Vin Jay – Mumble Rapper vs Lyricist (REACTION)

stop you motherfuckers welcome back to another family-friendly YouTube video it has been recommended up the ass that I react to VIN J's mama rapper first lyricist I send a lot of reaction channels react to this already I'm not watched any reactions I've not seen the fucking video I've not heard the music so we're about to go into this for the first time I hard to tell what it's obviously about ladies and gentlemen sit back grab your fucking Lube grab your fun hats and grab whatever else you want to grab because we're it's gonna be a good time right now and also I popped up the Q&A yesterday if you haven't seen that go see it it was a good time alright we threw some fucking axis sing some songs haven't seen it you're missing out of cake go click that shit I barely Brooke thousand views I started crying I was like wow everyone hates me now my life's a lie the world jump in with Vince J right now let's fucking do this know that I'm running the game purple is on my veins yeah top in the couple of chains Roman so what I'm making it rain Joe how come everybody in the game on a rap like you with the played out both up and in the back in the never damn track to do problems all back and fuck your Pope I already love this alright so he's pretty much saying like MoMA rappers the fucking saying they're spinning I don't know dude he should have put some face tattoos on that's like the thing that's the thing man fucking face tattoos it's taking a sharpie through a dick on a cheek or something like I eat ass here's a dick yeah mama rappers talk about fucking bitches getting money and sipping on that lien or like anything else really just drugs in general as my shit is this fucking dude are we off center cuz I will be upset so yeah that's pretty much the fucking mumble rapper thing is that that's how they are their music sucks ever intricate double or triple entendre little pump they don't mix keep going Wow this shit is all that I know nothing about bitches and clothes yeah getting unlimited hoes roll all my diamonds i'm not use rap with venom in you pack the rhythm and every track will hit him and you bow but you back a little bit don't stack the syllables you have to hit him with new phone the stewards only has thirty eight thousand subscribers video is about to hit a million views it should hit a million views I'm already by Marty like I'm already I didn't know this is gonna be nice to you just roasting on fucking mumble rappers I just keep going like homie you mean it for cash just when they give me your bag yeah yeah tell them I whip in the drag and I be popping in packs like not everybody rap like that everybody wanna make a track like that everybody gets in the games and the goddamn say man you want killer rap like that like where the wordplay in the medical is that what y'all make a good never call a big help being pawned imma get them all back and you mumble the motherfuckers the better fall back dude ain't that a fact all these kids probably never heard of punch all they know is six nine and little pump and little while other stuff you know a little boat and all these other fucking dude if you actually sit back go to Adam 22 and I'm like no jumper if some of these like the younger rappers man I know like they it's it no one does it for rap anymore they just do it for money or they just like it and they're all spitting images of each other it's crazy man I mean if you got if you look if you looked like that standard typical mumble rapper type shit bitch out there spitting fucking heat then it's acceptable but like half these kids just the chart they look edgy is fun and they don't wrap to wrap they just want money and for some reason us being a bunch of fucking retards we uh we buy that shit and us meaning like not me I don't fucking buy that shit call me is not gonna change clearly we run in the game talk about women to change dropping this shit that be numb in your brain is talking to say love it we ain't got a rapping nothing long it's a tow it's a bump in this ender fucking discussion here maybe right now but it's not gonna last y'all better make room for the prophets of happening here real shit no copy command in the y'all go see go climbing this way y'all snakes I'm chopping the grass go hit him with a bang don't stop in the crash I wanna make bets I'm dropping the cash I'm not gonna let y'all kill hip-hop in the track dude that's a fact man the rule in hip-hop and it's crazy that people actually buy into that shit actually it's not crazy to me some dude just put up a video present like a yes three video they got this dude and they put on the dumbest fucking like stuff from like a random ass not even like a thrift shop from like the look of really low budget stores like in England it was like a Walmart type clothes thing it was like really low low-end bullshit or it up and kind of put random pieces on him at the end of taking like packaging wrap and taping around his neck and this dude walked around and