Visual Composer Hub (A Free Cloud Marketplace) Tutorial

hi everyone its Adam here in this video I'm going to tell you everything you need to know about the visual composer hub in short it is a cloud library of content elements templates add-ons and stock images with new content added to it all the time alright let's go straight to it you can access the visual composer help right from the editor by clicking on this icon on the navigation bar it's important to remember everything you can access the hub with both free and premium versions yet to get full access to visual composer hub you will need to have a premium version of visual composer block header footer inside our templates as well as stock images are available only with the premium version you'll be able to recognize the locked elements by this padlock symbol the first thing to look at are these sections here at the top that lets you navigate through the hub a lot quicker for it templates and elements you'll be able to choose between free and premium there's also a section for block templates where you can find blocks of content like future call-to-action product description and many more blocks you can use to build a page there are also header footer inside our templates available the add-on section has all of our add-ons like the global template for example and last but not least the stock image section that allows downloading free high-quality stock images without even leaving the editors and obviously you can use the search bar to locate any elements and templates to add elements templates or add-ons to your page you have to download them first you can do that by hovering over it and clicking on the download icon that will automatically download it to your template or element library so you add it to the page you can click on the plus icon directly from the hub or from the an template or elements haves here at the navigation bar that hold all your templates in elements that you have downloaded there are no download limits for the premium license sound though all the elements and templates you at any time and as I mentioned before we frequently our news designer my templates elements and add-on so don't miss out and that's it thank you all for watching and enjoy

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