Visual Light Novel: Shadows on the Azure – Scene 3: Ambush – Action Fantasy Adventure

Shadows on the Azure is a fantasy based Audio E-book which in its entirety will be free on youtube, uploaded in multiple parts. So sit back, relax and enjoy the story. (free fantasy action adventure audio ebook, fantasy manga style) The heroes were resting for the night from a long day of travelling. Moonlight which shined in to the cave’s entrance slowly faded as the clouds were moving towards the mountain. Dhaos was staring at the bonfire, as if he was seduced by the uncontrollable behavior of the flame. Nephenee couldn’t get any sleep and glanced at the dark void behind her, a tunnel leading deeper into the mountain. Nephenee: ”That dark area creeps me out, as if something lurks in there”. Dhaos: ”Don’t worry about that part. I would rather be more concerned about the entrance, it’s the size of a dragons head. Besides a crazy shedim grizzly could step trough tit and attack us”. Nephenee: ”You’re not helping out. Ehm… do they live around here?”. Dhaos: ”Hmm, dragons have to eat something right? Were lucky that we didn’t encounter creepy monsters up till now. Honestly, I never read anything about monsters lurking in this realm”.Nephenee: ”Maybe because it was civilized back then? And now the overgrown wild life is slowly inhabiting with more complex and dangerous creatures?”. Nephenee: ”Maybe because it was civilized back then? And now the overgrown wild life is slowly inhabiting with more complex and dangerous creatures?”. Dhaos glanced at her: ”Yeah could be, we don’t see much of the ancient structures as well and if we do it’s destroyed. Oh? Hey that’s cool!”. He pointed at something behind her. Nephenee: ”What is it?”. Dhaos: ”I see two glowing spheres behind you. I think they are fireflies. Oh wait, they are a bit large… isn’t that?”. Nepheene felt a cold sensation going through her spine. Dhaos had a serious expression and his tone was low and soft: ”Nephenee don’t move an inch, its right behind you”. She froze with tensed muscles. He put a hand before his mouth: ”It’s going to get you, watch out!” Nephenee jumped up and made a squeaking sound while she tumbled. She crawled on the floor towards her brother: ”Dhaos help! it grabbed me!”. Dhaos was rolling on the floor and laughing out loud, banging his fist on the ground: ”You should have seen your face, priceless!”. Nephenee: ”WHAT it was fake!? YOU STUPID JERK!”. She threw a stone at his head. Dhaos: ”Ouch! Sjeez, Dont throw a freakin stone! Arg that hurts”. Nephenee: ”NEVER scare me like that! What you did was much worse, I could have got a heart attack! And now for sure I can’t sleep!”. Dhaos: ”Hmmmm. There’s nothing in the tunnel Nephenee, just get some rest”. Nephenee replied with a sarcastic tone: ”Yeah right, if you’re such a hero check it out and show me there’s nothing”. Dhaos stood up: ”Ok. If there is something, can’t be worst then two days ago, right?”. Nephenhee: ”Heck no! I ain’t going further!”. Dhaos: ”You asked for my help and that I should go check it out, not the other way around. Just stay here”. Nephenee: ”I will!”. Dhaos took a torch and lit it at the bonfire: ”Good just keep the fire going and if you have nothing better to do, just use your communication spell to check if I am still alive. If I don’t respond, then I passed away. But I don’t have to tell you that”. Nephenee: ”I wasn’t serious… why are you going to explore in the middle of the night?”. Dhaos: ”Your scaredy cat expression reminded me of something I read in the past. Just want to check out some stuff. Besides, if it was daytime the cave wouldn’t lit up all of a sudden. Oh btw take care of the magic tent and stuff when I’m gone. Oh and another thing, take care of the possible shedim bears while you’re at it”. Dhaos walked into the darkness while he made a departing gesture. Nephenee: ”W-wait”. Dhaos ignored it and walked in further. Dhaos: *Ok its really dark in here, could have used her whisp magic. Hmm shall I make one last joke just for the kicks? Hehe, tempting!*. The light of Dhaos his torch faded before Nephenee’s eyes. She looked at the entrance and notices the rain coupled with some flashing thunder strikes. She stretched her arms and rested on her sleeping bag while she watched the caves ceiling: *Couldn’t imagine traveling with all this stuff if they didn’t fit into a small feathered bag. I feel sorry for common folk who don’t have these magic items*. Nephenee closed her eyes for a while: *What was that idiot talking about? Checking out stuff? What the heck does that suppose to mean? And what is he doing now making all that noise? He is so irr- wait!?