through the city and they just kept walking around with a camera saying ooo whatever the name is we'll call him like Michael they look Michael Michael Michael could we get a picture of Michael burger and every photographer got in on it then we're going ham they started freaking out eventually got to the point where this dude was like front row seat I like one of the biggest fashion events it was fucking nuts people just eat anything people just jump on the train and they just ride with it they don't know where they're going but they just do it cuz everybody else is doing so fuck mumble rap cheerleaders evolved from the ones who came before Simon Sean had a ball it's not evolution y'all better cool it fuck mumble rap we need a better movement more real shit and weight less pollution stop making music that's the best solution I think you don't cuz that's just illusion say you will which I don't never prove it I'm the leader brother fucking revolution go get prepared for your execution money women together wanna kill them on the rap betta Mac in the game but you rap in the same and I put them on the back everybody want to be the best day I wanna from the best rap but let me I put them on the map if you really want to be the best in the game stop rockin like everyone else on it I appreciate this guy's message I appreciate this guy dude he's going in on that shit I appreciate his message I do I appreciate what he's doing but I don't think it's gonna change man you can't change mobile rap until you change the people and the people these days quite frankly are too lazy to even give a fuck about breaking down a song or sitting there listening to people if people think kamikaze was asked people think MGK beat Eminem they thought rap devil was better than kill shot and if you think that right now you're a fucking idiot started burst their bubble doing Crypt actually broke that video down really well I actually broke that video down really fucking well I actually went full full banana sandwich in that but he got fucking block worldwide so that's gone but fuck yeah dude MDK bodied him he said he'd fuck him I mean I'm done shit on the ground stamp that bitch with his thumb and then fucking move faucet maybe she can't run the goddamn for dad you gotta say y'all straight trippin I'm off the chain in my place spinning jobs in the club on my paint dripping I'm a fucking artist who's going on the straight wack shit so I'm bustin honest y'all mean down with y'all stuff regardless I'm a burn upon them from the fucking law I was better cut the chain to fuck him on your momís you were now looking at the youngest profit new beginning the rappers got to run their option here they got green but I'm a fucking goblin whatever your man Belle Chasse with the brothel give me the black girl got flaming the blocks are making the track now go burn all the talk whatever the hint tell leghole go tell a bitch to floss all venomous above all meet him with the stone-cold evidence of loss all relevant show no benefit of low blow bringing with a Paul Paul never been mobile rapper shut your fucking mouth fall back to make another sound tell them me too fucking dumb it down but I'm a bum all I got a honey oh this man needs to tell god damn I'm pretty sure that's like a sample beat I'm pretty sure this is like a freestyle beat that I've heard on YouTube he just laying down load throwing all this heat on a random ass beat shit I think last time we heard of this dude this dude's gonna put some oh oh all right man I'm gonna top it off here like that fuck it I guess what I'm trying to say is that I miss the days when emcees were killing and blazing bread we're close were different and everybody will stay some facts and nice saying I'm the best he's trying to save rap that's damn fact man she used to be a way different I have like shook ones plan and like no one no one even knows man no one knows that it don't behalf these kids these days probably only know J cuz he's married to Beyonce that's what's fucking crazy anyways I was dope man then J you're you're fucking and you're getting a subscriber you get some support man go support this man go up go go sub to this dude because you are I already know who's gonna be bringing on some heat dude this might be someone I'm probably gonna be reaction to quite a bit when it comes to this kind of stuff drop a motherfucking like hope you guys enjoyed this video yeah subscribe for new don't be a pussy ass bitch thanks so much for watching yes

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  1. MGK spoke more truth in Rap Devil. Killshot was a better song, but i expected more from The real slim shady. Showed him heat but didnt hold his feet to the fire…. Btw Rap "GODS" don't bleed. Em was bleeding after Rap Devil. MGK won. I can break it down further…but lets be honest you dont care

  2. Subscribed. pornhub intro = automatic sub.. all they know is 69 and lil pump and lil other stuff lmfaoooo im ded

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