Vin Jay – Mumble Rapper vs Lyricist *WHO IS HE!?!?!*

what is good you to families your boy super come back here again with another reaction video for you guys to date for today's reaction bill we got VIN J mumble rapper vs. lyrics this man you guys has been asking for this one for wow now you guys have been blowing up my Twitter with it blowing up the emails with it man blowing up the comments with it y'all like you got a reactive NJ mumble rapper versus Louis's man and I'm like alright I'll check it out you feel me I'm a man of my people I'll check it out but if you guys are not yet subsided hit that subscribe button down below become pardon notification guy guy guy guy guy gang we're bringing new videos every single day men also you guys are Civic TV OG o simit TV Laurel is mango by some merch we got new hoodies sweatshirts and shirts on the website man we got beanies coming soon hats and everything please please please support me I'm eating noodles y'all I'm not playing though um what's up for ado let's jump up in this video know that I'm running the game purple is on my veins here cop in the couple of chains roaming so when I'm making it rain Joe how come everybody in the game on a rap like you with the played out folk up and in the back in the never damn tractor brasov wagon fuck your book woo woo that's a good line right there that's right though he said man I been in the back killing all these tracks and how the fuck do people like you blow saying man I've been busting my ass thinking about some good lyrics think about some substance you feel me for it for my songs for the further tracks something that the people will feel and you come out with this swag rap with with this trash ass fucking one take as fucking rhythm and you blow up why is this why everybody want to rap like you I'm gonna change whoa so what I'm making it rain Joe how come everybody in the game on a rap like you with the played out Bo I've been in the baculum in every damn track you know crime so wack and fuck your boat so why is the mumble rapido watch your flames out today he says some real shit right there man let's go back let's listen to that one more time I mean every time and you bow but you back a little bit don't stack the syllables you have to hit him a new phone like call me your cash just when they give me your bag tell them my whipping the drag and I'll be popping impacts like now everybody rap like that everybody wanna make a track like that everybody guess in the games and the goddamn same when you walk killer rap like that like whether we're playin the metaphors at which where's the wordplay and the metaphor is that he said man everybody in the game want a rap like that that's how you guys are killing rap like that and he went on to say like some of the greats would be turning the name in in their grave you know hearing this crap because for the simple fact is it's it's not hip-hop it's it's due to water you feel me doodoo water that's what I call it due to water because it's something that that is just comes and goes you know it's like it's washed out like it just fucking it's it's it's trash like it's straight ass like that's all it is it's straight ass so I like what he said they're saying like where's the metaphors or the syllables I like where's the meaning of words like the lyrics that are gonna make your brain explode the the wordplay you know the combination of different you know words that make you go wow this man came up with that like where's all this stuff at you're a big big pulling them all back motherfucker fall back call me it's not gonna change clearly we run in the game talk about women and change dropping this shit that be numb in your brain is fucking this a we ain't got a rapping nothing long as a toe it's a bump in this end Republican discussion here maybe right now but it's not gonna last y'all better make room for the profits to happen in here real shit no copy command in the y'all go see god I'm in this wagon outside in the grass go hit him with a bang no stopping the crap I sure wanna make bets I'm dropping the cash I'm not gonna let y'all kill hip-hop in his tracks but we ain't even killing its evolved fuck the ones who came before us i'ma Shawn had a ball it's not evolution y'all better cool it bubble wrap we need a better movement molehill shit and weight less pollution stop making music that's the best solution job thank you boo that's right he said we need more real shit man less pollution stop making rap we better off without y'all man we is better off without y'all niggers chopping the grass go hit him with a bang no stopping the crash I wanna make bets I'm dropping the cash I'm not gonna let y'all kill hip-hop in his tracks but we ain't even kill it it's evolved from the ones who came before Simon Shawn had a ball it's not evolution y'all better cool it fuck my rap we need a better movement more real shit and weight less pollution stop making music that's the best solution y'all think you're dope that's just illusion say you will which I don't never proven I'm the leader of the fucking revolution go get prepared y'all execution everybody wanna be the Mac in the game but you rap in the same and I put them on the back everybody wanna be the best I wonder from the best rap but let me put him on the map if you really want to be the best in the game stop acting like everyone else on the track call me that you gotta say straight trip and I'm off the chain in my place spinning in the club with my pink yo this man is getting off right now he is eating you eat young man that's what I'm talking about I love it I love it this is pure fire man wow he is speaking not only real facts but he's he's doing it in a way that it actually appeals to the people that like the mama rap you feel me because the mumble rapper his lyrics and his flow and his whole sound sounds legitly tight as well you know and then he has the lyric side of him that that's speaking for him and he is completely demolishing it right now Jesus what wow I am like I'm shocked this is so fire bro like this man is gonna go places if he keeps doing you know not only creative things like this but just keep his flow like that like his flow is insane you were now looking at the youngest prophet who became the rapper's got to run the rock scene here they got green but I'm a Oh God yet a guy green but I'm a fucking Goblin see that's what I'm talking about that's what he talked about that wordplay that make you go Oh sir coming down they got green but I'm a fucking goblin that's a cold wordplay on green goblin shout-out to spider-man you feel me come on now hold on sir hold on so we got to listen to that whole verse if you really want to be the best in the game stop rapping like everyone else on the fucking track saying stop being a follower bro be a leader create your own pathway do something different let me see something different all I see is the same thing y'all clones busting honest y'all leaned down but y'all regardless I'm talking long is better type your chain to fucking run your momís you are now looking at the youngest proper to become the rapper's got the one the Russian yeah they got green but I'm did y'all catch that no no man cuz I caught it but he was good he'll spit it some flames I want to speak up on it but he said I'm the since a car I'm the sensei you know give me the black belt with the stone called to finish or no benefit of the Popo never been rappin out ball back to make another sound telling me to fucking dumb it down but I'm a bum all I got a hundred rounds oh my god fuck it I guess what I'm trying to say is that I miss the days when MCS were killing and blazing break we're close with different and everybody will stay some facts and not the best trying to save rap oh that was nasty that was nasty jeez wow I'm I'm blown away I'm kind of tucking back here y'all I am blown away that was some flames y'all look if this kid does this this dude man if he keeps doing that being different and like I said man creating new things like this he's gonna go far because that was like that's what the world needed you know the world needs rappers like this these lyricists like this that that force you to listen to them force you to hear them you know they they put their foot on your neck and make waves wow that was beautiful man but you guys like this video go ahead and hit that thumbs up button for me thank you guys for combination sharing and subscribing and I'll see you guys next time peace

