Verses of Quran that Californians Should Study (Rain & Earthquakes)! There Is No Clash

Over the last several months, the amount of rain California has received has caused some people to ask the question, could it trigger earthquakes? Much of this came as a response to an article written by Professor Gillian Foulger in The Conversation stating that research has shown a link between heavy rainfall and increased seismicity. Professor Foulger and her co-authors from Durham University in England cite small earthquakes following heavy rainfall events around Mt. Hochstaufen IN Germany in 2002 and in the Muotatal and Riemenstalden regions of Switzerland in 2005. In addition to these occurrences, studies have shown that in the Himalayan foothillS decreased seismicity is likely linked to loading caused by summer monsoons. Foulger states that the effect is due to rainwater slowly percolating into fault zones raising pore pressure and causing faults to unclamp. In turn, this makes them more susceptible to rupturing. An example of this occurred in Oklahoma, where wastewater injection into the bedrock was shown to cause moderate magnitude earthquakes. All were low in magnitude, meaning they could be detected by seismographs, but not felt by humans. In recent years, geologists like Sebastian Hainzl of the University of Potsdam in Germany and colleagues have documented small earthquakes that occurred after heavy rainfall in Germany, Switzerland and France. “Very wet rain events are the trigger,” said Shimon Wdowinski associate research professor of marine geology and geophysics at the University of Miami in Florida. “The heavy rain induces thousands of landslides and severe erosion which removes ground material from the Earth’s surface, releasing the stress load and encouraging movement along faults.” Wdowinski and a colleague from Florida International University analyzed data from quakes, magnitude-6 and above, in Taiwan and Haiti and found a strong temporal relationship between the two natural hazards where large earthquakes occurred within four years after a very wet tropical cyclone season. To test the rainfall-earthquake link Wdowinski dug through the past 50 years of earthquake and weather records for Taiwan an island that experiences a lot of severe rainstorms and earthquakes. He found that an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 had struck in 1999 only three years after Typhoon Herb soaked Taiwan with 6.6 feet, that’s 2 meters of rain. Some experts have argued that although the rainfall was heavy, the fact that rain could trigger an earthquake at all suggests that it takes extremely little to produce a tremor. They concluded that the Earth’s crust is in a delicate balance, teetering on the edge of a slight shake-up at any moment. Geology professor John Rundle, from UC Davis, explains why heavy rainfalls trigger earthquakes “When you disturb the stress environment of the earth, you could potentially cause earthquakes,” says Rundle. He also explains that when there is an abundance of rain, the water has to go somewhere, so it seeps into the earth, causing mudslides and causing the ground to shift. Scientists now expect the incidence of earthquakes in areas that have recently experienced heavy rains. When we think of the term Earthquake, images of catastrophic news usually come to mind. But what if I told you that earthquakes maintain planetary balance. Tectonic plate shifts and earthquakes are just part of the planet’s natural geologic cycle. Rock and soil are constantly pulled down into the molten layers of the planet as other molten materials move toward the surface, break through and harden. The planet constantly recycles itself to sustain life and adjust to changes on the surface. Earthquakes are one process that allows the planet to maintain a life-sustaining balance. On the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s website, the famous seismologist Dr. Clive Collins from the Federal Government’s earthquake monitoring agency, Geoscience Australia explained several positive side effects of earthquakes to life on planet Earth. Here is the summery of what he says: “As a result of the catastrophic damage wrought by earthquakes, they are typically viewed in a negative light. However, earthquakes bring about benefits to people, environments and the planet as a whole. In the midst of their epic destruction, there are several positive side effects. Though an earthquake may seem devastating, and is in a certain regard, it is necessary to remember it is a natural process that is part of the planet’s natural cycle of evolution and regeneration.” Earthquakes are very useful to humans because they provide a picture of what’s going on underground. This can make oil and gas extraction more efficient, and allows scientists to monitor the progress of water during geothermal energy extraction. as shifting plates make fossil fuels, like petroleum and natural gas, easier to access. Earthquakes push minerals and metals to the surface. Earthquakes cause a shift in the arrangement of rock forms, mineral and ore deposits, and tectonic plates. As a result of these shifts, certain portions of earth may be sucked down into the ground and other portions may be pushed up to the surface. Earthquakes commonly force mineral and metal-rich deposits close to or above the surface, making them easier to mine and collect. An Earthquake is defined as the shaking of the earth caused by pieces of the crust of the Earth that suddenly shift. In summary, we now have modern experts like Dr. Shimon Wdowinski outlining the link between heavy rains and the shaking of the Earth and Dr. Clive Collins, outlining the link between the shaking of the Earth and the pushing up of essential materials for life, like oils for energy and minerals for agriculture. But it is the Holy Quran which first outlined this link 1400 years ago, in one verse. Verse 39 of chapter 41 in the Holy Quran tells us that it is one of God’s signs that rains make the Earth shake and convert the Earth from “state down” to “state up”, giving it life. The verse reads: “And of His signs is that you see the earth in “state down”, but when We send down upon it rain, it shakes and becomes “state up”. Indeed, He who has given it life is the Giver of Life to the dead. Indeed, He is over all things competent”. The word “state up” used in the verse is written in Arabic as “rabat” which literary means to move things up in an upwards direction. This term encompasses the benefits and the positive side effects of the shaking of the earth and its importance for life. So in one verse, the Holy Quran links the shaking of the earth to rains and also links the shaking of the earth to the pushing up of essential elements for life.