*. She opened her eyes and looked around. While she wasn’t paying full attention, she couldn’t grasp what type of sound came from the direction of the dark tunnel. However it stopped abruptly. She listened with care and could only hear the storm outside. Nephenee: *Is it Dhaos or did I imagine it? Is this prank?*. Nephenee felt a chill through her spine and she had ghoosebumbs all over her arms: ”Dhaos? No jokes this time, if I see something moving I’ll shoot without hesitation. I… I am dead serious, no jokes”. There was no response. Nephenee silently grabbed her crossbow and looked around but couldn’t see anything suspicious. She decided to use her communication spell so she could connect with Dhaos. She closed her eyes and started to cast. . In her mind’s eye she fully focused on him, searching for his presence. In full concentration she felt a small signal: *Ok there he is. Now all I need to do is synchronize with his tiny magic energy. Yes, that will do it! Holy mother of light! What’s that thing!?*. After linking she could see through Dhaos his eyes, however only if hers remained closed. In the meantime Dhaos dodged an enormous claw which launched from out of the shadows. The four yellow glowing eyes lurking in the darkness would startle many, however Dhaos was in full throttle trying to escape. He tripped over a small stone, dropping his torch. Dhaos: *Shit I am screwed. Dhaos watch out! Wait what?*. Another claw rushed out of the void and as a reflex Dhaos pierced his halberd forward. He was awarded with a splash of blood on his limbs as he barley blocked the direct hit. Nephenee: *Dhaos throw your sword at its eyes and immediately escape! Nephenee? I thoug-. Focus!*. He grabbed his sword which was attached to his waist through a chain and threw it at the beast. It reacted towards the immediate threat and pulled away its claw to intercept. Dhaos: *Atleast Destroya’s collar was good for something*. Dhaos quickly stood up and sprinted in the opposite direction, however he noticed that the chain was extending at a high pace: *I think it grabbed my sw-*. Suddenly he got pulled backwards and fell: *I take it back, how do I control this stupid thing!?*. He used his halberd to anchor himself. Nephenee: *Dhaos just feel the magic energy from the collar and use your mind’s eye to control it! What the heck are you talking about? Feel a piece of equipment!?*. With all his might he pulled on the chain. His hands burned from the friction while he slowly felt loosing the power struggle. Suddenly he managed to succeed. Dhaos jumped up and started to run further into the tunnel: ”Stupid chains come over here!”. His frustration helped him to retract the sword back in his hand. Nephenee: *Great! at least it’s a start. I don’t have time for this now!* He ran through the dark tunnels while the monster chased his trail. Dhaos: *When does this end!? I need your light magic I can’t see anything! Wait, I’ll try something!*. Nephenee tried to expand her magic power by casting over distance but resulted in casting a small whisp, acting as a floating light source, near her. Then she tried to mentally leave Dhaos his body to somehow act as a light source, but she couldn’t figure out how to do this. The last thing she tried was to take control of Dhaos his body to perform magic. Ultimately she failed and the only thing she did noticed was her enhanced form of experiencing his senses. Nephenee: ”Your heart rate is sky high! IS that what you came up with!? C’mon be usefull! No I… I do smell rain and… I also notice a slight breeze coming from your direction. You should be at an opening soon, just hold on a bit longer! Still doesn’t help me get more vision!*. Dhaos ran as fast as he could and noticed a reflection of light at the end of the tunnel. Even though it was dim, shapes of trees were noticeable in contrast to their blue-voilet background. He ran out of the cave, past a couple of trees into something which looked like a forest. Short after the monster erupted from the tunnel as well. Nephenee: What is this place? Not now!”. Dhaos kept running but heard an immense roar behind him followed by a strange sound. Suddenly he heard a huge object smacking somewhere further in front of him, the ground was shaking due to the collision. Dhaos: *Its already there!?*. Dhaos turned to his right side and started running as fast as he could through the semi dense forest. Nephenee: ”To your left is a tall tower, maybe a hiding spot? What!? That monster is on my left. I don’t hear it coming closer. How do you know!? I have full control over your senses, just go for it. I hope your right!”