future versions of himself by doing specific actions that he knows what leads to their deaths but if he's feeling future versions of himself wouldn't that just and his future life bad future life so he's killing himself in alternate realities yeah from different realities that branched off at certain points that are coming up in his reality time is not linear and I know I know audience before you go in the comments uh time travel oh yeah listen it's complicated okay it's like a one-hour story don't don't don't hit me with every discontinuity you can think of because of like time travel on multiverse okay it's it's a cool one our story let me add it how does the book start what how old is this character what's his name we didn't even like figure that out his name can be Justin time just on timbre time no Justin temper tantrum he just gets really upset at time Justin Tim Burton doesn't me we're gonna go a Justin timber time because Nora wants to go with Justin timber time yes what's the page see let's see college make like 21 21 he can drink you can drink he's good yeah he's that for life alcohol no we have we have younger viewers we don't told don't drink I don't drink all right well you can drink tea that's fine what's gonna happen in chapter one so what happens to shake his world like does he receive his first ever letter in the first chapter or is this something he's always been receiving in the first chapters when he first yes yeah there's a brand new phenomena okay up until now his life has been normal in no time travellers shenanigans so maybe he lives in an apartment and he goes to check his mailbox and the first time ever he sees a letter written and sent by him just the timbre time all right so I have checks his apartment mailbox sees the first letter sent to him from him the date on the return address is like a future date so is it like a few days after that day or is it like a few weeks after New Year's years okay no normal normal 21 year old he looks at it he reads he's like okay well my friends pranksmen he probably just oh whatever yeah like somebody put it in here hey it's me from the future and student loans were the best thing I ever did haha you should get one three hundred percent interest rate or no no no hey oh it's you from the future um send me your credit card information so I cannot it's me you from the future send me those would those weird 60 numbers on the front and though whacky three numbers on the back and the expiration date of your credit card so it's like pay your tuition fees right yeah yeah yeah and you're also getting a free island yeah of course right Yeah right so checks his mailbox sees the first letter sent to him from him date on the return addresses four years after his current date he opens it thinks it's a prank and he throws it up he wouldn't ask his friends about it he's like I've got an exam I don't I have too many things going on yeah my turtle just got loose yeah should say he makes me few days pass he gets another one with the winning lottery numbers it did they tell me from the future I know you threw out the last letter just to prove it to you here the winning lottery numbers of like a specific date and he doesn't believe this is about like a lottery ticket or anything he's like no so garbage is not wasting my money out so a few days passed he checks the internet the internet and CR the queer are the winning lottery numbers yes so he's like how in the world what what is this sorcery chapter one could end with him writing back saying who argued how to be good a good hook tand on the next chapter we need like an actual warning yes a chapter 2 blessing you so chapter 2 they could start with a him receiving another letter it's the reply to the one that he sent saying who are you all it says is I'm you from the future I feel like that's too soon to say Oh too soon oh he doesn't know it's information not yet anyone he threw it out the first time him from the future decided okay this guy's skeptical let me kind of slowly introduce myself to myself so just in timbre time kind of slowly he goes about it so Chapter two can open with him receiving the reply for the letter that he sent that said who are you you could just say you don't need to know that right now but you need to heed my warnings like that just kind of ominous okay and what is his first warning so I think the first warning should be something like relatively simple something innocuous they wouldn't really think is like a big warning all right so I'm thinking the first warning don't bring an umbrella today and then while he's walking around campus it starts yeah starts Thunder storming lightning hits a guy holding and I see my guy sure oh it gets hard okay I don't know right it's something like innocuous enough they'd be like that's really oddly coincidental that the letter told me don't bring an umbrella so then he confronts himself by sending his future self a letter but instead of the letter taking like several days to arrive like the last letter it'll be instantaneous so like he'll drop off the his letter and then as soon as he comes home he'll go to check his mailbox and there's like an instant letters right there yep yeah like that so he gets it in a letter to sin seriously and then and then it says seriously you need to listen to me stop questioning stop being a stubborn stop are born it says it in that letter it says uh seriously you need to trust me on this do not disobey well you don't know if just the timber time is mixed we know he's 21 in the future no in the future this is an at universe it could be the big age backwards don't date a writer an alternate universe anything is possible hey come on go with it go with it go with it Oh Chapter three we can open up with another new letter and the letter can say don't talk to the person in blue today that'll be the letter he doesn't know who this person in blue is no idea so he goes about his day as normal you know goes to class takes his exam does okay you never get the ball the letter completely you know C's get degrees he does a cake