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  1. The Quran also says the earth is flat. How does science possibly go against these words? Some psycho warlord in ancient times said God told him so we should of course believe it. Lol smh🤦‍♂️

  2. And I had always thought the relationship between rain and earthquake because of few minor earthquake experiences. And I am uneasy at night when heavy rain fall because of earthquake chances. And did not knew about verse in Quran Thank you for the Ayat.

  3. برنامج رائع ألجم جميع المعاديين للإسلام، ولكن للأسف أول من حاربوا البرنامج هم المسلمون و بشكل ممنهج و ملحوظ في الشهرين الأخيرين ولأسباب تافهة مثل لماذا لا تسلم المذيعة و لماذا لا تضع الحجاب، أخوتي وللمرة المليون كلير فوستر مجرد مقدمة للبرنامج و ليست معدة له… أما معدين البرنامج من الواضح أنهم مسلمون

  4. Truely said that every calamity or misfortune that befalls there is goodness within. This is in conjunction with Doa (supplication) of shalatul Duha, part of it says " O ALLAH if there is sustenance within under please bring it up"

  5. Subhan Allah, the creator and owner of the universe , Allah is the greatest and wisest….. thanks beautiful sister for sharing this with us, God bless you

  6. It DOESN'T say 'state up' and 'state down'! Why do these people translate the Qur'an incorrectly? It says "And of His signs is that you see the earth stilled, but when We send down upon it rain, it quivers and grows." – which could be a reference to the earth swelling up, or plants growing, but state up, state down, and earthquakes? I think that's a bit of a stretch.

  7. BIBLE rejects all other prophets and also rejected Koran as false and misleading. Sadly all following Islam are on the path of condemnation and destruction since only the Lord Jesus who is the Way the Truth and the Life is the Savoir of mankind

  8. Quran is full of errors and scientific wrong Sun settings in pool of muddy water and semen is produced between ribs and backbone . false . Historically wrong Mariam called sister of Aaron who lived thousands of years before Mariam mother of Jesus Christ.


  10. So many bigots are too ignorant to understand that God is the universal super-conscious soul present everywhere in his universe and cannot be exclusive to any religion. Everything emanated from him. Nothing exists without this universal infinite soul. This ignorance is the cause of fanaticism and so many wars and killing in history. International bodies like the UN must issue a guideline that God is universal and we are all connected. No religion can claim exclusivity to this universal infinite soul. Egoistic thinking that my religion is true and your is false is not really religion but just egoism.

  11. i came across these videos at random very interesting what i can not stand is the comments that are being made by the non Muslim people, i am assuming they are Christians or atheists as far as the Christians are concerned is this what they teach you in the church coz it truly is playground behaviour……as for the athiest just plain simple islamophobies. if you dont agree dont watch if you watch no need to act like children with the stupid comments…………

  12. We are muslim we believe in Allah withoutseeing him and in his massenger , we dun need any kind of science to prove that quran is not a man written book.