. He ran towards the ancient looking tower which was adjacent to a shrine devoured by plant life on top of an elevated platform. He went on the stairs and right after through an opening of a crushed wall. Dhaos quickly looked around: *This place is a mess, I’m dead if I stay here. I think if you’re very silent it can’t find you, the thing is probably based on visual stimulation specialized with nocturnal eyes. How did you come to that hypothesis? Because it attacked you on the spot inside the tunnel remember? But it didn’t know how to approach you in the forest. So? Maybe it can’t go around the trees, no clue what this mons-*. They heard a large object bashing into the ground again, only this time it was extremely close by. Dhaos tumbled from the shaking floor while some pieces of the ceiling fell near him, opening a hole to the outside world. He looked through it and saw a circular opening far above them, with moonlight shining out of it. Nephenee: *We’re still in the mountain!? So this whole place is hollow? That’s insane! Be silent its near. It can’t hear me so don’t worry. No shit, I want to conc-*. Dhaos heart skipped a beat as the moonlight vanished and two glowing eyes appeared and intensely stared at him. Both Dhaos and the monster stared at each other for a few seconds. The beast decided to smash the tower in shreds, leading it to fall on the shrine. Dhaos had to sprint out of the building where he could finally see what ambushed him. Dhaos: *A dragon? Shit should have known. We’re here to hunt them, right? Yes, but only when we have an advantage. What class is it? Definitely a minor leviathan*. The dragon had the characteristics of a salamander with two broken wings and a long tail. In addition, its ground mobility was enhanced through two enormous front arms with large claws and shorter but thick hindlegs. The dragon’s tail swept at Dhaos, but he reacted in time with a jump. He tried to make his escape and leaped down the stair onto a lower platform. Dhaos was running in open area which looked like a ritual site with old markings on the floor and a small stone platform in the middle. The dragon rushed in front him intercepting his path. In a swift movement it attacked simultaneously with both claws. Dhaos ran towards it and timed a dodge roll. Subsequently he threw his sword at the dragon’s head. Hitting deeply the chin of the four eyed beast, acting as an anchor. It turned its head back leading the chains to extent. In addition, the dragon swung its claw at the chains between Dhaos and his sword forcing him to be swept around in the air. He curved around the dragon and smacked in the backside which was covered in sharp scales pointing outwards. He scratched his arm. However this didnt hold him back to stab his halberd at the beasts spine. The dragon let out a painful roar. Dhaos ran towards top of the dragons head, planning to stab its skull. However the dragon did something remarkable, right before Dhaos could execute his move, the beast swiftly used its tail to bash the top of its own head. Dhaos got an immense bone breaking blow and fell of the beast. He was fortunate enough that his sword was still anchored, breaking his fall. Dhaos was unconscious and the beast telegraphed to use its claws to finish him off. For Nephenee it looked as if time stood still, as the helpless observer she could only see through a half opened eye: *Dhaos please respond! NO, this is bad! Just MOVE!*. She saw the claw coming at crushing speed towards him. However Nephenee was so emerged in the situation that she suddenly took control over his body, blocking the incoming blow with the halberd. While parrying she managed to pull his body back on its feet and dashed towards the forest. The dragon tried to pursue and jumped high in the sky to crush them. Dhaos tailed behind it through the anchored sword. However, Nephenee was still in control and retracted the sword and simultaneously threw the halberd at a tree to make her escape. Dhaos sprinted through the woods, covered in bruises and open wounds, leaving a trail of blood. Unfortunately Nephenee was slowly losing control and thus stumbled over some tree roots, tumbling down off a small hill next to a weathered old stone door. She hesitated, but forced his body to bash the door open. With her last bit of energy she ran on a staircase into the tunnel and lost control over him, leaving her brother in the darkness. Nephenee snapped out of her meditation. She used all her magic power, her body was trembling: ”I.. I just left him”. Her stomach twisted and she barfed in her hand, which was covered in a lot of blood. Nephenee’s