Uzikwendu's interview on the Lyricist Lounge w/ Modenine

it was so people it's the lyricist lounge unless you can see modo going topless right that way though yeah yeah another edition of the lyricist lounge I'm in the studio with my main man q q wait you know I can't really see I got my shades oh all right now today we have a special guest and before we're not gonna let the cat out of the bag I just want to talk about something real quick no pun intended real quick now there are love rappers who unknown to speed rhyming not everybody can do it and not everybody can do it very well those doing it you know all of them are really good at it so I'm just gonna talk about the guys who are some what they gain back in the 90s there was a group called bone thugs-n-harmony before them there were other guy is doing it but they really took it to another level and they kind of like inspire the hold of other people to use the style the speed rap and even though that point in time the Twista and the speedboats twister is another crazy speed demon but he does his own in a different way like if you heard the song Kanye wasted overnight celebrity twister was on that song and he took it to another level they can rhyme on slow beat what they do is that the slower the beat the better it is for them to go faster like in the south the hi-hats actually they followed the speed of the hi-hats Wow rappers like Rick Ross will probably just follow the speed of the kick and the snare and these guys are truly talented young men right about now in Nigeria who did we have the night you are back in the day we had injuries Abdul Karim hate it or love it he had a certain style that was kind of night you know it was faster than usual right about now we have other young guys who are good at speed whining can their coming up and it's a good thing only that speed riding you can actually escape saying nothing sometimes someone like Busta Rhymes when he does it and you sit down and listen or you slow it down you actually find out that he's using words just to use these words that's hip-hop 101 let's see if you guys can catch up and do some speed rhyming of your own after this edition of the lyricist lounge the place of videos we'll be right back yo we bring it back again we back oh I saw Jim Duggan all right please revenues speed rapping that's what I want to talk about the actually started flipping flipping them flipping and it's very difficult to do that to make sense and speed rap at the same time make you sound nice it's a difficult thing after that we had the king of speed rapping in Nigeria babies whose acquaintance with the soul sister but she's up now that was some incredible incredible speed rapping right there and he happens to be our guest now as far as I can remember back in the nineties they had groups like bone thugs-n-harmony we had a twister and there was some other there are some other guys good at it and when simple improvement rappers who weren't really used to doing speed rhyming started jumping on even nas had a track where he was mister speedrunning chasey back in the day jay-z used to ride fast – OH rappers like uh was not jay-z then Busta Rhymes now first arises one driver who can jump on slow tracks mid-tempo tracks and he has mastered the art of speed rhyming so today you're gonna see a lot of speed rhyming because a special guest is who seek Wendell the king of speed back and I'm gonna put him on the pressure after that he's gonna show us why no bitch I enjoy not 4×4 much for bus then you have a speedran do you or none of that oh yes super ma who's offender can okay we got Lucy in the building who sees in the fitness and you're just so easy do and he just showed you guys how to speed right now I'll just like to ask you a couple of because I know a lot of people like I was watching your videos just for one day I was watching with a lot of people on one eboo girl was like Aniki what is this Brosky talk about mohammed emwazi the talk of enjoy the jamming ham ham so a lot of people wouldn't know when did you start doing this you know it's very difficult to do and when did you actually master it for the time being to say okay I'm gonna start wrapping for when did you how long did it take you to master when you started first let us know but I'm very young I'm very hard to dictate how long did it take you to master I really can't say so you just started there you were good no no everything to accept my sin you know I was getting faster and faster getting fast as opposed like let's say normal people would they rhyme he's just a normal yeah back in the day life is just right right try to learn them as always be my you know weakness learning the right very good so recite some people don't let me see the new face don't besides you just see I say to my head I say it out did I practice the way I wanted to sound I say in my head cause I say now but usually I remember it faster when I say yes because you know when you say out like I was working here and I had this big room to myself because in the room with you and just me practicing my random practicing my wrench to robots you know they say it's always funny to actually like for a long time I didn't like people watching me right okay I didn't want anybody to watch me right are you like that too late are you comfortable writing with people around cielos why you write soon after yeah see what I write what I write actually I like being like sounding the way I wanted to sound exactly maybe like it has to be somewhat everything yeah I'll be comfortable I noticed that when I'm around I stopped and I actually makes it broke but you know I start whispering sometimes what am I saying what am I say what but I noticed that do like so many vases a lot of people I people who wrap not yet they have different styles I give a who's who was sailing her says he likes book it was isolated ok expert exclusive he likes the film the lights go yeah yeah so what is your disease what ritual do you have like with you one avoids okay when you detect you voice sitting down I like I like standing because like I said when I perform I have a lot of energy so when I'm recording I'm always moving I got the energy I can bounce it so as a matter of fact I like turning up the nights too if I'm not then you write down from the four million oh yeah yeah don't give them promo yeah yeah you cause remember before y'all give me money yeah fuck deluzy for you looking like you know I just I just you know rap in there you know what's funny I have bad eyes so I wear glasses oh alright glasses you know so when I'm reading and I put on my glasses and it's clear and I just I think my brain is used to going down that's you must have practice on your phone have you ever have you ever gotten to a studio and playing no Guzzi fill these be like we're all voicing it now yeah on the song the whole song right right ready it was like look you're ready good reason why we're talking about this kind of well even though some people are funny but they up in Nigeria haven't really got anybody but if there's somebody who isn't fit in around like you what do you think will happen to the person I think they would get very tiny bees you know so um for me I have that energy burst you know so I'm always jumping around talking to the crowd moving around running everywhere now so what's good to have a hike man yes you know you know I'm fit and I'm always ready to go my my stamina is heavy so you're having my wrestling match you thanks Zack it has to be somebody who's fit to it it has to be short or long I don't even care as long as you fit [Laughter] don't be crazy man who seek window and Indonesia has your heads down and he's wearing the same thing as when he comes out its then he goes you come out you do the same thing you know is right now well you see this new ESP someone sees all right now I was gonna ask something again yo you know your your style of rap is name so is anyway you can just let one of your little trade secrets out like how you conserve energy like someone else and the person was like well you want to start rapping let's see a rap is just normal you go into a complicated but I'm gonna go go down yeah so what tips do you guys see for you mean tips for rapping fast or tips for just to wrap so for like when you get entitled yeah you know push the words to delimit see my car exactly I do that time for you to be able to do that to keep on going you have to have that's what that means you're trying to say that somebody who you never know you know I think heavy smokers do I think dogs are nominees for yeah exactly so how do they don't run around on stage no he doesn't run around oh my god like Buster is a bit bigger than me yelling wait wait wait fine but we still love you we still look all right so who's the owner knocks well I know your faith and all that okay but how do you feel under mental pressure I'm not talking about physical pressure I know you shouting moms how do you feel under pressure night like literally yet yeah like you just said pressure I had meditates about so you know when I'm under pressure hold that right about now we're gonna take Busey to the pressure room I just told you the whole car I'm gonna take it especially let's see how he's going to take this week out of the question right back

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