We Asked People ‘What’s Your Favorite Novel?’

100 thoughts on “We Asked People ‘What’s Your Favorite Novel?’

  1. This was a waste of time. I buy 2 novels every month. I read a lot, from Sarah Dessen's great works to Jenny Colgan and her creative and fun cafe novels. Let me never ever forget Mitch Albom and Tuesdays with Morrie because it makes me cry!!!

  2. Guys, like all of these segments, it's clearly been cut and edited for a desired effect. People in these comments talking about how these people are dumb for not reading when they themselves can't even think critically.

  3. The ignorance of the masses! Bet they have opinions on politics though, based on their emotions with no clear evidence! 😭

  4. There’s a lot of judgment, intellectual snobbery and one-upmanship on this page. Millions of people don’t enjoy reading and there’s a broad range of reasons why that may be. Some find it difficult due to conditions like dyslexia and ADHD. Some have poor imaginations and prefer mediums such as film where worlds and stories are visualised for them. Many people are made to read books in school that they do not understand or enjoy and it puts them off for life. And many simply prefer different activities.

    I have always loved reading and am thankful I can appreciate novels the way I do, but others do not and that doesn’t make them stupid or lesser beings.

  5. I find it hard to answer questions on the spot and my mind goes blank. I struggle to articulate my thoughts publicly. I might not be able to answer it as well.

  6. 1:30 put you on the spot? how dumb are you to be put on the spot about your hobbies? funny her favorite book is from the Fiction section

    what a disaster americans are

  7. Holy shite… I can't decide if I want to wail or throw up at this. It's both pathetic and depressing. Didn't these people even read one book for school, at least???

  8. NOVELS ARE FICTION!!! And how did they find so many people who don't read? Please tell me there was at least one person who had a real answer that they didn't include in the show.

  9. sita the warrior of mithila I just finished this right now I can say more books I read a lot if anyone is going to ask me that

  10. Kinda shows something that the guy with a foreign accent (Mr. Incredible) was the only one to come up with an answer

  11. Nothing. I don't believe in novels. I believe in real stories "God stories" and the best story is prophet (MOSES).
    I believe in The logic rational (numbers).fact 100%. Every time when you lose it ( loser/ lie) you explain this "bad luck" and when I pass you explain my pass" Accident! You the once believed in novel . Cuz your always losing you're self ?and you even know how to play chess!!! Chess need logic rational

  12. I'm more than you know ! The good question is ?! How long time we together! Me and you're people Freemason free hole !? 30 years! Up to know you can't read me and I always read you easy ! After all this you found cheap lie you call me MR novel !😭😂👍🏻no you wrong. I believe I can lead all of you pumpkin 🎃 ass.

  13. there is deferent between novels and spiritual. if you can't know the deferent between tow this ! you're really loser man.
    My spiritual really talent "bravo" .and all say that .

  14. America needs a better education system, honestly. Best industrialized country in the world, but it's people doesn't match.

  15. In the comments I'm seeing a lot of Stephen king and he is my favorite author so I have to say my favorite novel is not a king book surprisingly cause he's my favorite author actually it is all of Clive barkers work. Strange how I see king is my favorite author but all of Clive Barkers work is my number one novel weird am i

  16. I know they selected the few people that don't read to make a joke, but I would be interested in what people they found on the streets did like as their favorite novel

  17. OMG, how could it possible? Never read a book, what is wrong with American people? Literature is a basic thing of common education. It is degradation of nation… It is a tragedy… 🤔

  18. I don't read books… I know how to read but I just don't enjoy it. I know that a lot of people judge others for that or are embarrassed to admit it and some people genuinely don't care but it is what it is. I find books and novels a chore to plod through.

  19. I haven't read a good book in years. Feeling kinda bummy about that because I used to love reading.

  20. how does no one read I love to read so much I would not be able to say my favourite book because I have so many

  21. Why are they laughing? Is the question funny? If you read books, just calmly name your favorite novel. But if you are an ignorant fool, there is nothing funny about this, it is very sad.

  22. My favourite novel “A little Princess “ by Frances Hodgson Burnett I have read it probably 50 times since I was a child

  23. The Stand by Stephen King is a great American novel. Shady government conspiracies, global apocalyptic pandemic, dystopian landscape, incredible characters and some old fashioned good vs. evil. Love it! Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett is another fave, fascinating dive into all aspects of medieval life in England, and so well written, couldn't put either of these down.

  24. My favorite novel is "The fault in our stars" by John Green, it's amazing. Well, I also like "The back benchers" by Sidharth Oberoi

  25. Haha yah I’m jimmy kimmel and I’m so smart. I love going and making average working people look stupid on tv Hahaha I’m hilarious!!!! This is great for my self esteem!!!

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