Voice of Supertramp Roger Hodgson, Writer and Composer – School

43 thoughts on “Voice of Supertramp Roger Hodgson, Writer and Composer – School

  1. Not 1979 at all. FCUKing crap without the other members. False advertising by Youtube. Roder Hodson on his his own is not the same. Other Band Members Made the differance.

  2. Lástima que quitaron el concierto en vivo de Supertramp en Paris, Supertramp no sólo era Roger Hodgson, eran Rick Davis y el resto de la banda-

  3. Obviously some dispute between Supertramp and Hodgson. Original band was not all about him. I would prefer to see original line-up. Don't get me wrong I love Roger but far preferred him with Supertramp (who I believe are still performing).

  4. que bueno escuchar esto¡¡¡ Estoy cansado de tanta mierda de la musica nueva de mierda quer hay¡¡

  5. This is my opportunity to express my feelings to You tube. I hate you because what a beautiful thing you have dismissed. How dare you. Life is dying all around us. Isn’t it? How dare you. Please, help us all, help us keep the dream alive xxxxx

  6. Ah, the breakfast tour(from which Paris was born) I was a 21 year old watching, enjoying the show in the Deutschland Halle, BERLIN November 5th 1979. I still have the ticket, and again at the Earls court Arena, London July 1st 1983. Bloody marvelous.

  7. It freeking sucks that we cannot view actual footage of a Supertramp show.

    Would love to Rudy once again with that giant screen in the background.
    One of the best shows I have seen

  8. Crime of the Century. Number 1 on my list of greatest albums of all time. I've worn out 3 vinyl copies in my time. The vinyl version of School has a sub-harmonic to the intro that was lost on the digital version.

  9. I was born the same year as Roger, lived the dream, and loved /love the life,, my son (45) has inherited my love of brilliant music ,, loving Supertramp, Queen,EL O, etc etc proper music,, even little kids of today who are true music lovers love this era,, it is unsurpassed!! I still have all the LPs on original Vinyl. Charles Roger Pomfret Hodgson,keep up the good work.

  10. Wonderful song, do not forget that the incredible piano solo was written by Rick Davies of Supertramp

  11. I have purchased every wrong copy of Supertramp Paris Live and turns out not be the amazing version from '79. A version I played often, working overnight, drafting designs for buildings, full of inspiration. I thank you for great memories and wonder where I might find that copy? It had an amazing repartee with the crowd and that version of "Fool's Overture" is magical.

  12. Alert, this concert is not Live in Paris in 1979,  compare the face of Roger Hodgson vs his birth date. no match at all. Plus other details, the Harmonic guy, was not playing in such concert either. I am delusional, please do not pay attention. Aloha.

  13. this is the first time I have listened to this song outside of the Supertramp "Paris" album – saved to favourites !!

  14. Lyrics ~ http://www.rogerhodgson.com/lyrics/clschool.html

    Subscribe to Roger's channel for new live videos, interviews, backstage/tour footage and more!


  15. no no no . Ce n'est pas Supertramp. Ce n'est que Roger Hodgson. Pourquoi ne peut-on pas écouter Supertramp ???

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