this exam you just forget the letter yeah he he goes to get coffee there's no one in blue but yeah as he's walking down campus there's a solicitor look at like a petitioner trying to get signatures boy or girl doesn't matter he's sure okay he's wearing blue okay cuz you see the letter said the man that's right I forgot and this person says sir can you sign my petition I want I'm trying to collect signatures for a good cause blah blah blah you know like normal petitioners speak and that's what he notices wait this person's wearing blue what's going to happen and he also realizes that he already said hello which means he was that he spoke he already talked to the people already messed it up does he back up does he say does he should he should give like a random excuse like oh I'm so sorry I have to go yeah like I'm not I'm not interested yeah and then he just leaves so it would be the consequence for this like what happens these small things along the way that would affect the future yeah so he's wondering what's gonna happen he's like really paranoid the whole day going about looking at like scrutinizing everything like what did I just do right but then he gets home and he gets a letter and all it says is thank you for talking to the person in blue but just the other ones that don't talk right also there's two people there many oh and that's the end of chapter 3 just and he still doesn't know yes no idea it's a different person right so our camera ran out of battery I put a new one hopefully the framing is relatively still the same I think I think I think people now I think Chapter four should start the overarching plot yeah but we should add some like a love interest right chapter I want a super introductory chapter to is a little ominous Chapter three was like introducing the idea of multiple people sending in letters yeah so chapter four Chanel jumped right into the bank I think he should like somebody should go over to his house and they see like a letter on his table no like oh what is this you send yourself a letter and he's like oh I don't know somebody but his girlfriend yeah so he's got my reads it and she basically told him something's really odd about this yeah she's like what what is this this is stupid well I feel like she notices that well it's kind of oh there's something like fake going on okay like this isn't a prank somebody's threatening you although and but he brushes it off he brushes it off yeah yeah fast forward like a few days he gets another letter he gets two letters one telling him to get rid of his girlfriend one item to stay with stay with her yeah one says stay with your girlfriend at all costs she didn't do anything the other one says leave your girlfriend she will be the cause of everything yep oh and they could both be still from him but they asked very slightly different handwriting's like like like hard hard hinting that it's two separate people like the wives have a little like yeah yeah like some of them do like the little cursive why just do like this thing generally it's the same handwriting but like just little just small discrepancies yeah yeah I wouldn't know like the guy in the letter whose like staying you Goffman thank you for talking to that guy like he just seems so wholesome he's just like thank you for being nice no the guy that talked to leave knows what's up he oh okay what if what if a big good guy from the letter the good him it's actually a bad guy and he's telling him like thank you for talking to the guy in blue thank you for not breaking up with your girlfriend she's nice but he's the actual bad guy like pop quiz yeah he's using positivity to steer him in the direction of hey whatever I mean like obviously his girlfriend could be Knights but maybe ultimately she's not good for his nose it's not meant to be it okay so the one sending the positive letters is the bad guy yes and the one sending the negative letters is actually the good guy maybe he knows that the girlfriend will eventually cheat on him so he's kind of like hey you gotta leave her now because she's not good news for you okay yeah so so bad Justin Tim Burton what he has to gain how about he knows that if he stays with the girlfriend and keeps guiding him in a certain way you know she won't leave him like she won't cheat on him and he'll go well they could be happy ever after so doesn't even necessarily bad maybe just some selfish and he thinks that whatever happened between him and his girlfriend was actually his fault and he wants to fix it yes I wonder why the guy in blue is even important then maybe it was just the test to see if he would listen mm-hm so Chapter five woo he still doesn't know if he wants to break up her since you know how this ends huh both alternate universes him end up coming back to this universe so maybe the positive letter him after like he listens to him and he knows all the things that he thinks are good even though they're bad for him ultimately the positive him up coming into this reality and tries to kill him because now everything is set for him hmm and he's like you know I could take over because my old girlfriend left me so I'm good sure yes I could be happiness the climax of the story so the bad future ham comes into the timeline to try and replace his place in that timeline right there so you can live a better life than what ended up happening to him happening to him anism original yeah well that's the ending let's go back to chapter 5 we have the minute of the beginning we're still working on the middle so how about the middle chapter 5 could just be a lot of self-reflection can try to see if he wants to stay with the girlfriend I want to see if he wants to break up with her kind of weighing his options asking his friends and he gets one letter that just says you did the right thing before he even decides if he wants to recover further adding to his confusion like you did the right thing that's all it says that's all it says you did the right thing he's not sure what the right thing is still do I leave here do I stay maybe his future him mistimed it