Vybz Kartel – Teacher (Lyricist Part 2) – May 2011

27 thoughts on “Vybz Kartel – Teacher (Lyricist Part 2) – May 2011

  1. Mvp should sit down because none of dem not into kartel haha one love in the music but am very musical racist gaza haha

  2. Remix : step to girl be like good day sweaty let me be ur candy yes am sweet no sugar added let me get to the point no pen needed; but take a pencil write me number down yes later lets go on a date not the month but yes today October; ok said she have a man so me say so the similarities between me and him with me I give u 100 percent assurance and reliance let me pick u later in the benz and surly ur man will be on the bench cause me a di main striker now haha haha ooooouh; mhm mhm

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