Vybz Kartel – The Lyricist Lyrics

45 thoughts on “Vybz Kartel – The Lyricist Lyrics

  1. Don VK is the equivalent of Einstein in the musical industry …. A real polymath who can murder any beat with lyrics, flow, style n melody. Respect Kartel he is the GOAT of dancehall …. not my opinion but a fact !!!

  2. "The way mi brain fertile, america wah invade an drill for oil here " This nigga vybz kartel is soo lyrical damn hes lyrically the best point blank

  3. Me ago say me nobrate kartel as a person but when u hear chune like this i cant but admit that the man SEEEEEEEEEK

  4. the best thing eva dem time dancehall did hot now a just batty dem new artits a talk bout and the teacha nuh deal with batty

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