43 thoughts on “Vin Jay – Mumble Rapper vs Lyricist *WHO IS HE!?!?!*

  1. Right on the money again Simba another Great Reaction from SimbaTV! I’ve never listened to a complete mumble rap, I changed the station quickly. It’s sad because it’s literally a way the industry in pushing out more junk to kids with money and it’s just dumbing the kids down more and more. It’s time for it to go and to have the real rap back. He’ll have to do it like Tom MacDonald or Ryan Upchurch because the industry also doesn’t want you to say what you want or express how you feel, all they want is to make them conform. We need rappers who are themselves speaking truth and knowledge, like it use to be. I hope this Vin Jay stays at it and doesn’t give up but he seems like the type that will keep going and never give up on his dreams or would ever conform to someone else views or ideas. Give me the nonconformist rappers every time and no true artist should ever be told what to say or how to act. It’s not art anymore it’s just cookie cutter doodle water as you stated so well.

  2. Also just saying the word play he made "Yeah they have green but I am a fu****g goblin" Could also mean he is a goblin. Goblin love shiny stuff and money in like D&D and fantasy. Also the prior verse he told them to Tuck the chains and hide the wallets which makes me think he was meaning the creature goblin. Just my interpretation of it all.

  3. Simba what's good I'm shawn king aka Duh-Gifted hit me up in Facebook or email me at [email protected] I would love to be able to tell you what I'd like to speak to you that I really just wanna put a bunch of my personal info or business In the comments .

  4. Im a music guy. Ill listen to music from classical 1700s to modern electronica. Ive experienced the old and new rap styles. This Vin Jay guy has something special. He did both sides flawlessly. You can understand everything he said on top of it even though he was going 300mph. If a rapper can do that. He gets two thumbs up and a handshake in my book

  5. WORD!!! (Yeah showing my age)
    The "rap" or "music" today is exactly why I know Pac and Biggie are truly dead!!!
    Because there is NO FUCKING WAY they'd be able to listen to what has been happening to their beloved genre…. and stay silent! They are MOST DEFINITELY turning in their graves!!!

  6. @ simba. Vinjay made the mumble rapper good because he was steel manning his opponent. As contrasted to straw manning. In arguments, people switch out your argument for a weaker argument that is easier knock down, but again its weaker version of your argument that wasn’t yours to begin with.
    So vinjay is NOT making the mumble rapper weak. He’s making the strongest case for mumble rap , which steel manning his opponents position. AND still knocks it down.

  7. ANYONE who finds a flaw with this vid and Vin, just ain't a real hip hop head. Lmao at "the Mumble rapper sounds better than these actual Mumble rappers out here"😂💯.He is lyrically insane and this idea for the video is The Best I've come across. Wish Id thought of it. It's genius. We need the metaphors, wordplay, that straight fire.. It's up to us to force these mumblin' mfkas out. Boom Jay about to really blow tf up bc of this. Really doe, Love the review, faved, liked, subscribed. 💯💯 Respect from CHI.

  8. Metalhead at heart but I dig hip hop that has ingenious lyrics too. Dudes like Hopsin, Witt Lowery, and Logic are some of the more interesting lyricists out there. And now this Vin Jay cat too. I’ll still put on some Veil of Maya, Erra or After the Burial to balance it out. Mumble rap has its appeal in the musical side with catchy riffs and samples. The whole SoundCloud Rapper thing is just a modern version of Emo imo. At the end of the day I respect anyone who attempts to make music but there are some forms of music that are straight art and mumble rap is not one of them.

  9. I can't be the only one who notices that he drags the video back thirty seconds or so every time he stops it to drag it out past the ten minute mark. this reaction should of been 5 minutes and you could of reacted to something else or analysed the video for more than fifteen seconds.

    I hope you go far in the reaction youtube community but with honest intentions and reaching the ten minute mark more honestly and giving the viewers more content. Instead of pulling the same "daaaayum" face for 80% of it.

  10. I dont think ''green'' and ''goblin'' have anything to do with spiderman Simba, I think he means it like ''yea they got money but imma take it'', cuz money = kinda like gold and goblins take all the gold, basically saying he gonna kick em off their throne and take all their fans&fame

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