her eyes were vibrating in concern: ”This spell… has its costs”. She quickly rinsed her hands with water and had to figure out the best way to approach the situation. Nephenee scanned the camp: *Ok lets be real, going there without supplies could end nasty… ok food and water it is*. She ran towards the dark tunnel and wanted to cast her whisp magic, however she was out of energy. She had to bring a torch with her and started to run. After ten minutes she ended up at intersection. Nephenee: ”What did Dhaos do… ah yes he took the right route with his stupid logic of right feels right”. She went further into the tunnel where she noticed the air was getting more dense. She quickly stumbled on to a huge pile of rocks. Nephenee: *Must be the cave in after the dragon chased Dhaos*. She went back and took the left route which felt as if tooked ages to go through, however it finally mounted out into the forest. Right after stepping into the immense area she heard a loud roar. Nephenee knew she had to go to the ancient buildings in the distance, however she didn’t know exactly how. She silently climbed a tree and looked around from a high angle. Nephenee: *Ok there it is…. bigger than expected. But where is the damned beast?*. Despite she did notice there were small chirping animals around, sounding like birds. Nephenee: *Ok good, I can use them to warn me for the dragon*. She climbed down and jogged towards the structures. She noticed the chirping getting louder and she stood as silent as a tree, listening carefully: *Is this? No, it’s not a warning, there are just a lot of those birds around, but to be sure I’ll scan again*. She went up another tree and looked around, she could see the huge opening on the ceiling with the moonlight shining in to the dome, getting reflected by the walls which were covered in strange purple spots. She looked to her left and saw some movement of a huge bird pack making loud noises. Nephenee: *Weird animals*. Nephenee climbed down and went steadily to the center. The chirping got stronger. Her heart started to race as if she felt something was off, she looked to her left and she saw four yellow bright eyes deep in the woods, staring at her. Nepheene: *No, wait, what? Is the dragon looking at me? Those animals are hoarding it?*.
She silently looked at the eyes, she knew it was stalking her but she figured she should make the pre-emptive move. Nephenee slowly loaded her crossbow, make the minimal movement possible. She aimed it: *Here goes*. She took a deep breath and shot at one of its eyes, hitting dead center. The dragon made a screeching roar scaring all the birds around it away. Nephenee quickly reloaded the crossbow, but the beast was moving around. That said, she didn’t move an inch and as soon as she saw another glowing eye, she shot at it. However the arrow missed and the beast counterattacked with one of its claws. She rolled away and immediately reloaded for another chance. She turned around and shot at another eye, hitting it barely. The dragon bashed through the trees with full force trying to stomp her to death. She tactfully tried to circle around it at the left side where both eyes were intensely damaged. Despite her efforts to avoid its rampage, one of its claws smacked her from behind. Nephenee fell in an unfortunate matter, breaking her arm. The dragon faced towards her. Even though in pain she held her heavy crossbow with her right arm aimed at the enormous beast. She knew she would be teared to shreds but at least she was determined to take another eye from it. Even though she wanted to concentrate, Nephenee’s mind wandered off giving her a flashback of her life. She saw herself playing with her brothers in the castle’s courtyard reminding her of the fun time she had before their kingdom started the great war. But deep down she knew the current reality was different and the situation didn’t change if she didn’t act now. She snapped out of her self-absorbed world with all her might to focus on the danger in front. The dragon bursted at her and simultaneously she shot the crossbow bolt inside its throat. Despite the dragon did manage to eat her. Luckily it didn’t contain teeth although it still tried to swallow her. While Nephenee was holding on surrounded by darkness, she almost slipped away into its gullet. The throat injury became worse, slowly filling the mouth with blood. Suddenly she felt a small shockwave. In an instant it opened its mouth and puked Nephenee and all fluids on the ground. She felt heavy, drained of energy and defeated but she forced herself to concentrate: *Is its stomach turning because of the blood?*.
