Visual Novel Maker Teaser Trailer

Gunitain ang iyong mga pangarap Bigyang buhay ang mga nakakatindig na mga storya… Madali, Flexible at Mabisa
Pwedeng gumamit ng Live2D Isagunita, Ilikha, Ibahagi
Darating itong 2016

41 thoughts on “Visual Novel Maker Teaser Trailer

  1. The last day i was thinking on something like this, good thing this are going to come in, and the live2d support is going to make it even better!

  2. This should be interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how this compares to Ren'Py and Tyranno Builder.

  3. The only thing this can have that other VN makers don't is free recurses, now it's only questionable how much of them it has.

  4. Renpy = All scripting
    TyranoBuilder = Useless
    CloudNovel = Online, and can't export
    Novelty = antidiluvian GUI
    VNM = Please…let this be the one (T_T)

  5. Any good artists here? me and my friends are deving a vis novel/rpg maker game and we need an artist for characters. Anyone interested?

  6. this is perfect, do you know how long I've been searching for a vn maker like this? ages. that's the answer, ages I have searched and finally, I found a free one, I'm gonna make one about a teenage girl who has a dark secret, like, really dark, as in demonic dark

  7. Please tell me this maker will be free or else I will flip my table.
    I'm pretty broke, please don't kill me

  8. This video says coming in 2016. Its 2017… Steam says 2017… 2017 is halfway through… Maybe early 2018 or late 2017? Please?

  9. ooooooooooohhhhhhh whats this

    realises its not for free


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