Wattics Formula Composer

welcome to Audax we are so excited to cover the innovative features of our new formula Composer tool the power and simplicity of the formula composer will bring your energy management to a totally new level from working on cumbersome spreadsheets to a fully flexible analysis of business and energy data at the click of a button making your reporting better quicker and easier to manage a great number of projects with a minimal effort this tool allows you to create formula based meters by doing operations and conditions across real meters data point and any numeric value in the top field you can type a formula and see the result of the calculation in the graph below you can also add real monitored points to the same graph from the left tree menu the right control panel allows you to change your chart type time view and your data granularity just like on our breakdown tab the chart is displayed dynamically and shows the changes made in the control panel you can download charts and files and various file formats by clicking in the top right corner also we can save it as a new data point and apply the calculation for the historical data that you select the new formula meter point will then become a real meter point that can be used across the waters platform such as for reports notifications alerts Sentinel trends breakdown saving performance and tracking it's time for a change to an advanced solution which allows your customers to see and understand the value of your work as an energy professional want to know more about the watt explan with the formula composer and our other 15 analytics tools VOC a free demo in the form below or drop us a line to info at watt XCOM right now if today is a busy day leave a request now and we will find a date which suits you thank you for watching

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