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to give it five seconds cuz my shoes tweaking what are you two back one another reaction mine are me acting to avenge a mambo rapper vs. lyricist now what's your definition of a mama rapper is just somebody who can't understand or there's somebody that's not really saying shit on the track right cuz I feel like people like people are looking for people yeah I guess take it out of context or overall are they over overreact cops or like um a corner call mama rapper like you can understand them something like some of them you can understand them you just being a hard-headed stubborn and you don't like the music that's a preference don't say it's trash you just don't prefer that type of music like me I can listen to either one I'm open-minded like that to music I don't I don't know I can't really say which one is better but I prefer a lyricist like my 10 or 300 Jordan Lucas Eminem Hopson those those type of guys like those that dose the top with that I fuck with but I'm not gonna bash my mama rapper good night I thought I thought they both sound good I just have a preference good soon is this sister a hoarder I'm finishing my French centimeters I never heard it sung before but it she had like a million views I don't know how I never heard it before know that I'm running the game yeah coming a couple of chains home so without making it rain Joe how come everybody in the game on a rap like you with the played-out Club I've been in the back like like to meet like that sounds good that sounds good to me guess that sounds good I just prefer the lyricist who's gonna change the flows who can I change who might change constant flows who's gonna give you like I love watching me right there who says like we're done Morton but what a metaphor is that what assume is that Big Pun baby I'm a barback like other rappers who are like they're great wrappers rustle like unfortunately music has evolved to a point where a lot of people don't like it you know a lot of people don't like change and unfortunately it's different from the 90s there early 2009 fuckin early 2008 early 2000s and late 2000s Conine Oh 1008 like it was still fucking great ass rappers then they'll drop and shoot so like it's evolved to a point now we're like people don't like it people don't like this mumble rat type style where they're rapping about money bitches fucking shooting oh it was like clubbing club type meet nine clutch I music let's turn it up like she like that come about designer clothes jewelry all that shit like yeah why people don't like that shit you'd like you died that means you don't you don't like it you have a preference so stay away from that shit and gentle delicious y'all gotta hate about a haber it's too much hater nowhere to be hitting like that the change in the change snakes I'm chopping the grants go hit them with a bang no stop in the crash I wanna make bitch I'm dropping the cash I'm not gonna let y'all kill hip-hop in his tracks but we ain't even kill it it's evolved before imma show them how to bar yeah evolution y'all better cool it back we need a better movement girl shit and wait less pollution stop making music that's the best solution yeah thank you don't that's just illusion say you will never prepare your execution yeah everybody wanna be the Mac of the game but you rap in the same and I put them on the back everybody wanna be the best I wonder from the best yes this for this man right here is fucking killing that shit bro oh my god is killing that shit both ways bread is it bro what's his name VIN J bruh he needs to make another another type video like this run some kind of video like it he needs he needs to make another one bruh I promise that she will go viral again cuz this shit right here it's fucking great it this man is talented right here breath oh my god no so venomous above all meeting with the stone-cold evidence applause all right I better show no benefit of all blowing with the Popo never been rumbled rapping shut your fucking mouth fall back to make another sound till the me – fucking dummy down but I'm a buck Amal I got a hundred rounds like that fuck it I guess what I'm trying to say is that I miss the days when emcees we're killing and blazing break up clothes were different and everybody will stay some facts and nice saying I'm the best he's trying to save rent yeah he care that Center but both ways easier – shit fucking Santa that he killed that shit right like I'm okay I'm gonna keep being repetitive like it's a preference man it's a preference she's like I feel like people will probably put like a little Uzi little pump boys wolves is in that clapping I guess I guess people probably say your thought is in that category people probably put future in that category a mumble rap like that I'll fuck with I'll fuck with some of them quote unquote mumble rap artists like a man that's just me if you enjoyed the reaction like comment subscribe check out the channel for my reactions being grinding yesterday the day before I had been grinding I'm trying to take you too seriously so check out the channel comment other duties on new react to go have a good day I'm up

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