Visual Novel Maker Tutorial – Custom Expressions – Episode 13

how's it going everybody this is cloud night from night vill Entertainment here and in this episode episode 13 we're going to go over custom expressions and how to add and input your own expressions now the game for the most part comes with a bunch of expressions I'm already able for you to use but if you want to just create your own and just you know for your inputted characters this is how you're going to do it so let's go into it right now so first thing you're going to want to do is have is go into the collection the resource manager tab collect click the characters graphics go and find the character you like me it's always ace and export whatever you know expression you want to export it to the desktop once you do that get ready for whatever expression you have or say you already have the expression you can skip this step I'm just going to show you how I'm going to do it and then huh and then just you can follow along after I get it done so then you're gonna go into Photoshop assuming if you already have your expression your custom made expression then you don't you can skip this step so I'm going to use the ace normal and then I'm going to use an emoji scared emoji for my expression and I'm just going to just make it nice there we go that looks good and just click place so now I have emoji scared for my character I'm just going to merge it down and I'm going to just export it just like that export as just click export and I'm just gonna call it a state emoji scared okay now that it's exported we can get rid of Photoshop No and that so now that you have your a custom expression into the thing and it saved into your computer go to graphics characters go to the character you used or if you imported a character go to that and import your new custom expression in case it's a emoji scared and then what you're going to do is just close out of that go into the collections tab under character expressions find your character again I used a state and you're gonna create a new prefab inside the thing a new prefab a new record whatever you guys want to call it and in this record I'm just gonna call it emoji and then I'm going to add the expression of what I chose to do right here and then you're just gonna save it and then we're going to go into the scene we're gonna create a new scene I'm gonna call this custom expressions and then I'm just going to do just gonna type in join scene have cloud cloud join and then we're just gonna have to show message hi I did then we're just going to give that cloud and we're going to change the expression to ace date emoji scared and there you go and this was a quick tutorial on how to add custom expressions but it was requested and I figured since it was so easy to do I just wanted to get this one out the way cuz I want to support you guys cuz you guys are supporting me so I'm cloud night from night ville entertainment thanks for watching me hit that subscribe button to stay up to date on everything night ville entertainment and visual novels tutorial series I'll see you guys in the next video god bless and peace

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  1. I follow the tutorial but expressions doesnt Change in Message! Only change with command change expressions. Help please.

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