Using Text-To-Speech in Publishing

Hi there. I am John Bond from Riverwinds Consulting
and this is Publishing Defined. Today I am going to talk about Text-To-Speech
Software in publishing. Major changes are taking place in how people
absorb information. One aspect is listening to content, as opposed
to reading it. There is valuable software that publishers
can integrate into their website that makes their content accessible via Text to speech
(or TTS). This software converts text into a voice by
reviewing the grammatical structure of the text and giving a natural intonation. A publisher or content provider has many incentives
for providing this service. First, it increases the accessibility of their
content for people with visual impairments. Second, allows ready access to the content
for those readers using their mobile device; soon to be the primary device for accessing
the web. Third, it gives users the option as to how
they wish to consume content. Fourth, it increases time on the page and
number of articles or pieces of content accessed. There is valuable software available to the
user and the publisher or information provider to convert digital content into the spoken
word, via text to speech. At the forefront is Hoya, which has two products:
NeoSpeech and ReadSpeaker. Both offer text-to-speech solutions for websites,
apps, e-Books, and other in a variety of language, accents, genders, and more. Amazon’s Polly has received a lot of press
and is making big inroads. Other options are available such as Voice
Reader Studio 15, Natural Reader, and many others. Some target the user and other are enterprise
wide. A quick web search will provide many options. Whatever the software, all publishers, and
all websites for that matter, should be offering users the text to speech option. Both parties will see big benefits. Well that’s it. I am a publishing consultant and work with
associations, publishers, and individuals on a host of content related challenges. Reach out to me at
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