WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT: 5 of the Most Extreme Harrowing Tribal Modifications

48 thoughts on “WARNING! GRAPHIC CONTENT: 5 of the Most Extreme Harrowing Tribal Modifications

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  2. Ive got a toothache after watching them sharpening teeth. These tribes were tough that did the body scarring had to be tough. I wonder if they had pain killers of some kind. 😳i bet there were major infections and even death for some. I bet nose plugs come back in style in this century. Lol.

  3. WTF?! Those White people are fucking crazy! Can you believe the weird shit they do? How is it they still exist? Why haven't they been put out of our misery already? Isn't it about time? Why are the rest of us allowing them to perpetuate their totally primitive existence?

  4. This in order of their gods or the ones from the skies who visited them- demonic entities or nephilim the hybrids who would’ve been in their midst millennia ago

  5. ma cazzo!!! mi chiedo,perchè solo le donne devono modificarsi corpo e viso?!?!
    sono ancora ai tempi della pietra!!!
    Luth Luther, AMO il tuo canale e lo sto pubblicizzando ai miei amici italiani!!!
    sei una grande!!!

  6. Para estas recontra primitivas tribus la circunsicion una costumbre barbara.y absurda es una practica cojuda. Estas costumbres estan mas alla de comentario. No hay calificativo para estas abominaciones…

  7. Luth, you put out the coolest weird videos on YouTube! I discovered your channel hours ago and I've been binge watching all of them! Keep up the great work!

  8. You always have interesting content and we love you channel for that!
    As far as all the body modification these people did and why they continually did it … I'll never understand ! I feel extremely bad for the people who had to do this just to please or attract members of their tribe . The suffering must have been unbearable ! Thank heavens a good portion of it is no longer practiced ANYMORE! Peace ☮️ N 💕

  9. You know until now, I thought the huge platter lips was a joke from the looney tunes cartoon reels. Lol.

  10. I personally think it creates more room for the brain to grow…. The bigger the brain…. It may develop people to think better. People may have forgotten why it was done. There were complex structures built prior to the advent of modern science. Maybe we should think before we criticiz.

  11. I wouldn't want to get into a fight with a lip like that, it'd only take 1 pull, your lip splits & you end up with a horseshoe moustache 😣

  12. I bet those lip plates started out as a way of keeping the women from talking too much Lol.

    Mursi man: "Wash my plate woman!"
    Mursi woman: "NO!"
    Mursi man: "What did you say? Did you just talk back to me? Come here! If you ain't gonna wash it, I'll make you eat i- hey, you know what? This looks really good on you, It really brings out your eyes.
    Mursi woman: ……….
    Mursi man: 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  13. the only one I just don't get is that big horrible lip augmentation, others can look nice but for what reason do you want a dinner plate in your lip but then again look at our world of fucked up plastic surgery

  14. Btw, the word "messiah" comes from the Egyptian "messeh", meaning "anointed one", and back then in Egypt, they were anointed with oil. Crocodile fat oil. Go figure..

  15. Re. the reptilian ritual scarification, and imitation of crocodiles/gators; they were likely, as with the head binding, attempting imitation of reptoid alien humanoid beings they saw. They likely were amazed by the draco intelligence and super human physical stregnth.

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