VersaEmerge: The Authors (LIVE ACOUSTIC)

32 thoughts on “VersaEmerge: The Authors (LIVE ACOUSTIC)

  1. She's not getting louder to be louder then the crowd. She is singing like because its how she sings the song.

  2. i love that the crowd is singing along. and how in the beginning of the video, Sierra looks genuinely stunned that people know the words :]

  3. Dont be silly -_-" no matter the right English expression, that comment sounds a racist comment to me. If it was told a humorous way, I might tolerate it. But I'm too civilized for it.

  4. Are you a fucking racist man ? I'm a half blood and I spend my time listening to rock and metal music. So better keep your mouth shut.

  5. I'm all for intimate settings like this, but people seriously need to be quiet and stop singing OVER the actual artist. Just sit back and enjoy. 🙂

  6. i have no idea how many times i've played this. im madly in love woth this song and this acoustic! and i've just found that they did this on my birthday:D

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