1. Video reaction much more pleasant, less interruptions we couldn’t share with you it’s different Nightwitch tracks.

    Thank you.

  2. Floor is Bruce Dickinson of Symphonic Metal. Floor is made for Nightwish just like Bruce for Maiden. And what can I say on Tarja's set … So… this is only that she is a pseudo-opera singer who came to the rock scene to show off with her academic vocals. But
    she does not deserve a place among metalheads. I was very disappointed when I heard the Tarja's live album "ACT 2", where she uses 40% of the backing vocals, as well as a double-track. No respect for the fans and for herself.

  3. I may not be able to understand what you are saying music is the international language. Your expressions told me as much as words would. Nightwish is amazing. Great reaction my friends!

  4. Symphonic Metal…..please Therion…eles influenciaram Nightwish, Epica, Within Temptation e muitas outras.
    Poderiam reagir ao Live Gothic : The Blood of Kingu, Ginnugagap, Son of the Staves of Time….e tb a fase de 2001 e 2004. 😉

  5. Uhuul videos brasileiros sobre Nightwish, meta: isso virar moda no Brasil.
    Com a queda do PT a putaria sonora(funk carioca) tende a cair tambem.

  6. I LOVE that you made the connection between Iron Maiden's Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Nightwish's longer songs! 🙂 Iron Maiden wasn't the first rock band to add tempo changes and breaks to their songs, but it's a signature of the band and Iron Maiden made it popular in metal for bands like Metallica.

  7. I think this song is one of their best! Thanks for reacting and giving some technical info.
    Could you do a reaction to Dir en grey (Japanese metalband) with their fantastic singer Kyo? His range is amazing, from grunts to very high vocals. Could you react to the song Rinkaku? https://youtu.be/F8ofitxZM7c

  8. Eu vi disco do Nightwish bem no começo da banda, a tarja desafinou muito, não sei como ela está agora. Eu prefiro essa cantora.

  9. Once again great reaction, was really enjoyable to see especially in herr facial expressions how she became captivated by the song 🙂

  10. I have two months that i discover Floor and #floorgasm, i cried when I heard this, and now i can't stop listen to Nightwish, After Forever, ReVamp and Northward, very great your reactions, greetings

  11. Did not understand a single word you said… but I dont need to…
    The range in her voice, the synchronised band, the classical/metal mixture, the genius of the composer, the epicness of the show and this is really good.

    Am I right?

  12. Anette Olzon sang this song first – very much a pop rock voice. Floor brings the operatics and rock voice which cannot be matched. Your reaction was wonderful to watch! Thank you!

  13. Great reaction! By the way, Steve Harris from Iron Maiden loves nightwish.. .

    The legendary Steve Harris reveals his deep and ongoing passion for the symphonic metallers.

    “When I heard [2007’s] Dark Passion Play, I couldn’t believe it. I thought, ‘Now, this is a proper effing album.' It's got everything bar the kitchen sink in there. It was controversial because of the new singer [Anette Olzon], but she was brilliant. No disrespect to Tarja, but Anette’s voice suited them a lot better. There’s heavy stuff, classical, even a bit of Disney – all kinds of shit in there. I think it’s one of the best-sounding albums I’ve ever heard in my life.

    “Then I got the next one, [2011’s] Imaginaerum. Storytime is a fantastic, instant song. The rest of the album took me a while to get into. Dark Passion Play was so good, I thought there was no way they could ever come up with an album that’s anywhere near that, but the more I got into Imaginaerum, the more I loved it.

  14. Dêem uma conferida em alguma música do northward(projeto paralelo da Floor), trillium(é da Amanda Sommerville), Diablo swing orchestra(é Avant Garde, com folk, vocais clássicos… Estranhamente bom) é uma análise dos vocais da pink cantando bohemian Rhapsody (ao vivo na Austrália)

  15. Mietin tässä vaan, kai laulunopettajan pitäisi erottaa lapsikuoron laulajan ääni Floorin äänestä?

  16. Great reaction guys, i think it's Floors versatility that really makes her the ultimate NightWish singer – Tarja was brilliant, at one thing, Annette brought some poppy sensibilities to the band while Floor can do everything which means the band can add new textures and colour to their sound, safe in the knowledge that Floor will nail anything that's asked of her 🤘

  17. Couldn't have said it all better myself. Wonderful reaction and analysis as usual to one of my favorite songs.

  18. Haha at around 14:15 your wife completely lost it, in total shock at least her face looks like it 😀

    Now you have to look up the story behind the song, and then you will cry like a baby when you see Tuomas start singing at the end and the other 2 guys stand next to him to support him 😀

  19. thank you for this..

    there is a vid of this same live performance with lyric on screen.. i think that wouldve helped get the actual meaning of the track..

    but as always you have genuine reactions so this is a thumbs up

  20. A primeira parte da música é a voz de uma criança, não é a Floor.
    O mesmo para as partes faladas da música.
    Esta música é baseada no livro de Edgar Allan Poe " The Pit and the Pendulum" mas acima de tudo, essa música conta a história da depressão que abateu Tuomas, teclista e génio por trás de 90%das músicas dos Nightwish.
    Depressão que surgiu após a banda demitir Tarja em 2005.
    Prestem atenção na letra e vão entender.
    Originalmente, a vocalista que gravou essa música, foi a Annette, no seu primeiro álbum, primeiro álbum pós Tarja, "Dark Passion Play".
    Um abraço de um irmão português.

  21. Make reaction of Floor from earlier years. For example unpluged version of After Forever song:
    Floor Jansen & RLSQ – Energize Me [Live @ Podium: Uitmarkt, 2009]

  22. Since you already know how good Floor is i would like you to take a look at the band Within Temptation with very talented and beautiful Sharon den Adel. They are a female fronted symphonic metal band like Nightwish and started roughly at the time. Although you will not be able to hear it she is selftought but incredible live. A great song to get you started would be "The promise" from their live Black Symphony concert where they were supported by a full symphonic orchestra and choir. here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39k1IQoeLAU

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