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I'm a poet you didn't know it hold on let me show it around here whatever what's going on there about a J he's here Sam be doing a review on a device not picked up for the purposes of the review just pick up a phone any phone it doesn't even have to be yours pound one eight nine pound pound six four star three press call and wait about 96 minutes roughly give or take and then the phone's gonna ring and that's gonna be made that's how that's gonna go down because I want to tell you on the phone how much I thoroughly enjoyed this whole package that I'm not going on basically okay so everybody knows in the high-end realm who Sasa balanc Sascha van Adel design they did the Jazz the soleus they did a new one called the poet and essentially it comes in this lovely bag just absolutely luxurious makes me feel all lucrative and shit this nice little bag and inside this bag is of course the dripper and then two extra chips which I think are two different top caps I just want to put this out there as far as melt along is concerned I don't mind doing a review for that I don't know about you but I'm looking in or something I'd look like I haven't ate food since 86 it's not that I don't like them I just much prefer more of a restrictive Direct Loan but I can still appreciate and judge something that's a mouthful um and this RDA is known as exactly that and there hasn't been a lot of RTA's that I've touched on that have been mapped along but I guess that's because a lot of the arteries that I get that claim to be map along or not without further ado let me bring this down and show you everything inside of the boxes put a bill bit and let you know my final thoughts on a mouth to lung poet if you didn't know it let me show it don't let's look at two little tubes that have different top caps in it and then I got this little business card here then in Dell since 2010 really going retro here vapor wall comm and then on the other side just a little bit of information in regards to contact in the company I'm assuming that that is Sasha's she saw Shazam that's his name shows Sam oh right now over here that does appear to be a little bit of a piece of wood I guess that came off from the package here now inside we're gonna get is two little top caps that you will take out Ultem and then a black one here's the deal when you buy this you are probably not going to get these as you probably have to get these individually I'm not a hundred percent sure I'm also a hundred percent sure that that's not black this may be a prototype version so I don't really know about that because there is a lot of machine lurks on the inside here I want to say that this is not released however if it is the outside of it looks really well done it's just on the inside you do see a little bit of machine marks and some burs nothing too crazy but definitely worth cleaning I don't know if any of that is actually gonna come out because it does look like yeah it is literally all pieces yeah you would have to sit here with a file to get all that off so this is the ultimate op cap I'm not really gonna go too far into detail about this I'll do that with the actual dripper itself on the inside there you don't see any burrs burs things dents cowboy boots a couple little fraying there but that's normal with ultimate when I first saw this box the first thing I thought of was the typhoon gt2 and the GSL because it came in a box like this that was folded and it is wooden so what you're gonna do is just kind of pop that up and there is everything on the inside you're gonna have your top cap so it's kind of a cork situation very unique packaging choice so anything we see residual on the inside just keep in mind it may be from that cork I don't know about you but he looks like a happy and dude I mean you could use a little bit of teeth but all in all nose that's or noses go eyes nose and grin you Grillin check me out yo what what wink okay anything you do see on the desk is probably from the court inside your brother but you're gonna get two allen keys a couple extra o-ring a couple extra post screws and then a airflo adapter now the one that's on there is more of a restrictive direct lung and I don't even want to call it that that's like really really going out there the one that's on there is more of an open mouth too long than the one that is inside of here you could see the little tiny airflow there and then over here you see the size of the airflow but other than that there's not even a squonk pin in here and that's because on the bottom of the RDA itself is where these squonk pin is located go over that in a second let's go over the top cap when I first saw the top cap the first thing I thought of was the micro BF RDA and that's kind of the same type of situation well that's never good Michael idea I'm kind of upset now I was like legitimately upset I Oh God that sucks Oh Sasha Sasha sha sha sha sha Chinese sausage shish kebabs huh I'm gonna pretend like I didn't see that that's what I'm not gonna be able to do that that's not keeping it real well um I mean you guys see that right like I'm not making that up that kind of caught me off guard goes to show you I don't clean my stuff out and that is a little bit of a shaving now I guess you could look at this one of two ways you could say okay well he didn't fudge the numbers and basically clean out devices before he sent them out to reviewers which I'm gonna have to respect however the Quality Assurance is not 100% there because if it was that would not be in there where did it go it's right here there was a device that I recently did a review on wood had metal