Vin Jay – Mumble Rapper vs Lyricist Honest Reaction

why do so cuz I have been made to preach about Hawaii hey I wore my kiss ah and guys were back with another video then i know i don't i'm post all the time right uh bbz me not his shit and uh you know saying honestly you two doesn't mean that fun so i couldn't post every day cuz you know me I like posting video that I don't enjoy making first of all yeah that M saying and I know we are reacting to mumble rappers versus lyricist I know you don't mumble rabbit man and I do have an album dropping on April 13 called Mamba rap make sure you check it out and I hope these don't count as a you know foundation for YouTube because I done YouTube now got a lot of rules there I'm using this to eat apple in everything niggas gotta eat that goop food mmm-hmm fruit mmm-hmm bye guys let us get back to this old number rap shit just Louis's so there's this nigga call range a made a YouTube video called more a precious Larissa's and honestly I just I want to react to it because I felt like this is a great topic you know this is something now we need to talk about it I'm saying it's really fun and I'm not really gonna say shit I'm not on nobody sides and you know I know a lot of people like to look at me as a rumba rapper but I'm honestly none of nobody sighs anything I just want us to react to it and everything and let you see what we got in cigar opera you guys jump into this video okay I see what is going on so it's like in NASA Louis's so I guess this guy with the cat face back and the black girl getting loose and [Laughter] [Laughter] you say something that I want to speak on and I really I wanna stop possibly your neck is the first midges a lot of times but I'm dead is trying to stoppages but he said mama rap is not gonna last long and honestly mmm when rap started it was like that a lot of white people were like yeah this is just some negro shit I'm saying nothing in the last long and that's the same everybody keeps saying for mama rap it's like it's not gonna last long and and they make me seem like bubble wrap and Luis rap it's a competition but I just want to stop then let's just wash it so I cuz I want your niggas to [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] okay Venga Venga yeah so guys and guys museum and there's a lot to talk about about that video I just didn't want to keep breaking the video inside talking about it because I get pissed like you can't go watch the fucking original video but but lets you know now first did I just want to state it's like I don't get it what is the beef between even a little ABCs at a mama rapper like it's always being a teen and I'm not sure I pick sides in any but honestly speaking I see myself as a mama rapper a lot I liked it more on tracks because it makes the track interesting it makes it dope like I don't mean like you know like number up I mean like I literally mumble on track I literally go like mmm on some lines in my song and I do that because it makes it they track more fun like you find me honest but yeah but that but about like what I didn't get that's the old competition it's the old idea that one gots to go but it's so weird it's like why can't lyrically rappers just do anything and MoMA reference just do it then like why does it have to be war like mind-blowing but I don't I don't get the logic it's like as a lyrical rappers you keep making your your your your narrative song and do great as a manga rapper you can keep focusing on like your flows and your rhymes they still do great like that is all boomer rabi's you never saying I don't get it it's like people always say okay here's a mama rappers are trash they only talk about sex drugs money blah blah blah blah and it's funny because when you go back in time to actually listen to me actually rad or even legit rappers they still talk about sex money drugs Stefan about rappers though but boy in music in general this is staging music that you need to talk about the sex money drugs cuz that is part of life honestly that is the best shit Lab has to offer sex money bitches drug that is the best shit so that is one thing about music it's all about putting what is good and what is dope about I don't get it okay for example when you listen to let me say like even Queen one of the craziest rock band ever made learnt the biggest I think one of the biggest rock band ever me write wannabes band ever made like honestly band in general in every turn of music right I don't think anybody can beat that band Queen like I watch their movies that I went and listened to their songs I know some songs were these niggas were talking about sex drugs money bitches Babla on a sheet designer clothes level because guys it's part of the way of life but I don't get it it's like they make it seem like oh yeah as an artist you need to be a great poet you need to be able to write you need to be able to to to to speak prophesy with your music like know like classical music don't even have no words and people still listen to it like I don't get it so even pop music a lot of Pulp audience likes to repeat shit and it's still a very big jungle I give them bigger than e pop I don't know but but what I'm saying is that I don't get the idea of why why does like insane why why isn't mumble rap music answer wise number right bad insane if mumble wrath wasn't really going knowing okay yeah this is trash nobody fucking with it but people are fucking with it but some people still sisters design yo this is bad this is horrible this is trash what is that yeah but some people still seem to be like yeah he's a mom Barack is horrible i mumble rap got to go I don't get it why can't mom about be a theme and him saying regular lyrical rap be it example that is like Jay Cole Kendrick Lamar jay-z you know saying this is a really cool person based throughout your winging it so I think not winning like local rappers out winning I'm saying and most of lyrical rappers most of them are really good at poetry and energy and when you combine those two it's amazing like even saying I don't get it I'm gonna get it like guys only lyrics can't just do it you say for example um links to use let's talk about it like this is a fucking great point but there are sometimes you have to perform is poetry we jazz in honestly just to get more audience to make it more interesting to bring it to life so I don't get why people think music it's just all about little stuff pop bodies don't really say shit Rock Island they're gonna say shit but people still fuck with it because it's all about the emotion or or the passion that comes from creating it because music is on the heart there are so many artists when I see their art I don't like this is trash but when you get the story behind it or when you hear the story behind the creation of that particular theme it's like woah this is fucking amazing he immediately changes all your mentality and a lot of marble Rapids it comes from doing a lot of drugs and smoking a lot always get an ass fuck you never say like honestly and it's still being creative you know from a place of you know of development because I don't know if I'm saying right now I don't know what the fuck I'm saying now I'm lost now I'm lost but my oven point is like I'm not siding mama rappers on the side I'm Louis's but why can't boat just be great like you why can't both be great and guys there's one thing I want to point out it's like a lot of lyrical rappers always be on to dick and I don't get it it doesn't make sense because to park is not lyrical baby was way more than according Danny to pop being it was a real poetry like being he was fucking more lyrical and the only reason but but like Tupac was this kind of God I have it in his music he can hear whatever he did Tupac was way more about making music that you were gonna enjoy that nigga wasn't that lit uh it wasn't even that lyrical and every lyric would be always on his dick like oh yeah like it was the greatest lyricism like no you know big it was way more living clean talented been to pond but for some reason get all into Wednesday I didn't exist and this nigga wasn't even that lyrical like I listen to two persons instead it's just crazy it's just weird and crazy to see like that's a I don't know like that is one thing our sex in this life is all about fucking perception like people people choose to see what they want to see people choose to know what they want to know people choose to make connections that he want to make in him saying they feel like yeah Tupac was a great idea but last now on Tupac stands for the lyrical niggas OH – but he's not gonna like number rappers because all Tupac was such a great lyricist in saying that Tupac was fucking Shakespeare like it's just weird and I don't know mine is just nice honestly it's weird so honestly I don't know you gotta kiss but what I'm trying to say is that at the end of the day why can't to join I just be why can't manga rap be it mean I'm livin cool rappers be anything like engines why can't blowed up there just be different subdivision of a pop and still be great what what Wednesday I was a good shitty made and honestly he's making us having this conversation right now sloppy we don't want to have that conversation they just hate a mummy wrap for nothing and it's weird weird as fuck but guys like let me know what you think now in the comment section in them I was still eating my absolute since to Humber I've been and it's me your food is about four wire and oh my god my album drops every 13 I also got a song dropping with a really good lyric grew up with that I think next week next week I have a song dropping with Dax called lazy as fuck and that is a very good lyrical rapper can't you just if you guys should just try to tune in and see how that song is gonna turn out see how lyrical dance is gonna get on the Sun honestly guys subscribe okay I try to post when I can but nothing to subscribe guys please stay stay blessed stay mumbling stay stay stay mumbling I stay lyrical

