UX Power Up: Novel UI’s (Mobile UX)

Frank Spillers here, founder of Experience
Dynamics and it’s time for this week’s UX Power Up. So today, I’d like to talk about
novelty in Mobile UX. I think the mobile environment actually offers a great opportunity to do
new and interesting things that you might have shied away from on desktop because people
are very much in a kind of focused, task-oriented mode and they are not really playing around.
So mobile, just because it’s much more emotional allows for a little bit more playfulness,
obviously you want to be careful that if you introduce novelty or playfulness that it just
enhances and compliments task completion and it doesn’t get in someones way. So, as opposed to ignoring novelty and saying
“Ok, let’s just stick to something functional.” I think it’s a good idea to explore and innovate
a little bit. One of the things that some sites are doing
is a concept where there’s kind of almost like a little curtain and you peel back, you
swipe and kind of pulls back the data and its in a type of shimmery type of curtain
style. Another one is when you add an item to your
cart, it actually drops down, kind of actually animates and goes down to the section where
the shopping cart contains your items. So kind of the events on the screen like that
that show relationship, one of the mobile UX issues that typically comes up is people
don’t know what happened, you know, it’s kind of like – you did an action, and you are in
this really small screen – and then it’s like “Well, where is it?” Oh, well you forgot to
look at the indicator that showed that you went from 1 to 2 or whatever.
So adding things like that, like the kind of novelty of playfulness can really help
with that. Another concept here comes from an app that
helps you find deals it’s called Dealin. When you swipe this one it actually unfolds, it’s
almost like a little origami thing where it pulls back and it’s like visually 3D but feels
like you are kind of opening a folder, but without turning the page. It’s kind of just
like down and unfolds and then you close it and open it like that. So kind of a novel
type of approach like that adds some flair to it, adds a little bit more emotion and
it’s appropriate for the medium, for the mobile medium. The other benefit is it helps differentiate
the app and the experience for the user. So thinking about when you are in the mobile
space, it’s okay to think a little more playful, a little bit more novel. Make sure you are
actually testing any type of novelty you introduce. But definitely innovate, innovate, innovate.
I think it’s a great environment to do it in, with mobile. Happy UX’ing. We’ll see you
in a future Power Up.

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