shavings on I want to say was a steam tuners device same type of deal now you don't see any dings dents Berbers scratches or cowboy boots anywhere on this but what you do see is on the inside there I really wish I would I'll just play it back because it was probably right there where the port was I've been very very difficult for you to pick up yeah the machining on the inside does look pretty well done yeah you don't see any kind of tooling marks very very nice kind of a thick top cap with a recessed lip right there so what that does is once you put this on it allows you to really secure tight down to your mod trying to read what the hell that says on the top there Raven Raven Norway Raven Norma cough Greek shoe what the fuck the recipe I'm sorry I have no idea what that says the rapper that that looks like Raven RA ven the Raven I got nothing I don't know what that says I'm gonna give that to Bri to let Bri figure that out but it says something something about the Greek Raven Greek quirk what the fuck yo ouch I don't know what the fuck this thing says take a magnifying lens and get back to makers I I legitimately have no idea what that says the norm again I've heard your booty so that says qu oth quoth the Raven and II ve are a novel Murni of quote The Raven murder never movie and then there's the driptip quo chef Aaron it okay so that right there is the deck very very very super simplistic Sam bless that of course on the bottom a van and down number 427 you can see here have an allen key very very nice and then your pin it goes directly on the top here's the thing unless there is some type of stud or something that goes on the inside there I do not necessarily see how you would fill that up but oddly enough a lot of companies that are making high-end rdas are either ignoring the fact that you should be plugging that or they just don't give a shit to ports right here again halan screws and then this little jammy right here is what you're going to pull out right there to adjust the air flow I guess if you really didn't give a shit you could leave that wide open but I don't know what that's gonna do for you you're gonna need this because what happens is I'll show you your air flow is going to come from the top go down this port right here hit the call and go straight up now if you were to remove this airflow would come in from the top but it would go all over the place very omnidirectional so what we're gonna do is just put a single call bill in there very very simple and this should in theory be a mouth to lung the Salix RDA maybe what I'm thinking of but basically I had a really cool deck but it wasn't open-ended so you would put your legs Neighborhoods you have the pre-cut and then really finger-fuck it to get it in there to work but at least at this you can drive those all the way out lay the weir cops down and then kind of tighten it down the only issue you may run into is cutting it very very flushed they do have a bit of a cutout here so it does give you an access on both posts more of an angle but I'm definitely unique take my so once again that is the poet RDA let's bring it on the top fashion Vermont quota oh alright quote the Nevermore Raven or the the Raven quoted from Nevermore sheriff we seeing big damn fine there better say I found my I'm sharing their so your mom so as much as sense as I just made right now is as much a sense as the top of this fucking dripper says what the hell does that mean the one that I have is one of the original original jammies so they went ahead and learn how to use the engraver so now you could essentially read it because this looks like the the script that you would find in a book to teach kids how to do script fun fact for you did you know that they don't teach that in school anymore that's a fact jack twenty four point five watts on a one ohm here's the deal before I faked this I just want people to understand something I was under the impression going into this this was a math too long and that's because of Fairbairn now if he didn't tell me that this wasn't a mouth too long out of the night okay it's not that bad you saw the call guys listen the coil I hate I hate stopgap so much but you see the caller man this is not no Sherman Gerber this is a I felt like a very manly Charlie Brown Walker never around here but every burger the coil that's in there is extremely large let me show you some van production let me moisten myself because of the way that the top cap goes on there should be some type of rivet so you know where you're going because if you're looking at that little thing right that little airflow jammy but insert or the plug when you slide that down you have to line that up with the airflow now if you don't do that what's gonna happen is you're not gonna get it be airflow and it's gonna be like vaping on nothing here we go because I was asking why I need so much power now watch the power up there you said that six point two volts so we're running a one point zero eight at thirty six point five and I need six point two volts to run it here we go okay I guess hats whoo fucking chili pepper let me get a different drip tip out hold on a second this is how one must vape just like that there's only one way to do it and it's the old top of the alcohol vapor you know how to talk about you know what this looks like first off someone that has preparation-room where your penis gets hard it also looks like was on top out okay you know the good thing about using the drip tip of this size you don't ever have to worry well you have to worry about it touching a coil but using something like this no heat transfer that is superb look at now try this pack you know