hi guys so today's video is going to be ten ways that you can help support your favorite authors you of course don't have to do every single one of these things and some of these things you might already be doing but regardless I wanted to make a list of things that are always really helpful to authors if you absolutely love an author and you want to do everything you can obviously not everybody has the means to go out and buy that authors books but there are still lots of other things you can do it to show your support I'm gonna go through these pretty quick and I'm gonna start with the fact that it's always really really wonderful to request fan art you can always make artwork yourself of course and you can also always Commission artwork if you really really love a story I want to be guaranteed to get artwork made but if you don't have either of those options as options you can definitely request fan are a lot of times artists will actually ask the people that follow them what they want to see next so the next time that you see that think about what your favorite story is and try to request that another thing you can do is round up a lot of times reviewing systems don't allow for half stars even though a lot of people think half stars when they are rating books so if you are right in the middle and you feel something is three and a half stars four and a half stars and overall you enjoy the story consider bumping up rounding up instead of rounding down the next thing you can do is make recommendations this is a pretty obvious one and one that probably a lot of you already do but anytime that somebody online is asking for some book recommendations just go ahead and leave the recommendation for your favorite thing especially if the person you're following is somebody who has a decent influence if it's somebody who if they talk about a book that book is probably going to get a lot more attention definitely consider recommending your favorite books to those people the next time they ask the next one is to request the book requesting books at your local libraries goes a long way in helping out a book one is it counts as a purchase for the author so that's always a plus but on top of that it makes it accessible for people that maybe don't have the means to purchase the book themselves you can also request the book at your local book stores a lot of times when there's a demand for a book or if people constantly come in and are asking if they carry the book the bookstore is going to take and they're gonna go ahead and order some the next thing you can do is you can like and comment on other reviews that you feel accurately reflect your feelings toward the book that's more likely to put those at the top when people click on the book and they see the reviews those are gonna be the first ones they see this next ship is pretty obvious but consider if you really love a book rating and reviewing the book in any way that you can if you are only able to do it on your blog on your YouTube channel or on Goodreads or Amazon whatever you can do to let people know that you loved it is going to go a long way it's gonna do so much and letting other people know hey this book is really loved it sounds pretty awesome I want to check it out next tip is kind of almost the opposite of the other one and that is don't just review it anybody that has a blog or a really good books to Graham or YouTube channel a lot of times you know that people will contact you asking if you can review their book and while that's very nice and helpful for that person it is more helpful in a lot of ways to talk about the book in a book haul and TBR's or a lot of times just mentioning it in something like favorite reads of this month or some books that have really fast plots things like that because those kinds of videos tend to get more views than videos that are just a book review because a book review is usually somebody's already interested in that book whereas the other one you're letting people know about something they might not have heard about yet another great way to help an author is literally just mention them talk about them to your friends talk about them to family post about it on social media just talk about the book if you really really loved it then just talking about it as a lot of times how other people are going to be exposed to it next tip is to associate your favorite books with other very popular books not every book is Harry Potter or Laura the Rings there are a lot of books out there that people just don't know about so if you take a picture on books to Graham or if you tweet about something what you can do often to maybe catch people's attention is for books to graham you can take a picture of some of your favorite covers and clewd that book that you love alongside maybe a really popular book or do something along those lines that way people who follow the hashtag of maybe Harry Potter or they follow the hashtag of Sarah G mass or something like that something really really popular if they follow that hashtag then if they see that picture they'll also see the other book that maybe isn't as well-known the next step is to request merchandise this is kind of similar to request fan art but fan art is different in that anybody can see it and enjoy it and then have that image in their mind and be really excited about it whereas merchandise is something a lot of times that you own maybe it's a tote bag maybe it's a bookmark maybe it's a candle but there are so many wonderful Etsy shops out there and often they are looking to figure out what people want if a lot of people want something for a certain book then they're probably gonna make it because that means people are gonna buy it anyway that is it for ten different ways that you can help support your favorite authors and your favorite books let me know in the comments section what ways that I didn't mention that you think are really really helpful as always thanks so much for watching I hope you all have a great rest of your day and I'll see you all later


  1. I am going to try and get my local library to order your book as I have not had the means to purchase it myself, I do want to be able to read it I have been very excited about it.