The dragon roared with a immense volume. Nephenees ears rang but she looked at the beast and she finally understood what caused it: *Dhaos!?*. Dhaos brutally pierced the head with his halberd and subsequently stabbed another eye with his sword: ”Nephenee run for it!”. Nephenee slowly crawled away with her last functioning arm, as her legs were cramping and her back fely stiff as a rock. The dragon slammed Dhaos off. Dhaos barely managed to absorb the pressure and reacted to use his chains to circle back on top of the dragon. The dragon reacted out of frustration as it knew Dhaos would end its life if left alone. Therefore it decided to bash its head through a tree. Dhaos had no time to react and smacked with intense force on the ground. All his muscles were cramping, however due to the enhancement from the previous dragon he managed to survive such a man killing endeavor. He coughed, stood up and wiped the blood from his fore head. He stared sharply in the remaining eye of the dragon, who also barely managed to keep itself up on its four legs. The dragons head was fully covered in blood and Dhaos knew it only needed one finishing blow. The eyes of an leviathan are the most sensitive exposed spots and will easily kill them when all were lost. Dhaos pointed his halberd at the dragon: ”Pray should never ambush their hunter!”. Dhaos moved sideward’s as he reacted to the dragons head jerk. Unexpectedly the dragon bursted out an immense fire breath tailing Dhaos at close proximity. Dhaos towards a tree and back flipped immediately. Simultaneously while dodging he threw his sword in the dragons neck. It anchored. He circled around the dragon and trusted his halberd downwards into the remaining eye of the dragon. The dragon roared in disbelieve. Dhaos kept stabbing the soft tissue like a maniac resulting in to brutally killing it. The dragon fell down like a puppet together with Dhaos who lost his balance. Dhaos was now laying on the ground with his arms and legs spread, covered in blood: ”It’s finally over… Nephenee are you alright?”. Nephenee didn’t answer. Dhaos stood up and saw she was unconscious. He checked her magic pouch which contained water bottles, which he poured on her face. She slowly opened her eyes: ”Dhaos?”. Dhaos: ”Glad your okay, don’t worry were safe”. Nephenee: ”Ouch! Ugh I broke my arm”. Dhaos: ”Can you heal yourself?”. Nephenee: ”I’ll try”. In the mean time the dragons corpse started to illuminate a bright light with the spirit emerging above it. Before it could speak Dhaos snapped at it: ”Dragon why did you hunt us!?” Dragon: ”Thou areth the slayer of dragons, we areth instinctively driven to annihilate our threat”. Dhaos: ”Why didn’t you roast us immediately?”. Dragon: ”We canneth only resurrect our brethren when consuming those who are blessed by our power when theireth flesh isseth still fresh”. Dhaos: ”That’s why the whelp got killed… did the ancient peo-”. Dragon: ”No moreth! Thou asked to many, wisdom and power cometh with a cost. Thou decided now if thou wished for strength, magic, materials or a companion”. Nephenee: ”We would like to split your power among us. I would like to have magic where I can protect myself and my brother”. Dragon: ”Thou wish ished granted”. Dhaos: ”I would like to have magic as well. Dhaos: ”I would like to have magic as well. I wan-” Nephenee: ”What!? You don’t have any talent for it”. Dhaos: ”Talent is overrated, I want him to force magic power upon me”. Dragon: ”Thou who posses weak magic affinity willeth have they wish granted”.
The spirit illuminated brightly and disappeared. Dhaos: ”Great, so how can I use magic? I don’t feel different”. Nephenee: ”Remember sorcerer classes? Wait never mind you were really bad at it, I’ll try to teach you, but more importantly what is this place?”. Dhaos opened his arm: ”The shrine of napthasim, a place where the ancient folk sacrificed the elderly to the earth dragon in the response to get more wisdom”. Nephenee: ”What a horrible idea”. Dhaos laughed: ”It aint that worse compared to us, we kill people in public if they miss behaved”. Nephenee: ”That’s totally different, those people are outcast of society’s and don’t function as should. Why did you want to go to such a disgusting place like this?” Dhaos: ”Old people are useless as well, but let’s park this discussion. Anyways, this place isn’t bad. Look at the surroundings with the nice colors and trees, I mean we’re inside a mountain! Moreover the shrine where I woke up was the same place where the earth sword, Terra’s Napthism was originally stored how cool is that!?”. Nephenee: ”A sword with a fancy name, what’s so interesting about it?”. Dhaos: ”It cuts through dragons scales like a knife slices fish”. Nephenee: ”Do you want this weapon?”. Dhaos: ”Not in particular, I like my own blade, but I do want the same effect of it”. Nephenee: ”Any Idea where the sword remains? Or how to get the effect?”. Dhaos: ”No clue where it is. The people who lived in this realm died two-thousand years ago. Maybe I’ll ask a dragon for something with similar power”. Nepheene looked around: ”Well it seems the hunters get hunted, so we don’t have to search for our next target”. Dhaos shrugged his shoulder: ”Maybe, but let’s discuss this while we walk back to camp”. So this was the third part of Shadows on the Azure (free fantasy action adventure audio ebook, fantasy manga style), If you enjoyed check out my other E-book free chapters: Origyn dicing with demons in the description below.

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  2. I have a rough idea what will happen next…. do you as well? But for now I will focus on another project so part 4 will come out later this year after my vacation to Japan.

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