and he thinks that you already broke up with her but when when he stays with her he gets another letter like oh no my god yeah I meant that you need to break up with her that was what I meant yeah why are you still with her okay so chapter 6 he gets a letter saying why are you still with her you were supposed to break up with her what the hell happened yeah good job like huge room starts getting like really abrasive way like yeah like what the hell did you do what's wrong with you go back and fix this now yeah yeah and then how about it ends and he keeps sunny his letters like with the curly why how about it ends with one with the straight wise I like the straight geez just saying don't trust Carly why Carly why don't trust curly fries no no right please so Chapter seven at this point due to the two conflicting letters he fully understands that there are two versions talking to the one letters telling him don't trust curly why he's trying to figure out who's sending the letters yesso doesn't notice I know it's him and he's still wondering are you sure to get that out in this chapter the first clue is that it's being sent from Joseon timber time so he goes to the post office and tries to track where it's coming from obviously there's like postage stamps on there but this this letter was never in our system not just that the stamps themselves has not been made yet they feel like sir those stamps have never been made yet because there's no they're not okay they would just say those aren't real what what if postman is like I know Sam's haven't been made yet well what if he stops and he's like how did you get those the mailman that he kind of he's had the same issue so he's like how did you get those who's sending you these and he's like I don't know I think that's why I came here I wanted to find out why why somebody's impersonating me sending me letters what if the mailman says don't trust Carly why and that's it which one's curly while I get that one too the mailman is in on it both on the side and says how did you get these no what if that what if he has the same issue where he has two versions of himself lying securely why yeah okay my shift ends in five minutes my tea is gone oh my shift ends in five minutes I'll talk to you after same thing happened to him he trusted curly why and it was ruining everything yeah earlier we we had a wobble earlier we said that he sent a letter instantly he came back likely he send a letter like saying who are you oh yeah okay we'll take that out he never sent that letter he never sent that letter that was a plot hole he just gets the letter yeah he only receives letters okay that that was plot hole in Chapter one we fixed it there's no pot hole now so it's chapter 80,000 new words letters are coming from okay so chapter eight he's on a date with his girlfriend so so I feel like this chapter could really just kind of explore their relationship a little bit but it could be super tense the whole time him like still not sure who to trust the entire time he's on the Davises rosslyn he's like do I break up and and because of that I don't know we had a NASCAR outside still going he's my man is doing like doughnuts in the parking lot look going so chapter 8 was for his relationship mainly with his girlfriend but I feel like he should be time he's like thinking of all the flaws she has six legs many eyes she has a loving fingers she eats her me she's lucky she really he realizes he's dating his fighter okay no kind of like judging his girlfriend all right I'm thinking it could end with her saying I love you babe and him like pausing for a little bit and to signify that he's gonna stay with her he just goes yeah I love you too let's make this ten chapters instead of 15 okay chapter 9 how about he just received one letter that says watch your back and the why straight it's not a curly one it's okay it's the good guy the negative note good guy so it's the good guy warn him watch your back what if he's like chillin at home I think it's a knock on door he opens it and it's him it's bad right and and he's just holding a gun he opens door immediately no he didn't bring a full right girl ey Mo's into his apartment building with a tank yeah look at Abrams yes okay otherwise I was holding a gun looking exactly like him well thank you probably for following my instructions it's not my turn to replace you really why I tells him take a seat and like he like pushes him aside and he explains to him what's going on that necessarily has a gun pointed out that's gonna that's a good enough to turn not to get up my life went to garbage my life went to hell it's all because I treated the girlfriend poorly and things spiraled out of control now I'm gonna replace you and I'm gonna make things right and I'm gonna live a better life the chapter could end with him saying no come on man like don't do this and they could just hang with Bank and then chapter 10 so he hears the gun does he black out it just ends with I heard the hammer hit the bullet Bank and then chapter 10 starts with a curly white falling to the floor dead it's the postman that Satan did he get a letter saying hey I think straight why sent a letter to the postman and he okay was he just not the one delivering it before baby yeah yeah ii caught it alright how about how about chapter ten starts following the mailman and the guy that normally takes the route to deliver the mail of justin temper time the guy was out sick this mailman was put to do that rap and said and he sees the water and he sees that that stamp and he's like what the hell is this I need to open it and he opens it and all it says is Justin don't open the door so he sees it he's like oh my god let me go see his doctor he shows up that is a motorcycle or maybe just a really powerful car alright so chapter 10 the postman comes basically he saves him he kills curly white version of Justin and all is good at the postman says listen kid I've been through this before feel lucky I opened up your letter don't mess with time travel anymore man just ignore all future letters what