Was Michael Jackson murdered for his Publishing stake in Sony/ATV?

Elmas number one all over the world all over the world America is the only one because and I don't want to say too much but it's not number one in the United States conspiracy yeah I don't want to say too much I'm done I seems like everybody's better off and richer without Michael I've heard that a lot of folks say that Michael was worth more dead than alive it breaks my heart to hear this if you were in Michael's life would you still be alive today because I have to people with friends and I don't get to my phone me hello Rubirosa and I call the shots of T exactly what had happened I've got one that can see there are no limits but I understand in 2005 you were with him and actually took him to a hospital at one point correct yes that's right never sued the last week of the trial and when I got a call from Joe and a message from his mother that I needed to come out and just take a look at him because he was worried about his his demeanor when I get there I go to the trial from there we go back to Netherlands and he asked me to come upstairs and he grabbed me and and start crying say please don't leave me they're trying to kill me and I said when's the last time you ate he said no they're poison me I said what was the last time you drink water and and so one thing led to another so I have a friend of mine it has a huge machine in La of Bulova partyi care it's I said if you can bring this machine down Michaels agreed to get on it and they they clamp you and they squeeze you and it will print out everything and your body and the only thing that it printed out was he was extremely dehydrated nothing wrong with his heart nothing wrong with his lungs and so the next day after we left port I said I need to take you to a hospital he said no no they'll kill me and I said well let's do this let's let nobody know where we're going let me drive you up to San Francisco to a hospital that don't even know we coming he agreed to that and then I said look 20 miles away from here let's go to one of these hospitals and we went to the hospital and they examine him and at 5:30 a little bit before 6:00 they start intervening sleep putting liquid in him at 6 o'clock the next morning they would still put water in him and the doctor said to me had he waited 12 more hours he would have been data what's going through your mind when you're taken into a police station in handcuffs to have a mugshot taken that you know is going to be shown during they did it to try and belittle me to try to take away my pride but I went through the whole system with them and at the end I am I wanted the public to know that I was okay even though I was hurting what what happened when they arrested you what did they do to you they were supposed to go in and just check fingerprints and do the whole thing that they do when they take somebody in they manhandled me very roughly my shoulder is dislocated literally it's hurting me very badly I'm in pain all the time to disarm this as far as I can reach it same with this side over here because of what happened at the musician yeah at the police station and what they did to if you if you saw what they did to my arms it's very bad what they did he's very swollen I want to say but how does say you'll see we were given this photograph said to be taken after Michael Jackson was released on bail Jackson says the swelling above his wrists is where the police handcuffed him how did they do it I mean what physically what did they do with the handcuffs the way they tied them too tight behind my back yeah and putting it they put in a certain position knowing that it's going to hurt and affect my back now I can't move like excuse me from sleeping at night I can't sleep it like and Jackson says there was more one time I asked to use the restroom and they said she was right around the corner there once I went in the restroom they locked me in there for like 45 minutes that was due to a feces thrown all over the walls the floor the ceiling in a stunt so bad and one of the policemen came by the window and he made a sarcastic remark he said smell does it smell good enough for you in there how do you like the smell is it good and I just simply said it's alright now here's how clever they are well it came out with the wheel and his three children's name was misspelled huh so the day he was smooth had signed it such a fake no so fake well that's what I'm saying this is a 22 page document of all the acts he owned and alphabetical order then old Beatles stuff that in that jump chain look at headlines list of Sony / a TV music publishing artists Sony / 80 Music Publishing is a music publishing company co-owned by the estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Michael owned 50% of all country-western music he owned 63 percent Dolly Parton huh he owned 50% of Charlie pride he owned 50% a bob dunne just to read him some of the names he owned babyface Beyonce knows Eminem's boys 2 men Bon Jovi Brenda Lee Brian Harvey Bryan Wes Rick and lace bright eyes Brooks & Dunn and it goes on and on enough that's just the B's and if all this was sold today the state would probably get between 40 and 50 billion dollars when they killed it is simple Michael was killed at two o'clock in the morning from a lazy son and then four days later to go into the house and find his bloody shirt on my cousin I didn't understand is like 400 take it down now with the jewelry okay missing so why possibly have to get fitted here before to ease you out so does he come to New Works in Virginia which is called the CIA and now he's the police super or the URF Uncle Mo gangster hmm well minder saying was that he was gonna get the Beatles catalog he already had it huh okay he bought the Beatles cut off when his people told him don't buy he bought it for 48 million dollars when they killed him it was worth 2.5 billion huh I saw the check nigga Michael Jackson came one of the most powerful human beings in the world so he's in shoot 1.5 billion dollars this is Yoshio so insurance is on you not the rest of the people you and do brother did first responders you get that 10 o'clock he's out here oh he did cuz the call just come in so you trying to get a vein you don't even dance since two o'clock so now they tried everything now they're gonna get two different chemicals I can put it that's where the needle holes came from huh that's how clever they are the folks that's doing it don't know it they're trying to bring him I got me Lydia really sure that legal but that's what he came for that's what he came for okay ended old punk doctor hmm he know nothing about when he's on when he's on the nine one one they said was dead I don't know you know that this is the game the most powerful human being on the planet entertainer huh they say he killed he lost his license he surprised well it came out with the wheel his three children's name was misspelled huh so the day he was supposed ed signed it was a fake no so fake wheel so some fishy there I think I smelled smoke yep yes some black smoke something like smoke yes I want the truth and what do you think is the truth that there are other people involved in well well Michael told me before he passed he told me that he was afraid that he was going to die is heavy murdered he said he thought he would be murdered oh yeah he did he said that to me so homicide to murder as far as I'm concerned but problem is is that did it who would actually did manipulate this it might not be just one person well it's not one person you

35 thoughts on “Was Michael Jackson murdered for his Publishing stake in Sony/ATV?

