Wale – The Matrimony (Lyrics)

27 thoughts on “Wale – The Matrimony (Lyrics)

  1. When your man says he's ready to marry you more then ever 2 months before your wedding day. ❤ I fucking love him so much like I can't wait to marry him. 21 & 28. 😘

  2. Lol this took me back when I was eleven years old now im sixteen turning seventeen in December wow time goes by and the older I get I will always remember this song because at the time I was with my boyfriend and this the song me and him made gay love lol then he broke my heart with a sidechick!

  3. My flower girls walked down the aisle to this song. Great job to wale and usher for creating music for all couples to express their feelings for one another.

  4. can't think of any song apart from this..i relate to it in every way..my all time number 1..love it to bits

  5. this song my breakfast in da morning .. just sum reassurance that there's someone out there for me ❤ and love still exist

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