for human beings, existential angst
stems from the fact that we are
creatures of meaning. We are creatures of purpose. We are creatures of myth. We want to feel like
there is a destiny to our like there is reason
why we’re here. And we’ve tried to address
this existential itch, this agitation, through the
creation of beautiful stories, beautiful myths. We’ve created narrative threads,
religions, systems of thought that have placed the body
mind in a larger context that have made us feel like
we are part of something greater than ourselves. This is hugely important. But what are we? Well, ultimately, when
you break it down, when you shatter the myths,
what are we left with? And I read a great quote
recently that said, that actually,
“we are dead stars looking back at ourselves.” And when you consider,
we look upon the heavens, we have the Hubble Space
Telescope blasting new tunnels between the mind,
and the other– as Ross Andersen says
— and we back right, and we are the remnants
of those stars that died. The periodic table of
the elements, all of it was manufactured in
the furnaces of stars. So we are dead stars
looking back at ourselves. I mean, this idea
is just astonishing. We are poetry. We are cosmic poetry. And if that’s not
enough of a story to help you get
up in the morning, then I don’t what it is.

89 thoughts on “WE ARE COSMIC POETRY

  1. Hi Jason, Once we have been broken down into our constituent elements does anything of the former influence the reality of the current or the future?
    Or is it just the knowledge of what we once were that changes our perception of ourselves?

  2. It is really nice fantasy that "we are cosmic poetry", but the fact about our life is that we nothing than an experiment in totally different medium. Although it is true from human beings presentation an excrement can not endure for 10000 years ( when for the first time the modern Hemosapiens started to inhabit this planet), but it is the same idea that Ecoli on a Petri dish or a mice in lab has. To be frank our fantasies or our believes abut our mission or our central dogma of our existence it is indisputably beyond our imaginations.

  3. The music used in Shots Of Awe is absolutely brilliant, always. Helps you feel more deeply every episode. Always choosing right!

  4. i am part of this poetry and i wish i never forget it, every morning when i wake up, i get out of bed, it is a new day, so much to see and be and live. going for a morning run, not pushing myself to some imaginary limit but time to be with and inside my body, how does it feel, is it aching is it burning, i love that moment when nothing else matter but the burns in my shoulders from breathing in and out while at the same time moving my hands. wow, we are dead stars looking back on out life. thats awesome

  5. It had been a while since I last got goosebumps after watching your video. but, this video managed to give me goosebumps throughout my entire body.

  6. Blast your highest feelings through your heart and reach places you cant even begin to understand.
    -for you also my man

  7. Is he saying …'We are the patriotic table of elements that were manufactured as fernesus (cores..) of stars….? Its collosal and entheogenic truth reflecting the dose of essencial. Fatal Genius broken symetry Ilumination. Damn Jason you lucky floater afterflow! We should have like Slams of Awe in public. Competion in Cosmic Poetry to three minutes. That would be fascinating journey all around the world. To goosebums and shivers our tears and thoughts!. Captain Kirk is on shrooms again….yea 🙂

  8. Seriously? this way of thinking won't get you anywhere.. describing religion as a myth is pretty much saying no to what will come afterwards, and what will come afterwards (after our death) is what matters most.

  9. How could we be dead stars and look back on our self? the stuff that makes us cant travel faster then light? or is it because of the expanding universe theory?. i know the basics but lets say you could trace all your atoms to a few stars would you be able to see them now just by looking deep? since ok its a telescope but the light that traveled to the telescope must have taken some time.. man im confused by this. i know we check the background radiation and stuff but.. some thing don't click with this one.

  10. the stars we, yesterday < the body< of all is here now and there yesterday, here now 🙂 from , within, the unchance <3 thanks for the massive manifest of your thoughts and vision <3

  11. All this is nice until I realize he has ads plastered on all his vids to get money. His motive to get up in the morning isn't the fact that we are dead stars, but to get money.

  12. the universe giving birth to itself. every living form is just another expression of the universe coming to know itself. We just feel like the threshold cuz we know what we know.

  13. That's all good and lovely but I don't want my existence to be finite and that's where my existential angst comes from. I already know and feel that we're the living dust of once stars, and we're amazing beings of love and possibility, poetry ourselves indeed, but an end. Why must it end. Why can't I dance and swirl endlessly. That's what makes me cry.

  14. I don't see us as dead stars looking back at ourselves. Maybe more like the offspring of stars. The culmination of their desires. Their seeds on the world of matter.
    I wouldn't see a son or daughter as a dead father looking back at himself.

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