what this reminds me of a fucking fuel pump can't take myself seriously like who would use this like what is this for what is this drip tip for a pipe yeah I anyway okay I'm getting some of the most fantastic vapor production off of this stupendous drip tip you would think with all that traveling though you'd get some kind of loss of vapor but no not here it's very hot though so we're just gonna just gonna let that fuel pump sit right there all right so here's the deal Sasha even if I'm not saying that right you get this uh new and graver if you look up Google most common fonts use one of those because whatever you're using right here Paisley's brush script it's not working okay it took me literally about 15 minutes to figure out whatever the fuck that says as short and as compact as that is the bill that I have in there honestly is not too much it's a one-owner use Clapton call I think it's got 11 raps 12 wraps but it's a dual-core 28 with 38 on the outside it's really not that ridiculous now no people are gonna look at this that are from Kosovo is where this was made that can't be right I feel like that's not right Serbia Croatia is that it fun fact for you I actually dealt with a couple companies out of Croatia I hope that's where this is from because I'm maintenance I'll ban because I really don't know now the machining on this is really well done with the exception of the Quality Assurance I understand how that could be missed and as much as I want to be pissed off I've had entirely too much fun with this fuel pump so I can't put help but have some type of sense of humor with this but this should not be a thing we should not be finding metal in any type of device most people that would use something like this would be on a regulated device so that in fact have gone through the air flow most people would clean out the ship prior to using it I don't you know I want to give you that user experience that consumer type of review and the issue I have with this is because of that little piece of metal that I found in there is quite disturbing they fall what I want with you know what I didn't even think about doing this let me take one more vape on in us absolutely this is a cap that everybody should get okay it belongs right there on top of the little orange fuel thing that you used to fill up the car when you run out of fuel this is it let me try the ultimate variation of this with your coal make sure you have it a little bit more low set because where this is this is probably gonna touch the drip tip that flavor holy shit so I'm getting an immense amount of flavor with this and I feel the reason why is because of how short of a dripper this is and something like this you have to be careful putting really crazy ridiculous builds in as much as those posts are wide open and they'll allow you to put something of a monstrosity inside of there it's not I repeat not designed for that most people would argue and say that what I have in there is it not designed for that but you see the way that I'm vaping and the way that I'm squawking I'm not having any issues whatsoever man that hits hard now I get along with Sasha but just because I get along with Sasha I I don't even know if I'm saying his name right I'm just gonna go with that sounds like a Russian spy did you guys did you guys catch her did you get Sasha or Sonya with the kiss of death okay anyway seriously I like the dude he's a good dude he's got a great sense of humor I don't like the condition that this was that now I can't comment so much on the black one because I do think that that's a prototype so I will excuse that I will not excuse the little frayed piece of metal that you saw me find on the inside there and typically when you do you know clean out devices when you first get that much I always recommend everybody to do don't do what I do okay I'll throw a warning on the screen just so you don't do stupid shit right like I don't do it for looks I don't know maybe I do know I don't I want to do an open box sort of like open box therapy let me not get too sidetracked and as much as flavors this is giving me as easy it was the build I don't want to say a super innovative as is the deck because you just replaced a little insulators or airflow diverters if you will in the side the change oh this is gonna head I'm not gonna use the other variation because I could tell how small that hole is how tight that restriction is gonna be it does give you that one-sided airflow situation which I'm not a big fan of but because of that disk that lays on the top you don't you don't hear it a lot as if it was just on the side of the RBA I don't give a shit what RTA it is if it has one sided airflow I do not like it this again because it's on the top and it's got that ring around it it's very hard to notice hold on a second yeah if you're deaf in one ear you're gonna notice it I feel like a piece of metal in my mouth probably from the gas cap okay so if I was to rate this RDA on a zero to ten with my experience right now zero being the biggest piece of shit ten being the most phenomenal I have to give it a four because of the metal now if the metal wasn't in there and this was clean I probably would go six point five now I'm assuming I don't want to give an excuse all I'm gonna say is this is that should not be a problem anymore especially considering now that I'm doing a review for it and that's something that I found on the inside of it this is not a device that's made in China you know it's not mass-produced it is in fact produced wherever he's from whether that's be Serbia Kosovo Russia or Ukraine or Croatia wherever it is that's where they're making them you

