hey guys so in this video I want to talk to you about the three top mistakes I see when people are writing a Warhammer 40k army list so I'm Stephen Vanguard tactics and it's my mission to help you become a better 40k player so let's dive into these top three mistakes number one mistake I see from people are writing a list is that they try and put in too many battalions too many things to basically get them command points but what they're failing to realize is that they don't have the powerful units to really maximize that potential so yes you might be starting off with 20 command points but if you've only got fire warriors to use them it's not really gonna be particularly effective so what I would kind of advise you to do is make sure you plan out the stratagems that you want to use and how many times you want to use them realistically so yes it might be your idea to shoot your obliterators twice every single turn for six terms of the game but in reality you're probably not going to need to because you might have had them in deep strike so they might not come down till turn two or three they might die after two turns so therefore you're not going to need 12 CPS put aside to fire twice with your obliterators maybe four is enough and then that allows you to pair in other more powerful strategies for when you do do that just make sure that in your list you've got plenty of powerful units and the command points just to keep them running as hot as you possibly can now you're not going to be able to cover all of them so you need to pick and choose the second mistake I see people make when it comes to writing a list is that they put in too many buffing units and this is very similar to having too many command points they're running too many captains or lieutenant so whatever it might be four plus ones to hit or rerolls and they're trying to buff up too many units and across the game actually well they realizes that they should have spent more points on actual weapons or units that can destroy us or can hold objectives rather than just buffing characters you can have so many psychic powers on the table to buffle your unit but if none of them are really very powerful because you've spent all the pot all the points on the buffing units then you're not really going to achieve much for example you might go down the outer route in half for example or stratagem so that your Guardians hit on two so that they re roll misses so that they rear off our wounds so that they get a minus one to their AP of their weapon but they can only shoot things within 12 inches so that might only happen once in because they're so fragile they'll probably die the turn after so you just want to make sure that the buffs that you're putting onto a unit are just enough to get the job done that you intended them for so again what you need to make sure that you're doing is allocating a task to each of your units and making sure that they're effectively carrying them out every single game mistake number three I see people make is a list tailored to beat their friend and this is something that I see all the time they are so used to playing it you know a certain few select people have their club or maybe their best friend and what they're not doing is thinking about the wider meta okay so they're not understanding what else is out there that they might need to face so if you're just used to playing against gunmen gun line every single week and you've created a list to be that well when you play four nights or when you play 120 plague bearers the game's going to be very very different so you're the selection of units needs to change you cannot just go for what you think wins you every single tournament at your club you need to be thinking much wider than that so a mistake number four now this is a bonus one and this is something that I'm going to cover in more detail on the mentoring ship program so in that mistake is going to be not tailoring a list to the mission pack so there are so many different ones and on that mentorship I'd go into so much more detail on how you actually construct a list and avoiding all of the mistakes that we've then made so far so mistake number one too many CPS mistake number two too many buffs so and mistake number three a table of licious to beat your friend what we go on to on the mentorship is actually how do you design the perfect list for you with the units that you've got the method that you play in and you know how do you tailor around the mission packing what should that look like going through it but from you know right from HQ to heavy support to Lords of water taps months and really going into it so a point where you know exactly what everything needs to do so I hope this video helped if you did like it give it a thumbs up and if you're interested in the mentorship program that VT run then all you need to do is check out the link below


  1. Why I quit 40k. The competitive community is rife. No painting. Just glue the flavour of the month and bollocks to the lore. That took 30 years to write. But why respect other people’s work right? I have no doubt the “it’s my money” privileged westerner answer coming.

  2. I go three and two, and one of those two I am always kicking myself about the little mistakes I make that cost me the game. Gonna have to sign up with ya mate. There is always one game that I felt I lost as soon as I showed up to the table. Gotta get to 4-1 though.

  3. This was good thx, as a newbe that are interested in starting looking a bit at the competative side of the game, this is awesome 🤘🏻 😊

  4. Like it better for no one to tailor list for tournaments just make a list and go hope for best that way everyone on a even keel

  5. IMHO the first two "mistakes" are something every DW player rightfully does, and I feel it is not a mistake for him.
    DW is a CP hungry army and since the meta still evolves around knights (either imperial or chaotic) doctrines are a must have as often as possible in the first two rounds (especially the malleus doctrine to wound vehicles), where you still have the majority of your army at your disposal, so you can have +1 to wound with as many models as possible. If the enemy has another unit that needs to be taken out quickly, one that falls on another category than the doctrine already used, it would be a good idea to have its respective doctrine put to use as well. Each of the doctrines costs 2 CP, which is something that may seem little at first but can cause shortage in no time. Another thing to note here is that the backbone of DW are the troops, which is what a battalion focuses on the most, so another plus on that side.
    Second, the most decent HQ units DW has is the Watch Master (a buffing unit) and the Watch Captain (also a buffing unit). Librarians offer very little synergy, their powers are mediocre (with the exeption of Null Zone which by itself is very far fetched to make it work) and chaplains are irrelevant, since melee for DW is decent, it is but not where the chapter shines
    So, in the case of the MiB, these two wrongs here actually make a right.

  6. Biggest mistake… Buying and playing units you don't really like just so you can fit in with the current tournament scene meta.

  7. Nice video agree with points 3-4 and to a certain extent point 2 but disagree on point 1 cps are king I'm not saying double brigade for trolling but too many players run with too few cps so they can't make a reroll or a key strat even lists like tau need to be starting at 10 plus on most of there's are 1 cp if you get to turn 3 and your opponent is dead great but you'd be surprised at how many times people are ran out and think if only I could use this strat or reroll this charge

  8. I’m 99% sure you’re already aware of this but I just wanted to highlight that the only reason I watched the video is because of the sexy arms in the thumbnail.

    Great vid also though.

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