Utopias and Dystopias in Literature and Film Fall 2018

when Thomas Moore set to write utopia the word didn't exist and in fact the word means no place so we have to wonder what did Moore have in mind when he talked about a place that did not exist well you'll get to read utopia in our class but we're also going to look at works that are considered to be the opposite of perhaps the hopeful novel that Moore wrote and those novels are called dystopian when I think of dystopia perhaps I imagine a setting like this sitting in a burnt-out field with a few signs of life reminders of what our lives had formerly been but in many dystopias our world has been turned upside down and usually one figure or a small group of people are trying to fight to regain the life that they have lost we will explore both utopias and dystopias in fiction and in film in our class and maybe we won't find a utopia but perhaps we can stop I just hope you from occurring by remaining vigilant and remembering what matters most in life you

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