31 thoughts on “Vin Jay – Mumble Rapper vs Lyricist Honest Reaction

  1. The point is a lyricist rapper can do mumble rap because mumble rap don't take any really skills to do it anybody can be a mumble rapper. the point i'm making is the mumble rapper really don't put in the same effort a lyrics rapper do. people are just going through a phase right now lyricist rap will make a comeback Vin jay right people will see there rhymes is whack

  2. The issue is clout. Lyricists arent getting anywhere cause mumble is popular. They out shine a lyricist now. So people who put in way more effort an work harder arent gaining. Look at logic an J.cole it took them 10 years to get popularized to a nationwide level. Even Bhad Bhabie she can drop a song an get 33mil views in 2 weeks. Tech N9ne drops a hole album an cant match that view count in 2 months through all the songs. Its difficult for a starting out lyricist to even find a label cause its just not popular right now

  3. And when the rappers back in the days wrapped about it they had a reason why they had to do it and to explain their hard times and the things that they had to do to survive in the real world and how hard they worked for where they are now real rappers struggle hard to be heard and Mumble rappers just makes it harder for them to be hard and make it as a rapper and yes there is a difference in the two. one cares more about the Beats .the other one cares more about the lyrics that goes with the boom ass beats. they want to help change the world and open their eyes not keep them close minded and selfish about what's really happening out there

  4. if you don't know what the beef is you shouldn't be talking about it and it's not really a beef it's just they're making it hard for real rappers to go out there and be hard because the industry only cares about making quick money so they just want the good beats with people mumbling they don't want people to have something to say or have a voice they want to keep everybody spending their money being self-centered basically he's saying some Mumble rappers keep everybody in the Dark Ages example you

  5. Mumble rapper is the reactor dont watch they dont wanna listen to the fact that thay all sound the same

  6. To me I feel like mumble rappers disrespected the rappers of back then so that's why lyricists are responding

  7. Comment if u hate mumble rap like if Tupac Biggie or Eminem is one of your favorite rappers

  8. Mumble rap sucks that's the difference Mumble rap sucks I guarantee you you put any Mumble rapper against any Lyricist I don't give a damn who they are The Lyricist is going to whip that ass

  9. Nigga is about lyrical not about the bitches mumble rap is non sence and lack of flow thr lyrical rappers kills the beat and heat.. You tripping cuz you are a mumble rrrrrapper

  10. you are tripin haha …. mumble nonsesne can be done by anyone … it's not their music even overall production (flows) are not theirs … they are most of the time distorted by by autotune or some similar crap …so what are you on about? …they are staying at the top only because they are promoting some stuff to kids and in that way having kids buy pills, sex and other things which will distract them from important things in life and will make rich richer … mumble rap (most of it ) needs to get out of the spotlight ..  .. you are naive if you think that popular music is a reflection of reality and not the other way around …it bloody promotes crap …….. people are also drinking alcohol,right? does that mean is good for us or do you agree it should be promoted …? even though it kills so many ppl every day ….mate all I see in you is mumble rap product …. materialism, hedonism, superficiality and just sheer nonsense if you think those things you mentioned are IT … you are missing out …. you live in a different world …….

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