Vin Jay – Mumble Rapper vs Lyricist Reaction

you all right so we got then J mumble rapper verse lyricist okay okay yeah this is a request from the comments yes appreciate me now moving J's but I think lyricist wins every time it's not even a competition first thing is you gotta be able to stand but I mean I do like I do like harmonizing melodies use I'm saying if you put them if you put them verse each other and the lyricism yes yes every time every time let's demo rapper can spit some some so series bars unless you're a mobile rent and lyricist who's a mumble rapping lear lyricist I don't know what I mean I mean I mean I would have to consider that I mean that maybe being like like I mean I don't know like maybe like there is you know what I'm saying there is you know I mean maybe you know me you know anybody yeah in honor of day I mean all day I'm missing home get mr. horn homesick yeah with mobile rappers we'll lose every time versus lyricists of embarrassing everybody believes that but you got Ben Jay he's got yo bro that was yeah but no I mean at first I was right because I was kind of good but to me it wasn't like you know the official bubble wrap now you know what I'm saying it's not like you know I understood there's I wonder if he's gonna do both parts in a matter in a matter what mumble rap was going like the best mumble rapper versus the best lyricist yeah you know what's gonna happen there it's gonna be a mess

35 thoughts on “Vin Jay – Mumble Rapper vs Lyricist Reaction

  1. 1:10 This a mumble rapper level 1
    This is a Lyricist level 2
    This is what happens if you even further beyond ahhhhhhhhhhh Mumble lyricist level 3😂

  2. This was actually the response I have been hoping for from rappers to this fake wack shit thats its evolved into.

  3. I feel like dude on the left thought the lyracist was the mumble rapper because he said "that's not mumble rap he was just rapping fast" lol

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