  13. The verse u r coding is not bout earthquakes its about the life plants n other living things . For earthquakes there a hadith narrated by hazrat ayesha R.A earthquakes will occur when adultry would b common , ppl will drink alcohol openly .
    Sorry u r coding everything wrong😨

  14. Dear Clare's.the 2 holy quranic verses (ihtazzat wa Rabat)has 2 meanings:
    Ihtazzat means shake down( earthquake)..but the real meaning of the verse is that with rain drops there is an static electricity due to rain drops where such un seen movements resulted in displacing the covered seeds to be subjected to the waters so they will be irrigated ..because the second Arabic word(was Rabat) which means bloomed/ flowered du to those 2 consecutive reaction of ihtazzat wa Rabat…as you know Arabic language is so vast supperiors and advances in it's ritchness to any languages on this planet..4example it has more than 12.5 millions of roots and each roots has hundreds of worlds with many for those who are trying to interpret the words of holy Quran they must be so so so specialised in greatness . Varieties formalities meaning of each words and it's sequences in the related subjects..thanks ND bless you.

  15. Hollywood costs me 2 jobs termination for morality complain from woman customers…so i turn to Almighty Allah and his Quran!

  16. you have talked a lot about Koran and science in il. il will be great pleasure if you could please explain the black stone that Muslim worship. What is the the logic and reasoning behind it when Allah is formless and omni present.

  17. People of all faiths can try harder to learn of other faiths then be accepting of all because we are all humanity

    There are around 6000 Ayaats in Quran out of wich around 1000 speak about science including botony, biology and so on etc… Firstly i would ask yu how did the universe came to existense ??.. So as we all know now about the big bang theory is how it all happened.. So yu know about the big bang theory only after science discovered it thats roughly 40 years back but it has been clearly mentioned in the Quran 1400 hundred years ago about the big bang theory… Quran also mentions about the earth being of a shape similar to the egg (of an ostrich)(spherical) thats again 1400 years ago.. but science taught us the earth is flat until some 300 years ago when Francis Drake sailed in his ship and discovered the earth is round but now science tells us that the earth is spherical & the fact about the earth mentioned in the Quran is 100% correct… Quran also mentions that the skies has been made as roofs for us to protect us from the direct rays of the sun and again today science tells us no living thing could have survived the direct rays if there was no skies to protect us… Quran also tells us the sun has its own light but moon does not has its own light & it reflects the light about this fact science earlier told us that the moon has its own light than later science discovered that the moon actualy does not has its own light but it reflects the light & yet again science had to approve the true fact mentioned in the Quran… Quran also talks about the plants genders males & females wich science has discovrd later on also Quran mentions about the embriology & about the how the baby is born and there are 1000s & 1000s of all true facts already mentioned in the Quran on wich science is still researching but till now theres not a single scientific or geographic or mathematic or an other kind of error or mistake found in the Quran & its has been proven true & correct by science & technology and InshAllah it will alwys be this way… Now logicaly you will have to believe these true facts in the Quran becoz its scientificaly proven and approved.. And so in the same Quran it is also mentioned QUOTING ENGLISH TRANSLATION—
    "Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;
    Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
    He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;
    And there is none like unto Him."
    which has to be believed along with all the other facts and all these together cannot be written or assumed by a human. It has to be the words of God the creator and it is not sent only to the Muslims or Arabs but it is sent to the whole of humanity.

  19. Wow lol, every time I think We got so many scientific facts from Quran there is always more. How come I never realize chapter 41:V39 until now. Incredible!!! Allah is the greatest!

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    Respect for u Madame

  21. Qur'an is the book of signs and a book of science. In the first era people submitted to their God because they saw his signs…now it's the era of SCIENCE and the book is still amazing people with its science content. It's the book of all times for those who think…
    May Allah SWT guide more and more people to his straight pass. Ameen.

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    A plant carrying by whale Nun!!!

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  24. Im afraid of frequent earthquakes that are now seen in this century…coz as u have explained it push minerals from inside of the earth going up….it means one of these days diamonds and other expensive things will go up…., people will all get rich…untill one day your gonna realize that there is no one to give zakat ( charity ) to…and this is one of the sign of near destruction…qiyamah.

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