36 thoughts on “Van & Del Poet RDA Review and Rundown | The Fuel Nozzle Dripper

  1. Thanks for the review Jai. Swarf was my bad. I could go on and tell you that it was a mess trying to send the first batch out and that i didn't check every single unit, but there's no excuses for this. Engraving is actually closest we could get to E.A. Poe handwriting. Other stuff i won't comment, you did your thing, my belly still hurts from laughing. And it's Croatia you American spy. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. Quoth the Raven, Am I the only one that remembers learning that quote from EDGAR ALLAN POE in HIGH SCHOOL?!?!
    Lol, no hate, just funny

  3. Can u please send me one vape that u truly recommend Iโ€™ve watched all ur vids my first vape was aspire zelos and Iโ€™ve broke it and I would love a signed vape from u. Iโ€™m a massive fan.

  4. Give a rating based on how the thing performs not because some idiot missed a small piece in the package. What the hell kind of review is this?

  5. Just little bothersome that you actually didn't connect the quote to the "poet" vape, and the script, while it's a bit over the top, it supposed to resemble the cursive handwriting that was popular amongst poets.

  6. Ok ok we have the same help me I'm. Fat and can't breathe laugh ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ my family calls it my fat lady laugh ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” now that I think about it ..are they calling me fat ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ‘Š anyways love the laugh ..we laugh hard and we laugh strong leave us alone and let us live ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ–•

  7. You just lost a subscriber. You sounded like an absolute idiot trying to figure out what the top of that cap said. Then you continued to act like a baffoon and show how uneducated you are.

  8. Awesome Review! I really like the design of this and like you Jai, I cant stand single sided airflow! BUTTT as you said with the design of this AFC, I feel It wouldn't bother me! Regular single sided air flow drives me nuts! Its almost a vertigo-ish feeling esp when vaping in a quiet room!

  9. looks more like you just jacked someone for one of those gerbil water bottle feeders to use as a makeshift drip tip

  10. Love your reviews, very entertaining, but holy fuckin shit did your English and Literary teachers fail you. The top is a quote from The Raven, you know, Edgar Allan Fuckin Poe. They have failed you but I will not.

  11. think priaprasm is word ur looking for – if ur boner lasts over 4 hrs get to the ER!… at our age Jai, we should be so lucky ;o)
    seriously tho, funny story
    i did once raise concern with my doc as this was potential side effect of meds; he says it only happens to 1 in 5,000 users, quoting the leaflet. …"but how many of that 5,000 are women?" i countered – only time i ever saw the fucker crack a smile…

  12. You lost your fuckin mind over VG on a high end mod, but you don't even raise your voice over a metal shard that can cause a short?? You looked like you were having an aneurism over vg that can be cleaned with a q-tip but you barely bat an eye at a legitimate safety issue. I understand you have a certain personality in your reviews, but that's not keepin it real bro. All I ask for is consistency

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