Wassily Kandinsky Short Biography

13 thoughts on “Wassily Kandinsky Short Biography

  1. Thank you for sharing your information. You summarized what I am learning in a photography class. Commenters helped you and I. Now, I/we know how to pronounce Kandinsky's first name and the correct composition number. More important, you are young and are already involved in art!!! I wish you a continued journey in art. Good Work!

  2. Thank you for this great video! I will show my grade 1 students before out art lesson tomorrow!

  3. This is a great research presentation. You pronounced a few things incorrectly, mainly the artist's name. He is Wassily, but it's a Russian name so the standard English pronunciation is not applicable. The "W", in this name is actually pronounced with a "V" sound, so the phonetic spelling of his name is Va-si-lee. Some english textbooks and even Museums spell his name with a V too, Vassily, but it's correct with a W. Also, the title Composition VI, is actually Composition 6, the VI, is a Roman Numeral… OTW, thanks for the quick Overview with interesting facts.

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