  1. Joe would have protected him. I wish he'd let his Father in his life. Joe loved him, and he would have kept all those people from taking advantage of him away. …A shark can smell other sharks. Mike was no shark, he was a fish in the water.

  2. Evil will not reign before God. It just will not. Praise Him!!! God knows and has the truth. Wait For it. All will be and shall be exposed in Jesus. God's Glory where Michael is. He was a Great man with a Wonderful Heart. That sell will be revisited. Oh Yes It Will. The danger people put themselves in before God. He will not fail us. The conspiracies. Oh Lord!!! My Jesus!!! He danced his way into Heaven before The King Jesus. Michael was Blessed. Gifted of God!!!

  3. The reason why he told his sister and others that they were going to kill him is bc he not only could put two and two together all his life it’s bc he was highly sensitive, an intuitive empath who felt and knew what’s was coming. Bless your heart M.J…..


  5. All they did and still doing is trying to conceal what they really did to him. For this time with a contradictory mockumentory they're trying keep people stay away from seeking the truth by taking people's attention on such trash.so people would never want to seek what really happened to MJ coz they hv given people an "interesting" topic to talk about.and media also would never twisting shits despite he was found not guilty coz "worms dont want the wound to be healed". Thank you for making this video and for being a voice for this poor soul whom voice was almost shutdown by a mass conspiracy.Thank you and I really really appreciate this..

  6. Moral of the story if your music catalogue is worth millions and you start demanding your publishing… Sony or Universal or Warner will kill or frame you.

  7. With all these accessible news from social media nowadyas i am thankful. Gone are the days when mainstream media rules! Trying to manipulate peoples minds. Stop killing the good people with genuine goals to help others. Stop pls. Truly we must all unite. For MJ’s sake and the others who became sacrificial lambs for their devilish acts.

  8. We put in so much energy, thoughts & time towards our idols. We believe in the creature rather than our creator. We are becoming strangers to Christ but not strangers to pleasures.

  9. Micheal Jackson…Prince…George Micheal…all took their record companies to court..all end up dead…Strangest Thing😥

  10. Sony Corporation is a Japanese Company, but Sony Music is NOT, it owned by Jews Millionaires, just take a look on the list people who run Sony Music and ATV, the Japanese in Tokyo know nothing about this shit

  11. These two are bad liers n actors, n this shity mockumentary is done badly, n people still believe this shit? Unbelievable

  12. They build them up to watch them fall , being famous all your life with that amount of money and fame wouldn't be easy

  13. That poor man, you wouldn't treat a dog like that. Disgusted in the human race.
    MJ just needed a huge big hug, he looks so sad and all his sparkle has gone out of his eyes, really sad. 🙁
    People are cruel, absolutely cruel. 🤬

  14. 😢bless his heart he had a challenging life, but OMG he is the best most talented human being that ever lived.

    He was crucified by the lying tabloids and all those nonsense Mockumentarys.

    So dreadfully unfair.

  15. The real reason why they killed Michael Jackson because I'm leaving the music industry he was taking with him 50% of everything that Sony made or produced he was going to be a multi trillionaire that's why they killed him and the reason why they are slandering his name now because his family won't give up the rights to all his songs remember people it's all about the money nothing else

  16. this is Dick Gregory speaking over the graphics, check out various interviews with him, he knows alot n tells a great story.

  17. White Elites in the music and film industry them "BASTARDS JEWISH" Converts are Devils and Satanic. Michael should never have all them children in his house neither on his bed! And especially white kids. And Prince, Paris and Blanket are not Michael biological children #FACTS!

  18. Esau thinks he's an artist:  The first hit ordered on Michael was carried out by columnist Bernard Weintraub of the NY Times and Sony executive wife, Amy Pascal.  They both think they're artists.  She produces Marvel shit and he's doing plays.  Interestingly enough, his play is about poor rich white boys accused of sexually assaulting a black woman, "Above the Fold".  Remember the Duke Lacrosse case.  Both choices reveal Esau's deep commitment to white supremacy, as Spiderman is a Nazi symbol for murdering black people.

  19. Now they want to kill R kelly but first belittle him and drag his legacy in the dirt before the execution process begin to justify him in the public eye. The media, the government and the private sectors don't have the interest of anyone to protect but to control and power ride the people. I don't know how r kelly is going to escape sony becos a source in sony said he own his publishing which i believe and it looking like no BLACK MAN should be powerful or equal rich like them in america. Rkelly is purely innocent agaist the new charges but here we are media propaganda. Avenatti is not credible which mean it all lies no new VHS. I pray for R kelly. Michael Jackson, whitney houston, prince same execution report. Now r kelly God please save him.

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