  2. THESE ARE SUCH CREATIVE IDEAS!!! i like how it's not just "preorder their books" or "buy their books" haha. these are all things that everyone can do, regardless of financial situations! the part about putting their books together with another popular book so it shows up on that hashtag is SO SMART

  3. I started a bookstagram to not only get myself to read more but to also recommend books that I don't see often on booktube. My pictures aren't great (I'm trying) but I think reviewing a book and saying what I liked and what I didn't in relation to not just plot but writing and character development, really helps in the recommendation section.

  4. Tips on point, well thoughts ! Important topic for us bookworm that should get discussed more. I try to support the industry/authors the regular way, buying their stuff, recommending (harassing people). I think I can do more though, I particulary like the merch point and the "not so well known recs in relation" and the half rating upgrade is also a thing I'll do if I ever use a book related social media one day ! Thnx for giving me more hints !

    Ps: Did you watch the fullmetal alchemist brotherhood OAV ? (episodes bonus, there's 4 of them and more content is always better for such an incredible story. The one with hughes and mustang is absolutely amazing (I believe it's the fourth), the three others are great too (lot of funs for the one about Izumi their teacher in a Briggs's mountains flashback and after the credits how she met her husband lol)

  5. Go to your local bookstore and set other authors’ books on fire. People will then have to buy your favorite author’s titles, since nothing else will be left.

  6. I've never rated half stars because it's too hard to keep track of on goodreads since they only have whole stars but these tips are great! I love the fanart suggestion! you're calling me out on some of these lol

  7. Also apparently another thing that really helps is if you live in a non-English speaking country to buy the translated novel. Totally know (as someone who lives in Europe) that buying English novels are generally cheaper but apparently authors don't get much of it if you don't buy from the release country. Apparently authors get more royalty/money from translated novels. For example if I buy a English copy from an author they get less money than if I buy the translated Dutch novel. I totally know this isn't something everybody can do. In all honesty I don't even do it that much but I'm trying to do it more frequently. And libraries are also something that help authors.

  8. I think going to see them if they are touring is another good one. Or if they don’t tour near you, requesting it (of the publisher, the author usually has no control).

  9. I hadn't thought of some of these, but they're all really great! Being an active follower on an author's social media (liking, commenting, sharing, and such) could help their exposure on some platforms. 📚

  10. I see what you did here lol. Such great helpful ideas to help authors Elliot. Some of these things i naturally do; especially with my grandma & cousin cuz they read a lot. If i found something they like; ill tell them what the book consists of. Usually i show people the art cuz i feel that's a great way to peek their interest. If a book is really fun, ill post about it on social media & even make my own fan art. You recently told me buying the ebook supports authors better so i might start doing that even tho i prefer physical copy books. Anyways i wish you a lovely happy reading day 😊👍💜

  11. I’ve seen some bookish influencers make and share Spotify playlists for certain books or series. That’s a neat way to discover new books and new music.

  12. I don't use the 5 star system in its proper sense. I use the system as a threshold.

    I rate my books from 0 to 10 according to certain categories like setting, atmosphere, characters, writing, wroldbuilding, enjoyablility etc and their average gives me the score for the book. As such, my 5 star reads are between a score of 8.8 – 10, my 4 star reads between 7 and 8.7 and my 3 star reads between 5 and 6.9. When I finally manage to get to reading your book it will be rated according to this rating system.

  13. I’ve never really thought about some of these points, I’ll keep them mind. Forcing the books on your friends as “gifts” works too getting others hooked.. one at a time. ;P

  14. Wanna be true to my views with the rounding re stars. Some go up, others not so fortunate. I really support booktube though.

  15. Great list, my friends hate my as I will always talk and recommend Brandon Sanderson and some other great authors I love.

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