Virtually True English Literature Reader Chapter 6 CBSE NCERT Class 10 X Literature

right goalie pass it pass it ran ran ran ran cross header goal goal – no – no up – goals are up so high you are already here sorry I was just just really engrossed in my new game you know what with technology advancing to a new level each day we can hardly decide what is actually real and what appears to be real yes you got me right I am talking about these virtual reality games which have hit the market water range they have and surprisingly these games actually sync your memory with that of the computer you don't believe me read this science fiction story with me now it is called virtually true and I am sure you will not only understand but you will agree with what I am saying but before we delve ourselves into the virtual world of our story here's a bit about the author himself Paul Stewart was born in London in 1955 and as a writer of children's books he is best known for his three series which is the edge chronicles the freelance novels and the far-flung adventure series he wrote them in collaboration with the illustrator Chris Riddell Paul Stewart lives in the British seaside city of brighton bas Stewart started writing at a very young age for that matter he started writing at the age of seven and he wrote a series about a snail call Oliver and he started a sequel to the Phantom Tollbooth just at the age of 10 some of the ideas from this early work were later developed and became the basis of the thought domain which was published in 1988 it was then followed by a number of children's and young adult novels he writes mainly in the genres of thriller horror and sci-fi or fantasy until date the only adult book that Paul Stewart has written is Trek published in 1991 so there was a tad bit of information about the author let us now get on with reading the story virtually true by Paul Stewart Sebastian Schultz it isn't a name you come across every day but there it was large and clear at the top of the newspaper article in front of me the reader of the newspaper was a big woman I couldn't see her face but I could hear her wheezy breath miracle recovery the headline said Sebastian shouts a fourteen-year-old school boy from South London a walk yesterday from a coma that doctors feared might last forever it couldn't be the Sebastian shouts I'd met I leant forward to read the rest of the article six weeks ago Sebastian Schultz was badly injured in a motor accident his condition on arrival and the General Hospital was described as critical but stable despite the doctors hopes the boy did not regain consciousness his parents were informed that their son was in a coma at a press conference mrs. Schultz said the doctors were doing all they could but in our hearts we know we needed a miracle now that miracle has happened at that moment the woman's hand moved I suddenly saw the photograph that went with the story and gasped the boy in the picture was Sebastian there was no doubt but how I muttered Sebastian shouts the boy I'd got to know so well recently had apparently been in a coma for all that time I felt nervous and shivery it didn't make any sense at all interesting I spot what we've read so far this is yet another story that is narrated in first person that means the person narrating the story is relating incidents from his or her own life now in this part of the story the narrator begins by introducing the character as Sebastien Schultz he has chanced upon an article in a newspaper about someone called Sebastien of course and according to the narrator Sebastien was not a common name then and as soon as he read he was reminded of this other boy at the same time there was a woman with noisy breath who held the newspaper the narrator also tells us that the headline told of a miracle recovery of a fourteen-year-old boy named Sebastian who had recovered from a coma it was not less than a miracle as the doctors fear that this coma would last forever so the narrator wonder that the boy he met could actually be this fellow that is mentioned in the newspaper he got curious and so he bent forward to read the remaining article the article he read further that six weeks ago Sebastian Schultz was seriously injured in a car accident he was admitted to the general hospital immediately with the doctors conditioned this boy to be critical but stable at the same time and if they hoped that he would regain consciousness but he was in a coma for that moment and they feared his coma would last forever his parents had been informed about the condition and in fact even in a press conference his mother mrs. Schulz told the reporters that despite all the efforts of the doctor they needed a miracle for Sebastian to come into consciousness again this indicates that they had lost hope that this boy could ever come out and or turn around his condition we see that the miracle referred to in Sebastian had happened finally the woman was holding her newspaper and she decided to shift her hand Sebastian's photo was then revealed and visible to the narrator he was shocked to see that that same boy in the newspaper was the same Sebastian he had met recently and he was confused he couldn't understand how how both the boys could be the same at the same time strange isn't it but how did the narrator come to know about this boy Sebastian and who is the narrator to to mate for more amazing video lectures download the free app on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store

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