does that mean he should break up with his girlfriend then Laura go blindly into his future yeah he could say something pay no heed to any letters anymore just live your life how you naturally you can control your own life like no one can tell you how it's gonna end yeah their alternate universe does not decide your future so let's run through the story one last time and it looks like we've been filming for about fifty four ish minutes so we're like just under that one hour mark made it yeah all right the premise is a guy receiving letters from his future self his name is Justin Tim Burton 21 years old checks his apartment mailbox he sees the first letter sent to him from him this is a Frank thinks it's a prank there were a lottery numbers inside Bates turned out to be true chapter two he gets another letter all it says is heed my warnings then the first morning just says don't bring an umbrella today all else it says is don't disobey so he doesn't this so big he doesn't bring an umbrella he sees someone else gets drunk Chapter three he gets another one that just says don't talk to the person in ya he goes about his day he completely forgets about it accidentally walks in silence yeah accidentally walks into a solicitor when he realizes he backs away yeah he goes you know some super paranoid the whole day yet so yeah and then he sees a letter it says chapter four his girlfriend notices a lot around his coffee table she's questioning it and thinks something big is going on yeah threats or something no one then he gets two he gets two letters at the same time one says to stay with the girlfriend one says to leave the girlfriend there Britten's white in slightly different handwriting one honey why one does not the good one knows that the girlfriend role will ruin his life the bad guy wants him to stay with his girlfriend and the guy blue was just a test that's just to see what he would do chapter five he's going over to his girlfriend and he just gets a lot it says you did the right thing super ominous maybe sent and let the wrong point in time they messed up so he's still unsure what he doesn't know what the right thing was he to do anything yet yeah so he decides to yeah Chapter six all it says is don't trust curly why and they clearly were starts getting more and more abrasive and angry without me guess he got angry with him remember because it's Issei with his girlfriend hmm so he gets like angrier and angrier chapter seven he tries to track with a letter to coming from he goes to the post office he shows them the letter the mailman says where did you get the C sub not these stamps have not been produced yet so he pulls of a size explains that he's been having the same issue yeses don't just be a revelation yeah I says don't trust curly why I've had this issue my shift ends in five and I'll talk to you he thought soon he explains everything that's going on explains that curly why I messed up his light that's about it Chapter eight he's on a date it's girlfriend this one delves into their relationship a little bit the whole time he's still like to Isis yeah do I break up with your jock stay with us here so he ends up just ends up just staying with her chapter nine curly why I meet him at his front door unannounced with a gun the handgun threatens him and explains that he wants to take over his life Chapman ends with just the bang of a shotgun or the shot of a pistol not a shotgun in Chapter ten turns out that the bank of that gun was the the mailman he saved him from Curley why boom yeah story one hour unless cohesive oh no and the point of the story is you control your own destiny yeah and some other Disney garbage story one our cohesive no so pretty cool yeah potholes totally but we fixed one of them did we make it in an hour yeah we got to 750 we started seven into 759 we made it I made it by one minute so any any of those any consistencies give us some slack we wrote we outlined ten chapters we started from nothing and got ten chapters starts in a day one hour we get an award right yeah drink your tea like what did you like shove it in the bottom lip that wasn't my mouth all right yeah so that was our first attempt at the one of these like write a story in our time vlogs yeah leave it comments yeah I'll even like subscribe to the channel and check out my other videos thanks for tuning in guys we want to try and produce these every now and then sprinkle them in if you like them if you like them we just thought this would be a fun thing to try show off more of our personalities in these videos rather than just kind of like raw advice and humor and stuff just kind of us talking to you guys let us know how it went so let us know what you think and ring that notification bell together make sure you tune in to our future videos because my upcoming book is coming out very very suitable we've been working the pre-sale are sued but you get to see our animated book trailer yeah we got the super cool book trailer it is animated voice acting music it is gonna be a bomb all the way for the next couple of weeks every single night for the past few months we've been working on this trailer it's good multiple hours there's a lot of production going into this one everything you need to know about the about her upcoming book divinity falling stay tuned to this channel bye guys that is all from us oh yeah Michael for president nor for president for president nor for presidents you okay buddy Michael Michael for president

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  1. I would absolutely LOVE to see something like this again. It was super fun to watch! Also, cute couples like you guys give me hope for humanity.

  2. Then there's me at work where I just randomly see a scene from a story I think of then jot it down in a word document where I have like 30 ideas for short stories or novels

  3. When u guys got the letter idea, its just like the synopsis of the anime called Orange. Naho gets letters from her future self about a new classmate named Kakeru.

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