"Waitress" – LJP on HBO Def Poetry

Eastside Jessie Peter Cindy where are you from she will be asked this question all her life her beauty was deeply ancient her spirit was so full turbulent black and wild she acts like she was bred from a runaway you know that harriet tubman type of DNA with a hint of nat turner marinating on the back burner please don't turn up that flame she used to be teased for being thin and long but now those days are gone with her loose kinky dandelion curls her deep mocha skin lips ashed like an egyptian queen she ain't need no mirror to put her lipstick on she stopped him in her tracks each and every day but especially on her job excuse me miss but where you from making her juggler throb she was forced to bite her tongue because a long answer to where she's from would mean she wouldn't have a job you see there should be posted a sign for stupid scallywags to read before they dime please don't ask the beautiful niggas where she's from it will spoil your dining experience hi good evening tonight we have two specials for an appetizer we have grilled portobello mushroom salad topped with where my from Philadelphia for an appetizer we have grilled portobello mushroom salad topped with my parents Philadelphia for an appetizer we have grilled portobello mushroom salad topped with my grandparents from oh you mean oh what tribe in Africa where did I originate on shoe chahbahar ah new cop whaaaat nuke Mistura nuke Bangkok tundra my soul is God my soul is eternity I come forth from heaven I sit down with the divine face of spirit triumphant in peace i am the lord is pure coming forth of my radiant shining of my divinity i am the pure one i am the woman who lighted the darkness i have overthrown the destroyers and even that's just part of my equation you see the unseen side of my alchemy womb sight is whispered in the wind trees no dolphin remember and if you're privy to meet and greet the guardian of Akashic files who happens to be an amazing cosmic art historian she'll direct you to the square-root groove of my funk and even still you must transcendentally transmute yourself from yourself subtract your mind from your mind three times add nine Balfe rise to the left sleep on the beach to get a hint of Who I am I think therefore you are because I am don't let this apron fool you excuse me whoo click it on get the money pokerface pokerface pokerface hi thank you

28 thoughts on “"Waitress" – LJP on HBO Def Poetry

  1. The depth. I didn't appreciate it when I first saw this year's ago. Much appreciated now. Thank you queen.

  2. So funny how most comments are exactly the ones that irritate her. All those epitaphs about her etched lips her curls her exotic looks. Things she heard about herself as a model. She is from Philadelpia. Where she originates from? According to her beliefs; same place where you come from. But even I am not privy to those divine truths. She is. But she doesn't want to spoil your dinner.

  3. Too dope!!!!
    I had this ladies
    one time tell me excuse me sir.
    Where are you from
    I said I was born in America
    they said where are parents from I said El Salvador…..
    This bitches said wow the way you carry your self is regal.

  4. She don't sound or look like she is from the USA so I don't understand wtf she mad about. She just comes off as whiny and annoying.

  5. I could see why people would ask her that question…she has kind of a little oriental / native american hint to her features.

    I could also see how that would become annoying to have to answer that question over and over, but if I were her I'd learn to take it as a compliment because the only reason they're asking is because she is so pretty.

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